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I am in NYC at the moment. If you want to hang out drop by my meetup on Thursday :D 

If you cannot RSVP, please msg/comment, we need to book the tables.
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Hello Hiiiii
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CamMi Pham

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Loving my new flats from +Walmart Canada  for the #LooksForLess  Challenge.  They are comfy and very affordable. A few people have messaged me, I highly recommend these flats. They are great everyday pieces that go with everything. 

This post is sponsored however all opinions are my own.
When Walmart Canada reached out and asked me to join #LooksForLess challenge inspired by their SpringSummer lookbook, I didn't think it was possible. How c
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CamMi Pham

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Late entry for Day 5 of the #CreateLuv   photo challenge by +Luv.  - Shoe Selfie!
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Did you just give up this challenge, +CamMi Pham ?  Say it ain't so! :)
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CamMi Pham

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Late entry for Day 3 of ‪  #createluv   31 day photo challenge, hosted by @wecreateluv.- What's for brunch?!

I usually eat lunch very late. Usually 2-3 pm or 4 pm if it is a busy day. My brunch is more like a mid day tea time.

I eat everything.

I live my life like the way I invest. I put my eggs in different baskets. I don't do no-carbs, no-sugar, no diary, wheat-free, raw diets etc.The scientists are contradicting each other. I don't know who is right, who is wrong. I eat a balanced diet. There is always a good in the bad and bad in the good. Eating everything is the safest strategy. And if I am wrong, at least I am happy. Self love is the best type of love.

It is better be happy and live a better life than suffering.

I'm so soft and round, no sharp edges anywhere. I think I look wonderful, even though my legs are a little short.
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CamMi Pham

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I am behind on this challenge. I blame my dead phone. I am waiting for new cable/new phone. Hope one of them will come next week. My phone is not charging properly :( Will try to post my day 2 and 3 when it turns on again.
Day 3 of our 31 day photo challenge was a delicious success. Donuts for brunch, yes please! Join us tomorrow for Day 4: Show us something you can't live without #createluv (Every post counts as an entry toward winning a Luv. exclusive 'We Positive' Wrap Bracelet)
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+Fredricka Fonta  I know, my job is hard.
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CamMi Pham

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In recent years, Uber has gotten countless bad press. Why? They are changing an industry and everyone who benefits from the old industry won't like it. The news is his story. I don't follow it. I don't trust it. I only believe what I see, hear and feel.

I have a habit to chat with cab drivers whenever I take one. And I have never heard a negative comment from Uber drivers. They told me how

Uber opens more doors for them. It allows them to get more customers and make more money to feed their children. They shared with me stories about their children and their dreams.

I know a single mom who drives Uber to feed her children during difficult time. Companies like Uber create new opportunities that didn't exist a few years ago. They open a market, cut the middlemen and connect consumers and providers. Uber model allows people to choose themselves and be their own bosses.

My friend wouldn't have the opportunity to make extra money to buy milk and diaper for her children without the sharing economy trend.
Uber is a great example of how the world should work instead of trying to optimize the old broken industry. They do things better and create new opportunities.

The other day, I didn't have money on me. I could order a car with Uber and food without a penny on me. All these Uber-inspired companies make my life easier.

Matt Briton talked about how to build your brand in today's youth-driven culture in his Amazon Best Seller book, YouthNation. Uberization was one of the topics. Every day, there are more Uber-inspired business. Soon we will have Uberization of Everything.

