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Hi all. Anyone have any experience with Looking through their website the only red flag I see is that they will downgrade your file to 128kbps stereo if it's above that (i think),

Looking for both good and bad experiences if you care to share them.

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I have used for licensing theme/bed/bumper music in the past. Usually each "track" comes in several formats. A longer 2-3 minute version, plus a shorter loop version, and usually some 10-1 second transition pieces. As I recall, tracks range from 60-90 USD. But it's basically a one time cost. 
Love to know the latest on acquiring music (themes, beds, and transitions) for podcasts with usage rights conducive to a successful show. Obviously cost is a factor. Thanks for the help.

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On Americana Music Show #272, Webb Wilder plays tracks from Mississippi Moderne, and talks about working with R.S. Field, his personal credo, and covering bands with whacked out songs. 

I’ve also got the new southern rock album from Dash Rip Rock, country rock from Corb Lund, blues from Marc Stone. I’ve got another great track from that new Wood Brothers album and god help me, I’ve got a track from Ryan Adams’ Taylor Swift cover album.  

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Best way to publish a "webcast"? 

Greetings, I am in the planning stages of creating a video podcast/aka webcast for my day job.  And I realized that there are some choices to be made: 

1) Run it exactly like my audio podcast, which is to say, publish and rss feed of the episode pages with enclosure tags to the .mp4 files.  This will let people download the video to their podcast player/device. 
2) Post the episodes as videos embedded into blog posts and the publish the blog's feed as the rss feed for the show. Feed would not contain enclosure tags. It would be just like subscribing to the rss feed of any blog. 
3) Combine 1 & 2 above. Do both essentially. 

My question for the community is this. Of the video podcasts you are aware which of the above three options is most common in your experience? 

The reason I ask is that I wonder if very many people are actually willing to download large mp4 video files to their local machines. 

Your thoughts?

Looking for WP plugin for social network sharing buttons

I've got a fairly standard setup for I use a self hosted WordPress site. I am shopping around for a new plugin for sharing episode pages on social networks. 

I had been using Social Sharing Toolkit but it seems very slow to load. I've currently for Shareaholic installed and it seems to load quickly, but the share buttons are too large for my taste and don't seem to be configurable. 

So I'm curious what other folks are using for buttons to share episode pages on a visitor's social networks. (i.e. I'm not looking for "follow" buttons.) 

So what are you using? 

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Americana Music Show #248

Lee Shropshire from Eight O’Five Jive plays tracks from Too Many Men, and talks about their journey into jump blues and being inspired by Ruth Brown.

Also on this episode, I’ve got the new blues album from Eilen Jewell and the new country album from Christian Lopez. I’ve also got a time-capsule album from 1973 that’s never been released before and it’s amazing. I’ll be playing another cut from that new Alabama Shakes album and Whitey Morgan covering a classic country song. Plus a whole lot more on this two hour episode.
#americana   #rock   #blues   #country   #soul

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Americana Music Show #247

Eilen Jewell plays three tracks from her Sundown Over Ghost Town album, talks about returning to Boise, and the new member of their lineup. 

Also on this episode, brand new soul music from Beth McKee. A really nice debut from a band out of Asheville called Tellico. New rock & roll from Dan Montgomery. Another track from that knock out Alabama Shakes album. We’ve also got new California country from Grant Langston, A new string band tune from April Verch, another southern rock track from Jimbo Mathus and a lot more in this two hour episode. 
#americana   #rock   #country   #blues   #soul  

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Americana Music Show #245 

Ann McCrary plays tracks from The McCrary Sisters’ album, Let’s Go, and talks about The Fairfield Four and working as backup singers. 

Also on this episode, R&B from Alabama Shakes, alt-country from June Star, blues from the Reverend Freakchild, stringband music from Mandolin Orange, cajun from Feufollet, country from The Honeycutters, blues from The Grahams, southern rock from Jimbo Mathus. 
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