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Tonight's "Waning Gibbous" with Jupiter! Latin words always seem to amuse me. #LatinLives   #MoonMe   #NightSky 
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Here's a neat progression through the seasons I captured over the last year along the #PoudreRiver. Fortunate to have grown up in such a beautiful state!

#ColoradoPhotography   #ColoradoSeasons   #GreeleyColorado   #LandscapePhotography   #FrontRange  
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The rain came down last night in NE Colorado! Here are some photos I took up by Briggsdale, CO. #StormClouds  #SevereWeather #OldDirtRoad #ColoradoWeather #EasternPlains  
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Make Your Facebook Posts Visible

Ever struggle with new ideas to increase your engagement and visibility on Facebook?  Well here is an article that discusses some options to improve your overall reach. 

Ultimately, users are looking for creativity.  They're not just looking for entertainment.  If you can accomplish both in your post, the better off you are.  

What ideas do you have to increase post engagement?

#SMM   #FacebookEngagement   #SocialMedia  
Use these examples to create Facebook posts for your own page to create more engagement and news feed visibility.
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Great guide for businesses utilizing #Facebook  for #SMM.  Hope this helps. :)

#DigitalMarketing   #SocialMedia   #SocialMediaMarketing  
Business Guide To the Wonderful World of Facebook
To enlarge image:

Did you know, 645 Million views and 13 million comments made on Facebook business pages, and approximately 70 percent of monthly users in the US and Canada are connected to a local business on Facebook.

With over 1.2 Billion active users worldwide, Facebook is an ideal social media for small business owners to promote themselves and compete on an equal playing field as huge international brands.

Facebook can be an effective way of marketing your business, but if you're new to the game it can be a little overwhelming. Here's an infographic from +Render Positive proposing some tips on how to use Facebook for business.

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Sources: &

#facebookmarketing #facebooktips #socialmedia #infographic  
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Calvin Webster

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This infographic is full of useful information for Twitter users. Definitely worth your time to look over. 
23 Rather Marvellous Twitter Best Practices for 2014
To enlarge this image:

"Twitter started in 2006 as a side project by Jack Dorsey while he was working for Odeo (exactly - who are they?), 3 more smart guys joined him and after 8 years, it now has over 645 Million registered users posting a staggering 790 Million tweets a day! Over 60 percent of users access Twitter using their mobile phone and interestingly their fastest growing demographic are 55 - 64 year olds."

For those of you new to Twitter or new to using it for business, here is an infographic from +Passion Digital proposes some best practices, including latest profile and cover photo sizes, that help you leverage Twitter like a boss.

"Remember that everyone's audience is different, and in time, you may learn that your fans are more receptive to tweets with images, or they retweeting your weekend posts, and that's awesome! There is no guarantee with social, you can only go with what you believe suits your fans the most, test, analyze, learn and repeat! In time you'll be churning out engaging content in your sleep."

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#twitter #twittertips #socialmedia #infographic  
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Had another enjoyable trip out to the #EasternPlains of #Colorado last night chasing some #SevereWeather.  It's quite the experience to be out in the middle of no where with these powerful #storms rolling across the plains!  
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Would love having you along!  
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Chasing #severeweather has always been a hobby of mine.  It's not always for the adrenaline rush, but the photo opportunities are endless!

  #LoveColorado   #StormChasing   #ColoradoScenery   #WeatherPhotos  
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Calvin Webster

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Chasing Rainbows

It seems that my life consists of always chasing a dream.  Always seeking out my talents and desires, never knowing where they'll lead me.  As of late though, I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to catching my rainbow.     

This photo I took yesterday sums things up quite well.  

Chase your rainbow and fulfill your dreams!
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Facebook is Still the Best

Facebook for business has been changing dramatically, but it's still the best for referring customers back to your business.

Despite Facebook's recent changes it still will provide you with the best ROI for your social media marketing strategies.  It's important that your business continue to weather the storm and find ways to overcome the new obstacles.

