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A 4 armed robot. Need I say more?!? Okay, then… a 4 armed robot playing the drums!!!
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I wonder if it can be reprogrammed to make sushi :)
The Ramones, good choice. Blitzkrieg Bop if I'm not mistaken.
bet it can do a mean (Sky)rim-shot...
John Hess
The point of this robot is not to play music, but to beat the drum to our eventual enslavement and destruction by our mechanical overlords.
General Grevious's little brother was a disappointment to his family but a legend on the music scene.

Love the gratuitous adding of the rocking head.

The amount of computer power that went into that purely decorative part, and the fact that they spent the time to getting him "looking" like a human drummer would.
No groove from the bot at all. Actually sounds like a robot playing drums.
So, that's what happened to General Grievous.  
drumers are going to lose their jobs?
When this machine is sitting in a junk pile somewhere, or in a museum, the guys who put it together may be well known for something.
like the mask,sort of like modern age grevious
this can ruin some lifes now everything in the world is all mobile and technical how much more do we need
sweet and awesome and cool combined
I saw this episode of metalocalypse... Drunk Pickles can kick his ass.
When I see it do some double bassing, I'll be impressed.
Imma drummer, that's cool, yet creepy.
We can play that with two needs 4? hmmm....
Now were that much closer to General Grevious Technology
Next there will be a stand up comedian robot with a mullet. Ba-dum Crash!
Great work! Always push the edge, no one knows where the next miracle (Technologically advanced) medical treatment will come from. Go Robots!!!
Soon we will be building robots with glowing red eyes and a minigun for a arm
Travis Barker eat your heart out!! 
Animusic is finally coming to life.  Next gen up from the Intel Pipe Dream Machine.
what an unbelievable thing!! a four armed robot playing a drum?
General Grievous plays the drums? Better sticks than sabers.
I showed my son cause he loves General Grievous.  He asked me to shut-it off because it was a bit weird.  Haha.   But seriously, can't we have Metallica's "One" with some double base?
pretty good for a robot but for normal standards, ehh not so much.
FAIL! any two armed drummer can do so much better.
+Stu Watts The point is not to make a robot who plays music. The purpose of projects like this is to improve (and demonstrate the improvement) of robotic limb coordination, speed, and accuracy (which, as you can see, we still have some work to do). Playing the drums is just a "problem" that requires these advancements, while also getting public attention and investor support. The technology used here can be applied to all sorts of robots who do the stuff we suck at. 
 You Fool. He has been trained in your drumming Arts... by Count Dooku!
So, just another fancy drum-machine?  <Not_bad.jpg>
Really boring beat, Rick Allen (Def Leppard) can do better with only one arm!
So annoyed with all this "robots for Us" stuff. When was the last time anyone got up and changed the channel?
The drummer for def leopard only has one arm and rocks way harder
They must've snagged that beat from a Metallica song cuz that had Lars all over it bwahaha
As Johnny Carson said about the talking dog, "He doesn't do it well, but the amazing thing is that he does it at all!"
one day, these things will be even better than the humans at drums
Robotics get wilder and wilder: are they going to take over?
Damn, my drummer is going to be Pissed when he sees who we are going to replace him with! It's like that episode of DethKlok :-)
tooo bossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Tommy Lee it is not. Maybe could play for One Direction?
sounds like a guitarist programmed him...
Have Tomas haake program something for it!
WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
if they had made the head move, then it might just hmmm, but that small thing made it cool
That thing is beast!! I want one.
If I had four arms I could play just like that! Go robot Go! Down with humans.
Now I'm wishing I was made of metal and circuit boards... just so i could have 4 arms
Then it EXPLODES like drummers in spinal Tap...amazingly hypnotic and love the head moves!
As cool as the drumming is, I feel like the head, its design and its movement are the best parts.
This is where the Deep Blue of drumming will find its origins. When ever a machine takes the place of a human, there will be controversy. There will always be those who did the job before, who are incapable of accepting that the machine does it better. Sour grapes, thy name is adaptive preference formation; not even Kasparov was immune to you.
Can't it go any faster - falling asleep here?  The spiked hat is the best part.
It needs 4 arms so that it can perform as well as a human with 2 arms (and hands, wrists, legs, etc.). 
Medha L
Kudos o whoever created this.
In a galaxy not so far away, we find General Grevious playing the drums
The only thing that impressed me was the head following the bits.
Awesome. How long until someone does this at a concert? That would be awesome. 
Didn't even open it.  As a drummer, what am I supposed to say, it did a good job?  Sure it did, it was programmed to do so (yes, I',m a programmer too).  Please, support you local (human) musicians and bands.
i like ths idea.very extreme,so people not play drum again..
hehehe.wn th machine perfect play drum,its so very genius
This is not a robot...these type of mechnical toys created back in Victorian era.
Those toys was capable of writing!
I rather call this a public stunt :(
That thing is scary lookin!  But it worked.
I had to go down twelve comments to find the first Star Wars General Grevious comment. Come on guys, we can do better than that. +Antony Jackson wins my daily prize!
You need another one playing an identical set of drums at the same time, like Genesis in the old days ;)
I could do better if I had 6 arms!
dindi a
I think in a couple of months, there's going to be a video about a 7 y/o drummer that'll make this robot cry like a baby and quit drumming...
Dear god that's creepy....the machines have become self aware!!!! Get Arnold now!!!!
Drumsticks are safer than lightsabers!
Does he use "Old Spice"?
Nice to see, ROBOT Playing music
Craig Ferguson has a 1 armed robot with a Mohawk..  
Nothing special! Every drumer man can play better! :D
Is cool but STU WATTS said it all
WOW... That was so awesome... It plays better than me.
Dude that is awesome!!!! X
well that's rude! he doesn't respond when people applaud at the end.
That's great and all, but if he can't play the middle polyrhythm section of Rosetta Stoned he's just a frakin' toaster :)
the head is a nice touch
wow!!.. The Judgement day is not very far away!!!
wow awesome man 
when r rodots going 2 feel things'? or this will never happen?
Was more impressed in 1981 when I saw his dad welding a fiat strada! Is this 30yrs of progress?
Man, I give UP. I'm tired of try­ing to inform the mass­es of the impend­ing robot-apocalypse and not being taken seri­ous­ly. Why do I even bother?
waste of effort imo, why ?
- it's just hitting the drums without rebound and feeling. It's not drumming is about. 
- it's not something magical to see a machine creating correct timing/beats/combinations. (any drummachine can do that)
- it's just integrated to the drumset, it doesn't even feel like a "robot" 
(would be at least cooler if it was an actual bot gets itself to the drumset sits and starts playing)
- it's not technologically astounding in programming sense, my smartphone can do that :P

