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Nuketown returns in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer, reimagined for the future.  Pre-Order Now and get the Nuketown 2025 downloadable Bonus Map!
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So excited for this. My elite clan is already recruiting for black ops 2
Love nuke town, but I'm not interested in future games. I think I'll skip BO2. Unless you dump the lag comp.
Skips C
i think nuketown was fine already... i mean, you get to shoot the heads off mannequins, so......
I'm gonna wait to see some gameplay before pre-ordering because I don't find the futuristic setting too cool.
Its going to the best game of the yea
this game alike 2 counterstrike  isn;t it
See I was planning on waiting to buy till it comes out. Now I want to pre-order. Is there a certain place I need to buy?
will nuketown be the same or will it look more old and ruined?
its gonna be the prediction of the future from the 60s
it better be better than ghost recon future soldier
A triple rainbow is now going to be a thing in the future
Now the manicans are going to have iPads
your an ass Nathan Perez fuck you!!!!!!! 
y cant nuke town be a default map
I just hope this one also has Zombie gameplay, becuase other than playing the story mode Zombie online gameplay is way better..
IDK, it just is... killing zombies with friends seems fun enough
i cant whate  is there going to be sombies
Call of duty modern warfare 3 игра что надо довольно неплохие движки и саздатели не хер с горы, но сюжет неочень.
quick question erm you know how in the moon dlc theres an easter egg where you destroy the moon how do the rest of the games happen if you destroy the earth in the 50s/60s?
Black ops et MW3 sont devenus injouable sans cheat, on ne peut plus jouer sans trouver un wall hack dans la partie. Les conseils des joueurs sont de faire comme tous le monde acheter un cheat.. J'arrete donc la série COD et la déconseil à mon clan.
Black Ops and MW3 have become unplayable without cheat, you can not play without finding a wall hack in the game. Advice to players as everyone buy a cheat .. So I stop the COD series and déconseil to my clan.
the only good thing about black ops 1 was nuke town
Yeah best map on black ops returns I hope I get black ops 2

Preorderd it already NUKETOWN FOR ME BABY! BOO-YAA!
Awesome, Really cant wait!
Cool I want that game is nuketown futureistic in it
oh god not the nukes dont bring those out of the game if you do its bye bye for the human race but they are fun to fight with in the game!!
sorry never mind my friend wrote that and i did not see that!!! maaaha !!!!!
We don't need any perks in Black ops 2 so remove them all, Let it be a fair game. Gun on gun is what we want. 
nuketown2025 will be awesome
can i pre-order it now or is it a different date for europe?
Is this game going to be totally different to Black ops 1? Or are we getting a recycled game with a new name and a few minor changes?
yes nuke town! now cod black ops is 20% cooler.
I hate playing nuketown it's such a small map
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