If you are interested, check out YouthNation on Amazon.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. Thanks YouthNation team for sending me copy of the book.
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I heard about a single mom who thought it would be great to make some extra money playing taxi as an Uber driver. No background checks, so she just signed up with her email and her bank infomation and after a few days she was officially on the prowl with her app looking for her first paying passenger. She didn't have a dispatcher so she was really just riding around picking up strangers in her unmarked vehicle. What could go wrong? Good thing she didn't have an accident. Most states require 'taxi drivers' to carry large insurance policies, like a million dollars worth. Uber says they insure their drivers, but only when an Uber app passenger is in the back seat, and then it depends. Here in Atlanta, the crack dealers have most of the uber driving jobs downtown locked up. Beep, her cellphone just went off, says there is an uber passenger just 5 miles away. She's never driven professionally but she shops at the same Walmart and off she goes. Little does she know, her passenger, we'll call him Bob, was just there cashing a check and buying more brillo pad. He hops in and gives her his address on the dead end street. Hey single mom looks cute. NO, no problem with uber taxi running around charging people 5 times as much when they feel like it. We used to have a name for people who played taxi and ran around charging people whatever they felt they could get away with, people who were a taxi saturday night but not sunday morning - we called them bandit cabs. Lyft is spending 1.5 million dollars to sucker drivers, Uber is spending an undisclosed even more. Currently, Uber pays a $500 bounty for new drivers, BECAUSE THE ONLY PEOPLE DRIVING UBER ARE HOUSEWIVES AND CRACK DEALERS. And the people who do Uber - JERKS(my opinion and others), it is so great not to have to deal with them, really. Just look at the uber driver forums and the uber tweets on a friday night, then you'll see. But it makes a great Disruption news story doesn't it? (nobody sponsored this comment)
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CamMi Pham

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Win a Year’s Worth of Gifts for You and a Friend
[ $1600 Value]

I am helping this amazing social ecommerce +Luv. 

Luv. is your socially conscious gift buying destination launching summer 2015.

Committed to giving, Luv. donates 50% of net profits to the charity of the buyer’s choice. Products purchased through Luv. gives buyers the power to decide which charity they want their money to support.

I really love what they are doing. They also hire people disabilities. For every purchase, you are also helping creating job for disabled people. It is so hard for them to find flexible job with a decent pay. 

If you like what they are doing please help spreading the words. 
Enter here ->
Win a Year’s Worth of Gifts for You and a Friend Luv. is your socially conscious gift buying destination launching summer 2015. Committed to giving, Luv. donates 50% of net profits to the charity of the buyer’s choice. Products purchased through Luv. gives buyers the power to decide which charity they want their money to support. Entry is easy: Help us choose our fifth charity. A Luv. purchase goes beyond a simple gift, it’s a full circle of gi...
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In today's age, a lot of time sharing the moment is more important than the moment itself. It is a way to connect with people and tell the world who we are. Every post tells a story. Many of us did it for Instagram to paint a picture we want the world to see. 

This is one of the reasons why Tinder is full of tiger, Machu Picchu and shirtless selfie  photos. We want to tell a stories through photos. We want people to believe our lives are interesting. We did it for the Internet.

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Hmm, I should check out Tinder :))

No photo entry for today?
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Late entry for Day 4 of #CreateLuv    31 day photo challenge, hosted by +Luv. ->>Something you can't live without << 

I gave some thoughts. First I thought it was books. I love books since I was a little child. I have always asked for books if someone wants to buy me a present. 
It was my first love.  

But I had a second thought, maybe writing is something I cannot live without. Writing is the way for me to spread my ideas and vision. It is the bridge connecting me with the outside world. 

It hit me...the Internet. I owe everything I have today to the Internet. I wouldn't have my career and friends without it. 

Then I realize they have one thing in common. KNOWLEDGE. 

Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world if you know to leverage it.  My mother always tells me to use my pen to change the world.  Everything starts with knowledge. 

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.
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Late entry for Day 2 of #CreateLuv 31 day photo challenge, hosted by +Luv.  Look Up! What do you see - Love the spring spirit. 

Spring used to make me sad. It reminds me of the last few lines of one of my favorite poems. 

"Men laugh at my folly in burying fallen flowers,
But who will bury me when dead I lie?

See, when spring draws to a close and flowers fall,
This is the season when beauty must ebb and fade;
The day that spring takes wing and beauty fades
Who will care for the fallen blossom or dead maid?"

Women is just like flowers. Chinese has a famous idiom.

