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Question. Have any of you tried the Starbucks Verismo? Compared to a Kuerig, is it worth the price for the flexibility in making different types of drinks? And then, of course, the coffee is going to be more expensive in the long run… 

Let me know your thoughts!
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I had a Krups that was multi-functional and was ill impressed. Never owned a Kuerig but the K-cups are so expensive compared to conventional brewing methods. Give me a coffee press and maybe something else combining drink making capabilities.
All these machines make terrible brown liquid, not coffee. 
I use a French Press. No tubes to grow mildew and taint coffee flavor. No plastic to absorb smells and make your coffee stale. Easy to clean. Can be used to make tea too.
Plus, it only costs 20 bucks - and by buying a grinder and some premium Kona peaberry coffee beans from Hawaii, you can enjoy coffee the way gourmands enjoy it - pure, tainted flavor free, and freshly ground. 
The machine is good but the milk pods taste Terrible. Starbucks ran a demo 2weeks ago, and i wasnt jmpressed with the steamed milk,seems to need reheating.
The milk tastes like powder but the espresso itself isn't bad. I usually French press or use an espresso machine. I'd recommend the nespresso if you want an easier way to have lattes. They are all way to expensive in my opinion when an espresso machine is only $50. And coffee beans are way cheaper pound for pound
I'm with +Jay Burkos , French press all the way. No need for any machine or expensive "crud" to go along with it. Now if your wanting an espresso or cappuccino, go to your LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS and buy one.... Not a huge franchise... Keep it local, keep it small business. Help America :)
I dip a coffee bean in a cup of hot water. One bean can last a long time that way.
+Cali Lewis one of the reviews mentioned that the same machine is available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $200.

My initial reactions is to get something that uses K cups since they seem to be more widely available- at least for now anyway.  Cuisinart also uses k cups so you may want to look at this also. I've heard from several people that had problems with their Kuerig machines. The one I have at work is still usable but it leaks whenever the pump is running.

BTW- I like the French Vanilla Cappuccino cups It taste exactly like the ones you get from the cappuccino machines in convenient stores.
I have a kuerig maker, i use the blank filter attachment and use normal coffee instead of buying k cups, works great.
I'm sticking with my Kuerig. Plenty of selection and convienence for passable brewed coffee. Aeropress for the weekend lattes and such. Too many of the Verismo flavors are dehydrated, instant coffee tasting things.
sorry old school coffee drinker. I'll take my mud brew over star bucks any day haha 
Get a real espresso machine. If you worry about not knowing how to make espresso, get a Saeco or other well-made super-automatic. If you can work the buttons and knobs yourself, get a Rancilio Silvia.

The machines that take disposable pre-packaged pods are inherently a rip-off. There is no advantage in simplicity versus a super-automatic. The economics are like ink cartridges versus refillable bulk ink. The pod packaging is gratuitous landfill stuffing. The machines are flimsy and look cheap compared to a quality espresso machine.

The time-to-payback versus Starbucks lattes is so overwhelming, no matter what you spend on an espresso machine, you will make it back in a few months.
+Cali Lewis if you realy love coffe, try Nespresso. For me that's the closest thing to a real italian coffe bar. It's horrible expensive, but worth every cent.
Keurig has a small reusable pseudopod (?) so you can use your own coffee - must be less expensive although there would be clean up.
I don't drink coffee! :)  So can't help :(
Starbucks verissimo = meh

Kcups are okay. Especially if you use your own coffee (ie ecobrew cup). French press is also excellent however cleanup and time are 2-3x more vs kcup.

True espresso machines are wonderful as well. The Rancillio Silvia is excellent however rather pricey.

My vote is the kcups with ecobrew and a French press for the weekend and larger groups. 
My wife loves our Keurig, and has managed to find a few varieties of cups that she likes.  I've settled on an Aeropress, since cleanup is much easier than a French Press and you don't get the sludge in the cup.  My second choice is a simple pour-over, but the Aeropress coffee is a bit smoother (though it uses more coffee).  Both of these are quite cheap.  Get a good grinder instead of one of those cheap blade grinders (I have a Bodum, but if I had to replace it would probably get a Baratza - both of which have conical burrs), and buy good, freshly roasted beans.
300 dollars. And it doesn't even make as good a cup of coffee as a french press or a siphon. Yipes.
When it hits $100, I'll consider it. Until then, drip coffee FTW!
+Peter Schmollinger: The Nespresso system is not only shamelessly overpriced, but also a crimminal offense against nature. The capsules are made from aluminum and need an horrible amount of energy for production.
This system produces terrible amounts of waste. It's irresponsible to support something like this!
Two different machines. My Kuerig only makes coffee, tea or hot chocolate that is in a single pod or k-cup. The Verismo will also make a latte with its ability to use milk pods. Therefore I have both and lije them equally. 
+Gerhard Torges It's depressing how easily what's 100% consumer exploitation has became popular. Coffee is is literally a commodity. Coffee pods are are as pure an example as you will find of some social-financial engineer doing something that has no purpose other than putting a commodity into packaging that can use intellectual property law to bind consumers to a cartel of licensed suppliers, at the cost of adding that packaging to landfills.