What have you done beat Facebook's new algorithms? 

#SMM   #Facebook   #SMO   #SocialMedia #SmallBusiness 
According to data from Shareaholic, Facebook and Pinterest drive the most social media referral traffic.
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I think the amount of engagement in communities is far greater than other social media sites.  

There are two specific places where improvement is needed.  First off, they need to develop a better analytics tool that is easily accessible and understood.  Second, they  need to push the "news feed" part of the platform so that posting to a community is not required to get engagement and visibility.

I believe Google is sitting on a gold mine since it heavily influences search results.  They just need incorporate some aspects from Facebook to create a user friendly UI. 

Where do you see the need for improvement?

#Google+ #Facebook   #SocialMedia  
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Dress Up Your Facebook Page

Before your business makes the BIG decision to start a Facebook Page, make sure you follow some simple design aspects to ensure you carry your brand image effectively.

It's so important to make your online image look as good as you truly are.  Having a poor online image could cause your business to lose customers rather than gain them.  Don't shoot yourself in foot and follow these simple rules.

#DigitalMarketing   #SMM   #Facebook   #OnlineMarketing  
Your business made the big decision to get on Facebook and begin a social media campaign, but did you think about the image you’ll be conveying to your customers?  Developing your Facebook Page pri...
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  • University of Northern Colorado
    Business Administration w/ a Marketing Emphasis, 2007 - present
    My education at UNC Monfort College of Business has been diverse to say the least. I originally started my degree in Computer Information Systems, which provided me a great technical background for future web based applications and online technologies. Studying computer information systems allowed me to discover my true passion and natural ability in digital marketing. I realized I could be very effective by leveraging my technical skills to develop creative digital marketing strategies. Ultimately, I chose to change my degree to marketing to further develop my unique skill set. When I started the marketing program, my focus was primarily social media marketing. but has grown to include every aspect of digital marketing. I began to develop a deeper understanding of online branding and how to create an effective online presence to grow a business. Here is a list of some relevant courses I have taken as a student at UNC Monfort College of Business: Web Development for Small Business (BACS 200) Intermediate Web Development (BACS 350) Consumer Behavior (BAMK 361) Marketing (BAMK 360) Social Media Marketing (BAMK 495) E-Marketing (BAMK 371) Intermediate Business Statistics (BAFN 305) Network & Data Communication Systems (BACS 380) Computer Information Systems (BACS 300) Global Marketing Stategies (BAMK 464) Business to Business Marketing (BAMK 468) Marketing Analysis & Research (BAMK 368) Supply Chain Management Marketing Problems Strategic Management
Basic Information
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Owner of Liquid by Design | Digital Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses | Branding for Small Business | Web Design for SMO and SEO
I am currently a senior Marketing Major at the University of Northern Colorado. 

I've held a multitude of positions ranging from banking and retail, to owning my own business. Having worked in many industries, I've developed a good understanding about different markets and how to effectively move within them. This led me to discovering how importance of a brand and what it takes to market a brand effectively to grow a business. 


As the owner of Liquid by Design, we provide services to develop and grow an attractive online presence for your brand. We mainly help small businesses by optimizing their website and social media profiles to improve their brand image. Our services include, website design, graphic design, social media management instruction, SMO (social media optimization), search engine optimization (SEO), Google Virtual Tours and photography. 

I make every effort to help small businesses maximize their profits through utilizing inexpensive marketing tactics. I'm passionate about helping these businesses develop and providing them with the knowledge and skills they need for sustained growth. 


