Why are we quick to follow one another on social websites and email/text yet we have politicians in office elected by us that fail to follow our needs as a country?

We are in a election year and the topics are intense as ever. We are losing our privacy, our rights to decide what is best for us and our children and other super important topics but very few are talking about it. We are so busy sitting back and voting party lines regardless of the fact the party much less the person who represents the party can care less about us as the voter. The common good of their constituents is rarely of thought.

We as a society need to vote out incumbents until someone does what they say and supports the people. We are blessed to have a government we can control. We allow them to do whatever they want with no recourse for their lies and deceit. It boils my blood to see people be such a sheep and have the wolves herding the pasture.

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Southlake, Texas
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