I would lampoon this with a fictional example about putting gelled banana puree into plastic capsules one can sort of peel and eat out of but I worry that I would see it patented next week. Does satire count as prior art?
Sticking keurig, not even looking at the new keurig vue either. They cost way too much...
I don't understand the comments about Nespresso pods and landfill. Surely you guys have heard of recycling (and that aluminium can be pretty much recycled for ever)? 
The milk pod is terrible. Recommended Nespresso as a capsule alternative.
I find it fascinating that nearly every time someone asks "Should I get A or B?" people seem to think it's perfectly sensible and polite to chime in with "C".
I think if Cali wanted to know about espresso machines, she would have asked about them. Perhaps she does not like espresso at all.
And the Keurig packaging is reasonable enough as a recyclable single serving container, like a soda can or bottle.  If you have such an issue with it and feel it is a landfill risk, you can use the mini basket (though I have never been able to get a decent cup using it, even with a super fine grind) or get the San Francisco Bay Coffee pods (they have an exposed filter and almost no plastic in the package)
These are really a great thing for people who want a cup now and again, or maybe some tea, or even hot cocoa or cider, but don't want to make a pot of whatever. Single people, families with different beverage choices, whatever. 
Coffee snobs can be the worst sometimes.  Everybody listen up. Drink what you like and leave the rest for other people.
+Chris Holt I'm with you. Just answer the question directly instead of using it as a platform to advocate your "vagenda", to borrow a phrase from my favorite show Fringe.
It all depends on what you do with your time. Some want convenience,  others would rather do it better. Even if it is more labor intensive. I'm more the latter. If i'm doing it for myself and I have the time an Aeropress all the way. If i'm in a rush or just need a cup then a quick pour over or Kcup is good to. 

Now if you just want the machine to make it all then those machines are what you want. As to how well they make the brew that is about as subjective as it can get.
+Chris Holt
Truly intelligent people are given options but still think outside the box and present a better option.

Someone mentioned the "sludge" leftover in a French Press. We call that "grounds". It makes fantastic fertilizer for houseplants....hence no waste.

Oh, and if you can't stand alternate answers, don't read comments on Richard Branson's page. At least here people stay on topic...mostly. Over there the self promoters are out full force!
Yes it can be recycled, +David Middleton.
But it isn't.
And if it were that would cost lots of energy, too. Which the people at Nespresso obviously are not wanting to pay for.
But the most important thing is: The aluminum packaging is abolutely unnecessary!
It wouldn't take much to be better than Keurig1
+Cali Lewis I have the Keurig at home (bought it with Credit Card points haha).  At first I was worried that it was going to make each cup too expensive.  But they were smart and also sell an accessory that allows you to use your own coffee grounds (since I grind my own blends, etc).  In the end, since I am the only coffee drinker in the house, it actually saves me money over a traditional drip coffee brewer.  Note, however, that after about 4 months of regular daily usage, the seal on the accessory started to fail, and coffee would "rain" out instead of drip out of the center.  I just replaced the accessory for about $14 and it was good to go again.  I am sure Starbucks will also have a filter accessory that allows you to use your own coffee.
+James Lawrence odd statement considering several manufacturers make Keurig machines. The Cuisinart I own is extremely high quality. 
How can a generation that talks about needing to clean up the environment on one hand even consider a machine like this on the other... are we all mad!
No not yet I'm always looking for a good drink you say it is good I'll try it one day I'm not to much for coffee it interfears with my MS?
One won't hurt!
A little pricey for my coffee tastes yet, plus this in an effort to bring the price down
I went to the Starbucks site when it was first was first introduced and customers gave it a rating of 3 1/2 star. Many customers were complaining that it had a problem with the pump leaking making it a pain to clean up. It was not encouraging.

At work we have both a Krups machine and a regular coffee machine that serves up Peets and Starbucks grounds. Although used the krups for almost 3 years, I have switched back to the regular drip. I found that the coffee is good, but it can't match the richness of good grounds or my Nespresso system at home.
My thoughts.... with so many people claiming to be more environmentally conscious, you could not be a bigger hypocrite buying one of these machines or anything like it... short of maybe driving a hummer. Seriously, a little plastic cup for every cup of coffee you drink... :(
The Verismo just doesn't work.  We have had a Keurig for three years and bought the Verismo over Thanksgiving.  We bought the whole-deal as we love Starbuck lattes and espressos.  The machine will only puncture the coffee or milk pods 50% of the time, and of course when it doesn't, it flips them in the trash bin.  Only 33% of the time can we get the cream to engage when it is supposed to, and finally, the thing leaks water/coffee/milk all over the counter.  What a total waste of money.  We tried using it for six weeks and finally threw in the towel.

Now, we are back with our Keurig and are using a simple Capresso creamer.  It cost $29.95 at Costco and makes great frothy cream, and does it so simply.  Bottom line, stick with buying your coffee pre-made at Starbucks.  The Verismo isn't the answer.
I agree with +Dustin S. Reimer . I had a Kuerig for awhile and found it to be a waste of time. Convenient, yes, expensive to buy, yes, expensive to operate, yes, environmentally unfriendly, yes. Was the coffee better, NO. I went back to my drip maker and a hand bean grinder. Tastes better and better for the landfill.
I might add I tried the little plastic cup replacer with filters and that wasn't very good as well. It was also hard to decompose those little plastic cups in the compost pile as well, LOL. So with a drip maker I recycle 100% of my waste, helps the garden and feeds the worms.
where is the cheapest place to get the Verismo pods?
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