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Yesterday I reinstalled AdBlock
and I realized I love Google's policies for display ads

Yes. As I was reading the news online, I was assaulted by video ads that started automatically. With sound. The loud, disruptive kind.

Image ads with a close button that triggered a pop-under anyway.

Overall, ads took ages to load on those pages and pretty much made the reading experience impossible.

I don't know what goes through the minds of the editors over there, but in my opinion, throwing 12+ ads of all kinds on one page is not the way to go. Starting ads with loud audio automatically and waking up the house is not the way to go, either.

And the networks who allow and publish such ads should take a long look at Google's policies and reconsider theirs.
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Search terms gone from the referrer URL

The rumours (part of them) were true. AdWords will no longer pass the search terms in the referred URL when someone clicks on an ad.

I assume Analytics, being linked to AdWords, will still have the search query data and we'll be able to see bounce rate and conversions at search terms level.

What won't work anymore will be URL parsing, for any third party solutions who do not have an AdWords link the way Analytics does.

Therefore, if you used to customize the landing page according to the search terms, or log them yourself, you'll have to adjust your strategy.
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On 09.04 AdWords Editor 10.4 was launched

And it boasts several new features, though none of them addresses the new Shopping Campaigns.

#adwords   #adwordseditor  
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Calin Sandici

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One question: what do I watch first?

Looking forward to putting the little beast through its paces.

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+Calin Sandici I recommend to watch this video: Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones :) 
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You missed this photo, +David Hasselhoff 

Though we were more than #hoffsome  
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You're Hoff the charts, that's for sure :).
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Somehow, I am not surprised

Let the 5.0 engine trucks keep selling, even for city commute. Why not? They're big, they command respect and they're also ... big. And ... useful, too. Fuel efficiency is for losers.
240 MPG Car Banned By U.S. Oil Companies?
via Off Grid Quest

I never thought I could feel so angry and discouraged to know I live in a country that really IS against the little guy. This is disturbing.
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Auto-pilot remarketing lists in Analytics
and a little bit of chart art Jackson Pollock would have been proud of

Not too keen on getting up close and personal with all sorts of remarketing criteria, intersections and segmentation? Let an algorithm (try and) do it for you.

It'll be interesting to test, though from what I understood Analytics conversions have to be imported into AdWords for it to work optimally and this may mean we'll have to stop tracking conversions with the AdWords scripts in order to avoid getting duplicate conversions.
Making Remarketing Better & Easier: Introducing Smart Lists in Analytics

While many marketers love the 100s of dimensions they can use to create Remarketing lists in Google Analytics, others have told us that the sheer number of possibilities can be overwhelming.

So to simplify the product while still ensuring great results for our users, we’re proud to announce a new type of Remarketing list: one that’s managed automatically. Now when creating a new Remarketing list, you’ll have the option to have Analytics manage your list for you.

Learn more about this new feature in today's post:
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Calin Sandici

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Not that there's any guarantee though
Georgina J originally shared to Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business (Business Relationships):
Follow the dream...
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Calin Sandici

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Can't say I didn't see this coming

Hopefully we'll be able to use exactly the same workflows we currently use for Product Listing Ads, including the AdWords Editor, where Shopping Campaigns are currently not supported.
What’s next for Shopping campaigns and retailers

Shopping campaigns offer a truly retail-centric and seamless approach to Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Today, we’re excited to introduce a Bid Simulator, options to help you create a Shopping campaign and multiple ad groups for advanced retailers.
Since we made Shopping campaigns available to all PLA advertisers, we continue to hear many examples of how it helps you manage PLAs and effectively grow your business. We’re excited by the positive feedback and will continue to build tools and features into this new campaign type. Thus, we’ll be retiring the regular PLA campaign type and asking all advertisers to upgrade to Shopping campaigns by late August 2014, at which time all remaining PLA campaigns will be automatically upgraded.

Check out the full article here:

#adwords #updates
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Calin Sandici

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I will, guys, I really will. Thank you

I've just received the prize for winning an AdWords Trivia round and it really caught me by surprise :). I even asked the delivery guy if it's ticking or not :) as I did not recognize the sender.

Thank you very much, +John Paul & everybody on the AdWords Community team who may have something to do with this :).
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Sure, +Nikhil Parachure . If I'll find that it is more than I can handle, you'll be my first choice for the recipient :).
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