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#CyberSecurity for web and #email to keep your business secure.

If you are looking for enterprise-grade IT Security, Compliance and Productivity services which offer flexible, cost-effective, fully tested and compatible solutions for your business - we can help.

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A #mobileapp for #wedding in #india. App features event info, live updates and guest arrival / departure form

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We offer   #india  businesses   #elasticsearch  on fully managed instances of   #mongodb  and Redis on  #cloudservers . Get up and running fast with industry-leading tools and hosting accessible directly from ObjectRocket.

* Monitor your data environment with +New Relic 
* Choose your hosting environment: AWS Direct Connect, AWS EC2 integration, or +Rackspace 
* Migrate data between #mongodb  and #hadoop  using free tools

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How many active mobile phone subscribers does India really have? Did 1.2 crore new subscribers really sign up in India last quarter, as +Ericsson's report claims? 

There is no global definition but in the UK it is generally held that a subscriber is inactive if there have been no revenue-generating calls in the past three months. Are Indian mobile telcos using the same definition when calculating the strength of their subscribe base and its growth or are they using a different method of calculation to show investors a picture which does not reflect reality?

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Stop information about your business, your employees and your customers from leaking out. Use Data Loss Prevention rules with our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service to monitor and prevent employees working with sensitive or proprietary information from sharing it with others via email, intentionally or by accident.

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Users of banking apps in India are held liable for transactions made using their credentials, even though known security vulnerabilities exist in the apps provided by banks and telcos, according to a report titled "Analysis of Branchless Banking Applications in the Developing World" by University of Florida.

But elsewhere, credit card firms are jointly liable alongside vendors if something goes wrong with a product or a service purchased by credit card for purchases over £100 in the UK. Visa USA offers consumers "zero liability" for unauthorized purchases. Similar protections exist for the majority of credit cards issued by banks in Europe.

Indian banks and telcos should secure their mobile apps and offer the similar safeguards to Indian consumers.

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+Aziz Shroff of Shroff Distributors was a major bookseller on +Flipkart, the Indian multi-brand eCommerce marketplace. He has recently suspended the sale of his books and provided information that busts the myth: buying online in cheaper.

Additionally, he has alleged that the policies and practices of +Flipkart , and other online marketplaces are unfair, non-transparent and exploitative.

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This is possibly the future of the internet. Not just for free messaging - without paying GPRS charges - this technology can be used during disasters, telecom service outage, for privacy & to counter censorship.

Apps like Firechat do not depend of the availability of internet bandwidth or cell phone signals to transmit messages - they use the short range bluetooth and wi-fi capability built into mobile devices to communicate with Firechat apps installed in nearby devices and bounce messages from device to device till it reaches its final destination.

Positioning this as a free messaging service is just a marketing gimmick used to gain traction. The true value of this technology is in the alternative it presents to increasing government control and censorship over the open and free internet that we thought we were using.

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Protect your #android  phone against the #stagefright  bug before +Zimperium VP Joshua Drake shows the world how the #stagefright  vulnerability can be exploited at  #blackhat  and +DEF CON security conferences next week.

He is expected to demonstrate Stagefright and a few more critical security bugs in Android that can be used to attack about a billion devices all over the world.
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