For my hobbies, outside of technology, I love to ski, play tennis and explore Colorado's many treasures.  I'm an avid outdoorsmen and I'm always looking for the next big adventure.  One of my many goals is to summit all 14er's in Colorado.
Favorite Quotes:
"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein
"Common sense, is not so common." - Voltaire
"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking
Favorite Funny Quotes:
"The ski bum trades security for face shots, the future for the moment. Considering how hollow the promise of a corporate career has become, who can say the ski bum is not the wiser investor in his or her youth?" -Unknown
"Spandex- the garmet that made skiing a spectator sport (It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all)"

Favorite Twitter Hashtags:

Favorite Websites:
Bragging rights
Landed a 35 foot cliff on skis, Climbed over a dozen Colorado 14er's, Skied in 50+ inches of fresh powder, Played in the Junior Australian Open, Voted Player of the Year two year's in a row for Weld County
Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Consultant, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer
Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, Graphic Design, Photography, Project Management, Web Analytics, Online Marketing.
  • Liquid by Design
    Owner, 2013 - present
    Based out of Greeley, Colorado. Liquid by Design is a hands on digital marketing company that specializes in social media, website design, photography, SEO and SMO. We understand the importance of having a quality online brand image. With our vast expertise, we can help you effectively create the online presence that your business needs. Expertise include: - Social Media Marketing - SMO (Social Media Optimization) - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Content/Promotional Strategies and Implementation - Website Design - Graphics Creation & Optimization - Google Virtual Tours - Photography
  • Northern Colorado Credit Union
    Marketing Specialist, 2014 - present
    - Assist management with the development of long and short run strategic marketing plans - Conduct market research and develops marketing strategies to complement and support company goals and strategic objectives. - Construct and monitor marketing budget - Formulate and supervise social media marketing, product marketing, advertising and promotional programs. - Develop and implement training, promotion, and advertising programs that further marketing objectives - Compile and create marketing collateral for marketing programs
  • Greeley Chophouse
    Web Master/ Social Media Manager, 2013 - 2014
    I helped to develop the website and currently oversee website activity and updates. I also manage their social media accounts and restaurant reviews to help with the overall marketing plan. I utilize the analytics from these sources to determine the best way to proceed with online marketing and SEO.
  • Monfort College of Business
    Social Media Student Manager, 2013 - 2014
    This position serves as an important representative of the Monfort College of Business (MCB) and the University by communicating with audiences via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Moody's American Grill
    Web Master/ Social Media Manager, 2013 - 2014
    I assisted in the overall completion of the website and will oversee site activity and maintenance. Developed social media accounts and continue to develop social media marketing strategies to improve the overall success of the restaurant through analytics from multiple channels and SEO strategies. I've also helped in creating marketing collateral to increase brand recognition and drive business.
  • State Farm Insurance
    Claims Services, 2008 - 2011
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Greeley, CO
Steamboat Springs, CO
Randy is the best in the business! Never met a business owner more dedicated providing customers value without sacrificing quality. It speaks volumes that with his wealth of knowledge/skills, he maintains such honest business practices! Sound Investments is the right choice for any project big or small.
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Hands down the best veterinary hospital in the area! Unbelievable customer service and a well educated staff that is there to help your pets. My dog Wesley has now had two ACL replacement surgeries here, one of which was just a week ago. His last one was a complete success and he's already putting weight on his leg from his most recent! Dr. Klingenberg is honest, caring and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend Sheep Draw to anyone in need of a well-qualified veterinarian, that truly cares about the well-being of your pet.
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Public - 6 months ago
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Best service hands down! The two gentlemen that helped were very professional and they even knew the chemistry behind carpet cleaning. I guess it helps when the owner of the business is on the job. Thanks guys!!
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7 reviews
Can't think of a more enjoyable place to stay in Greeley! The atmosphere paired with great food and a wonderful staff makes for a great experience.
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Unbelievable service! I was recently helped by Michael who retrieved a broken car key in my ignition. Michael was happy to help me on a holiday and could not have been more friendly or helpful. When everything was said and done I felt that I should've paid him more for all his hard work and great advice. I will recommend anyone to call Greeley Lock & Key even before contacting AAA. Thanks again!
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Paramount Curbing provides a quality product and delivers on their promise. Appreciate their hard work.
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