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Shock Absorbers - a brief explanation to keep 'em simple

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Terry says "Great auto repair shop. I have had family from Flower Mound, come to Callaways, because of there quality workmanship."
We say THANK YOU for referring family & friends!!
#northrichlandhills   #autorepairshop  

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Click, click, click.  

Or sometimes a slow crank and grind.  

You know something's not right with the electrical system and either it doesn't start, barely starts, or stubbornly starts.  And once started, you're reminded that something is wrong by the persistent red light on the dash.  

You've got an electrical system that needs service.  And we can fix that!  

There are usually four (4) areas of your vehicle's electrical system which need maintenance or repair:  (1) Battery, (2) Alternator, (3) Starter, and (4) Fuses/Switches/Shorts.

We cover each one of these areas of service at our Electrical Services page and you'll want to remember this page when you hear "click, click, click"!

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Marsha simply says in her online survey:  "Excellent service"

We say "Thank you!"  

A fine compliment indeed!

I sent my wife by herself to renew her inspection for the first time ever. I'll admit I was nervous since I've always handled that for us, but I wanted her to have the experience.
When I asked her how it went, she raved about how she was treated. She said that everyone was extremely professional. She even forgot the year model of our car, but the technician was very gracious. He did not make her feel bad about it and they didn't try to take advantage of her in any way . I would gladly recommend Callaways to anyone who is in need of an honest mechanic! Thanks guys!

Diane T. - thanks!! for the great 6 paragraph Yelp review, the last of which is quoted below:

"So, to summarize, I found Callaway's to be on the up-and-up. They could have told me the a/c had to be fixed and charged accordingly. But they were honest and gave me the 'band-aid' I was looking for (I did tell them I was hoping to be able to nurse it along til I get my new car). I hope this car doesn't need anything else before I offload it, but if it does, I will go back to Callaway's.

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Would you share this kind review with a friend? 

"Honesty and competence are hard to find, especially together in one place. These guys have both. You can trust their diagnosis and you can trust their work.They shoot you straight up front and stand behind what they do." - (Mike 8/28/14)

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One distraction or one inattentive moment and any number of unsafe situations can develop very quickly . . . 

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Avoid "click click click" when trying to start your car.  In a dark parking lot.  Alone.   

We do FREE battery tests.  

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Saving money never goes out of style.  Are you wearing out the treads on your tires before they ought to?  This costs you some money that can be saved by getting a front end wheel alignment.    We can help.   #northrichlandhillstx  
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