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Any suggestions appreciated, please…

I've never been able to get reliable contact with one of my Android phones, via mobile data.

Notification sharing works fine, but neither the MacOS Airdroid app, nor the web app, can contact the phone when it's on mobile data.

They can both connect fine when the phone is on wireless LAN. It's just when it's on mobile data that it doesn't work. But notification sharing /does/ still work, on mobile data, so Airdroid itself is working to some degree.

I've been through all the trouble-shooting etc, and everything should be fine.

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4, running CyanogenMod custom ROM, rooted. Nothing else on the phone doesn't work, that I've noticed.

any ideas as to what to try, please? thanks much…

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"In a terrible bit of irony, Fahrenheit himself died after a sudden bout of fever in 1736."

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(from Private Eye)

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Not sure I'm buying this, but interesting...

hi, would appreciate any advice, please.

I use AirDroid MacOS client (3.3.2), and AirDroid Beta on Android.

When my Mac lappie boots up, for some unknown reason the wifi takes quite a while to connect. Before the connection happens, the MacOS AirDroid app — which starts on login — times out, unable to contact the servers (I imagine).

the problem is that it doesn't retry: my Mac wifi connection finnally connects shortly after, but AirDroid doesn't retry, and sits there I until I poke it, then it connects fine.

please consider having the Mac app retry, if it can't access the internet immediately on app start. thanks much.

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Is it expected that DnD can be a bit late when starting Silence for a calendar event?

I have Calendar following enabled, and have "start mute early" so it should start 3 minutes early.

I have added "#dnd" as a keyword to look for, and add that to some of my events.

I had a (recurring) event start at 7pm, just now, and so would have expected DnD to enable Silence at 6:57pm. But it actually started at 7:01pm. I noticed that myself, and it's also the time on the Silence Premium notification.

My phone is within 0.5s of Internet time.

Samsung Note 4; stock 6.0.1. Dnd beta.

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