Beautiful flowers are soon picked.
A beautiful girl often has an unfortunate life.

Vietnamese often say "hồng nhan bạc mệnh"

We can sit there looking pretty and wait for destiny. Or we can go out, crush destiny into pieces and create our own. 

If beauty is a curse, personal drive and intelligence are the antidote. 

The only person who can stop you is yourself. 
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+Trung Pham  tag me when you post
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My entry for +Luv.'s #CreateLuv  31 Days Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Out & About.

The weather in Toronto has been lovely the last few day. I can wear my summer dresses and a light jacket :)  Good excuse to take a selfie :P
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Nice photo
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I am going to participate in this fun and meaningful daily photo challenge. Who want to join me? 
#CreateLuv   31  Day Photo Challenge

We are so excited to introduce a fun little project called the ‪#‎createluv‬ photo challenge.

Each day, starting today (May 1) through May 31st, has a specific idea assigned to it. Interpret each day however you please - get creative with it, that's the fun part.

Use the hashtag #createluv on your photo to share your beautiful snap with the world AND every time you use #createluv you are automatically entered to win a Luv. exclusive We Positive Wrap Bracelet. Have fun!!!

#photography #photographychallenge #dailychallenge
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+Marjorie McDonald +Lena Dawood  It is fun. This company is great. They will donate majority of profit to charities + they hire disable people. I have so much fun working with them. For-profit but they give back to the community the majority of the profits. Everything they do is creating luv. 
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Hi, I’m CamMi Pham ( @cammipham). I am a digital strategist/social media marketing consultant by day, and personal development blogger by night. I am  the host of  relationship building chat (#RBchat – Tuesday at 9 pm ET) and User Generated Content Marketing Chat (#UGCchat – Thursday at 2 pm ET).

You can connect with me on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ , LinkedinQuora or drop me an email anytime

If you want to know more about me, this is my life story.

I was born into old money, grew up with the new money, and have no money.


That line pretty much sums up my life.

I was born into a family that used to have everything: fame, power and wealth , but at the wrong time. We had the old money status without the benefit. But if I can go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am proud being a member of this family, rich or poor. People can take away almost everything my ancestor left. Fame can fade. Power can move from one hand to another. Wealth can be stolen. But they left knowledge and class. They are in our blood, and will always be there.

After US lifted the trade embargo against Vietnam, my parents worked hard to rebuild the legacy. I was very lucky to grew up among the elite. I went to the best school, ate the best food, wore the best clothes. Everybody were nouveau riche because before that nobody had money. At that time I thought life was good. I was wrong.

Like any perfect fairy tale story, it did not last long. My father was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. It didn’t take long for his business to fall apart. Building a business in Vietnam is like having a beautiful sand castle, it never lasts.  Many years later, my father won the law suit but he lost everything. Everyone who used to be friends and family acted like they didn’t even know us.

When you have money, your friends know who you are. When you have no money, you know who your friends are.


My mother wanted to go back to the Western world and rebuild our lives. My father wanted to rebuild his legacy where he lost it. Just like a famous Vietnamese legendmy mother took my litter sister and me to the North, Canada where her family lives; my father took $1000 to the South and rebuilt his businesses.

“The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” ~ Alvin Toffler 

And today I am a little princess-turned-pauper who is working hard to build her own legacy with  two hands and a brain. I had a very interesting childhood which made me who I am today. I have learned a lot of things then learn to unlearn them. That is life.

From all my experience, I learned 3 lessons

  1. The old money taught me “Making money is hard but keeping money is harder“ It is important to be financial independent because anything can happen tomorrow. Always live below your mean. Looking rich doesn’t mean you are rich. You can have the money but you may not have the education to manage wealth and maintain stabilities.
  2. The new money taught me “Life is too short to blend in.” It is easier to play safe and blend in, but great risk comes with great return.
  3. The no money taught me “We need a balance in life” Nothing is totally right or wrong. If you are not happy when you have no money, you won’t be happy  when you have everything.  Happiness is found within yourself.
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