// not trying to be a smartbutt here, just saying what comes to my mind at first sight. No hard feelings :)
Kinda the same thing after 20 seconds. 
Haw about robot improvising on a jam session?
Can you say that? :-P
Won't it need a little more intelligence than playing drums then? Is that possible?
In terms of playing drums, more arms means less technical difficulty (unless each arm comes with its own brain/computer...)
Genetic engineers...we need more arms! 
So... This is the creepiest thing I've seen all month...
Primitive sound! A human being can play much better!
Is this real.....its talented...
omg a number 5 remake runer way androud
Long way off replacing a good drummer
Awesome version of blitzkrieg bop (elevator music style).
I thought it was going to play Ventures Hawaii 5 O's theme :(
nice .........wat a programming!!!!
IDK...he seems kind of mechanical.  You know what he really needs?  MORE COWBELL!
Hey I  have seen you like fun NICE TIME?
The programmer should have had the robot stick its arms in the air and take a bow at the end.
A robot playing drums? Sweet!!
ça ressemble à un robot et c'est une musique "robotive" !
I like the mohawk and how it bobs its head, cute :)  Now play the opening to "Hot for teacher" :)
Impressive for a 4 armed robot, although I do know a human drummer who can play that beat with just 2 arms!!!
This proves there is a lot more to music then playing in time. 
pretty disappointing ... no rolls ... no solo ... not even a stick flip. I guess there is a long way to go before it can die of an overdose ;-} ... at least a couple of months
A machine ... still not as good as Neil Peart.....
I think he plays very well ,he has accuracy,speed ,coordination but he cant teach 
not helpfull
Great, but can he deliver pizza like most drummers?
thts rlly impressive but if he can b set to where his paradiddles to b faster then itll b alot more intersting it was rlly good nd it can go far if it can beat top line drummers but i dnt think it can not to b a odd ball but its true i dnt think it has a chance against thomas pridgen 
Cool l’évolution le rythme dans électrons, j’aime        
vc sabe o que esta falando veja bruno azevedo para normal depois comentem
oh my gosh what type of nerd makes these things
human creativity is expensive
wow, amazing, this robot is the best drummer that men has build.
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