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Get better sound on your iPhone videos with the LiveAction Mic.
The Belkin LiveAction Mic brings quality sound to your iPhone’s movie recording capabilities in a form of a pocket-sized directional microphone.
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Not a bad idea. The build in mic doesn't work very well for quality audio recording.
Go away trolls I'm not feeding you anymore. But i just did some video recording with my 4s and it would have been nice to have a boom mic like this.
That's awesome. I could totally see that being a miracle in the field when main equipment goes down. I've heard some interviews done in the field with just a straight iPhone 4, and provided they were in a good, quiet setting, the audio is crystal clear and really pleasant sounding. I can only imagine it would be better with a higher quality mic with more directionality.
not a big fan of the directional section.. it sounds cold. May have just been the room though..
Apple's lawsuit happy tactics should earn them a big fat goose egg for online promotion by anyone.
Thank you for the demo. 
I'd love to see this in action. Will it also work with iPad?
It looks like it's just going to break your jack the way it's mounted. The sound is not even much better than standard audio looking at the video of it. Also, you could just use a adapter cable and plug in a proper mic if you really wanted good audio.
These stories are interesting from the perspective of what is possible with an iPhone camera rig. But, if you are serious about video, splurge and buy a real rig, with a real camera sensor, real lens and a real microphone setup. 
hello v k saharan, how are you doing? 
How are you doing today?.....
Seriously, there has to be a limit to the amount of pointless cack that people will consider buying for the iPhone
There are so many mics out there that will work with the iPhone, like the Sony ECMMS907, for example. And with Apple making the 5 different than it's predecessors, who knows if this would even work on it... There's a lot to be said for universal standards.
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