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Place your call to action on the left of your website. According to eye tracking software, readers often read from the top left of the website. Hence content on the top left corner of a website should be optimized with a call to action. For example, Less Accounting test showed that a layout with calls-to-action on the left hand side worked better than a reverse layout. #BoostConversion

Often, companies with a limited advertising budget would choose to create larger, more visible ads that restrict them to advertise less frequently. However, a more effective way is to run more frequently with smaller ads even though they may appear less visible. The reason is because most people typically don't respond to ads the first time they see them. #IncreaseYourSales

Have follow up e-mails and its rights packaged with your resell product. This helps your buyers promote the product because they have instant follow up emails. #PrivateLabelRights

Use PLR content in social media. Build a Facebook page that uses the material. In this way, you will be able to interact with your customers with discussions on the content, generating frequent activity and buzz. #PrivateLabelRights

Partner with a group of publishers and tell them you want to send new subscribers of your ezine to a page that recommends signing up for their ezine and that they do the same. #ListBuilding

Provide subscribers with a free ebook after signing-up, they’ll be much more likely to join. #ListBuilding

Write a post or article published to your website to announce the launch of your mailing list and highlight your newsletter benefits for subscribers. Take steps to promote it on search engines and social media to drive traffic to your site. #ListBuilding
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