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Are you a team player or a lone wolf? Share this to recruit allies and foes for MW3’s new FACE OFF maps:
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dont even have call of duty lol but hopefully gettin xbox and mw3
i was gunno get ps3 but nobody in my class has ps3
ya and right now i have the stupid wii. lol
I am a Lone Wolf and Dude... GET A PS3!!! THEY ARE WAY BETTER!!! 
mostly my team always make people quit so i guess they run from me
oh ya call oft futy is tha best!!
Youtube "TheVirtualKillers" and sub ;) You won't regret it!
who want to do a clan battle
in xbox
no said that the Xbox360 is the BESTT
Ok im just letting you all know Microsoft helped Sony to make the PS3. They both have the same chip in them. So stop with the better graphics on PS3 or Xbox cause there both the same. Btw Xbox is proven to be the better online gamer console but sucks at doing long adventure games for example Final Fantasy 13, 4 disks on xbox and 1 disk for PS3. So its a pick between what you like better as a console. Have a good one guys!!!
Really why are there console wars! Whenever anyone says PS3 or Xbox 360 comes up console wars ensue.
Wow, Stop acting like children why doesn't PS3 and Xbox unite? Good god!
Stop b!7*?@ng guys stop fighting! Xbox has its own perks and PS3 has its own perks too. It is ok to show your devotion to your console but don't insult other consoles for it. These to consoles are on the same levels!
To be honest that is something that is true. I myself do not have a proper gaming PC but if you have a good graphics card it can own any console. I said in my last post Xbox and PS3 are on the same level that is true since they have around the same specifications. But PC you can have better graphics and specs depending on your hardware. But I don't want to insult other consoles it's just annoying to see those.
I'm glad you see that. The Xbox and PS3 community should be friends instead of fighting. I mean you can show your love for your console but please don't insult other consoles. PS3 has things Xbox doesn't have and Xbox has things have that PS3 doesn't have.
Dude I have a confession I play on Wii! But I have a PS3 too. I like the Wii cuz its fun I play COD on the Wii but it is the only console I don't care if you hate on cuz it definitely isn't as goo as the PS3 or Cbox. 
You can't compare portable consoles too home consoles. They are 2 different things. I like the portables for when I go out or to play in the car.
Okay if you are really intent on making something suck I say spinach sucks ( Cause pcs can be better than you think they are.)
What sort of zombies actual Zombies or Nazi zombies or just video games with Zombies.
Charles, Charles, in life you have to learn how to love not to hate.
I do dislike somethings but I don' t make it a point to hate on them.
Why do you dislike zombies I find them quite like shooting them up.
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