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You mean like a finger?
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Mantas M
everything that says "warning" or "do not" sounds very inviting
Hopefully it would just be the finger :-) You would not want your valuable pen in there :-)
I bet is a pretty good spot to insert my haters.
Fingers, Mobile Phone, Belts, Hot Dogs, Chocolate Bars...
I could on...
Tim Weber
Where's those Apple lawyers? This is an obvious violation. I've had rights to that phrase ever since it was printed on the backside of my prison underwear.
maybe it's a great test whether or not the pen is mightier than a sword wink
Unless, of course, it is an evil auto wire-cutter.
Cali what kind of phone do you have?
the first science fiction movie is said to perported to have been a pig factory where the bangers come outta the other end
I would put cigars in that thing.  
+Cali Lewis Just looked it up, $1700.00, not bad. I want one, I have everything else in my shop ;-)
I think this is how they make Soylent Green... from PEOPLE!!!
+Cali Lewis I can't decide if you meant that to be a dirty caption or not.
What if i love my wires?
The Auto WIRE-CUTTER IV  included a loved object safety cutoff. 
That hole is not big enough for what I love wink
Joe T
Oh my!!! I just cringed a little...
Things like that are only possible in the US....
Id put one in a public park and see how many people can't resist the urge to put something in there.. lol
Yes, +Cali Lewis , like a finger.  Keep thinking that.  We love you just the way you are.  If John says something like, "Well, what about..." just plug your ears and say loudly, "NA-NA-NA-NA, CAN'T HEAR YOU."
That square hole does look enticing...
It must be some sort of bacon destroyer! :o
Joe Gomez

That's what she said
kids will be pushing all kinds of stuff in there ..told them not to ..
There is another appendage I love more than my fingers... =D
doo h
more like your head!!
reju ps
hole is a don't keep it in a place where have privacy.
The product page says "No set-up Req'd, "SELF-ADJUSTS", to all Mat'l".

Sadly it is not German.
you know i also saw this before on LOL pics
Wow, for some reason I just broke into a cold sweat... damn!
I wonder how many have ignored these instructions?
I'm sure it had to pass the Underwriters Lab Finger test
Layba: Oh, you'll know. You'll know. :-)
That is a horribly risky and dangerous machine.  I want one.  It makes for a great post too.
No I need you're finger I need you love for me honny
What if we have a lingering love for wires.....?
Ah so! Very wise to heed warning. lol.
my wife should have came with the same warning
The smart designer would have built in a magnet...
Ouch, just had a sudden urge to cross my legs
reju ps
designer lost valuable tool and partner have only finger pleasure.
This is really poor. One can imagine non English speakers sticking their love prongs into it unknowingly, and suffering terrible injury. It should have a universal drawn warning sign that everyone could understand.
I don't think they mean FINGER......:o
reju ps
multipurpose machine ..can be use as vegetable cutter also..
I'm partial 2 other parts of my body that could fit in a small cylindrical guys were thinking toes also right??
Mike C
When women are drawn to items of men's destruction....the games over.
reju ps
don't supply this machine to army ...
AS Raj
good advise for your bf
that pretty funny where do you find that muchine... lmao
I wonder how long that valuable thing should be to reach the cutter inside the hole.
First you cut a hole in the box.
What if i love wire? Then i'm pretty much screwed.
Ummm.... Yeah.. Finger, of course that's what you meant. I mean what else could you mean right? (nervously looks around)
what if i hate the world? can i make a huge one to destroy it?
What's the most thing we men love of our body?
oh yes,your guess is right.
Can someone say American Pie....
yes...  anything "like" a finger. 
Woah! the perfect Cigar Cutter! I'm in love!!!
Change sticker to read, I love you long time  .  
Lets play a little game I call just the tip, just to see how it feels. Or ouch ouch you're on my hair.
hi im new on gmail and i need friends!
I see Aperature Labs has started shipping products on schedule.
Haha.surely it's easier to cover the hole than put the sticker on.
Some people see it as a warning and I see a challenge!
Unnecessary warning for people that have common sense. But, I just remembered... no one does these days! 
Does that mean I can insert an ex girlfriend? 
ain't nothing common about common sense.
A finger wasn't the first thing that came to my mind!
I would use this machine to cut the tops of my Otter Pops off.
of course. if you're THAT drunk... i doubt you'll want to read the side...
What about stuff you don't love?? I say we test it out and see what it is capable of......
Funny. I'll have to stick my older brother in there. JK
i dont get it. check out my posts. that'll give you a jump start
didn't i have six fingers before i stuck my finger  in there
Calli I think you mean something else
Men, if you treasure your penis, stay away from this thing.
Is that one of those Loraina Bobbitt machines? Sweet!
yea same here...what about ex boyfriends and the girls they cheated on you with? can u put them in there?
Which can only mean someone did.......
And we can only hope it was a finger ...
Don't want someone to reproduce? replace label with "Plave Penis Here For ultimate Pleasure." 
Funny to know there are people in your office who will try put what ever that ain't wire in a rectangle hole...
OMG!...They did not just say
Yah...a finger was definitely the first thing I thought of....
The story is behind what prompted the employees to create the warnings on the outside of this machine.
Cali ur right pls dont put anything of urs into this one
Oh! They created this machine with no safety measures; why they didn't put any cover? Great for them...
My first boyfriend should have had this as a tee shirt.
it's just asking for something to be, um, inserted in it.
lol what's the number for on top? The number of loves lost? ;0) )
I thought this was a machine they use at bar mitzvahs
I personally feel that idiots should be allowed to commit to acts of foolishness. If they'd gamble with it, they don't deserve to have it. And human children will then stand a chance because more of them will be born intelligent since fewer morons could bare them...
so i shouldnt put my.....nevermind
The inverse warning also makes sense: "Do insert anything you hate in this hole."
What kind of world do we live in where a warning like that has to be posted on the machine? And why are they hiring people that need a warning like this? It's still damn funny! 
Wives and mother in laws dont fit in that :(
some one need to make a t shirt with that phase...
+James Marshall Just a  shade harsh :) Perhaps a webcam with a direct link to the Darwin awards website?
Definitely looks like a circumcisionizer.
You know, the sad thing is that someone probably did, that is why they had to label it.
Kam Siu
penis i think
(<.<) (O.O) (>.>) *Nobody's around......

Insert Now!!!!
Let's hope you don't get drunk and the box starts looking more humanoid :)
i'll put my laptop inside it,wanna see what will happen 
get real about kissing the finger
Definitely not finger. Anyone wanna try?
tha is should i put this.....HELARIUOS!!!.... I dont think i spelled that right...:)
Lies, when in doubt... whip it out.
If you hate your toes, that's a perfect place. Lol!
If you love a finger, I guess not!
And so began the troubles of the passionate handyman, forever separated from his beloved wire.
+Mike C playing GO today?..Atari! the mine then set the tripwire
ESPACIALY if you are boy dont insert something im thinking about...
"finger" wasn't the first appendage that came to mind...
Walt B.
If you don't spell it out,some poor Joe is bound to take the take the dare..
Lol.. A jackass boy would try it just becuz it seems like a dare, and then just get it sowed back on.
and soon to be used in delivery rooms for automatic circumcisions
Funny how everybody went right for body parts when the sign says nothing about it!
Ya only a finger a can put in standing position
geee, i wonder whats inside (maybe a couple of blenders)
It was recently renamed the Auto Wire Cutter III. I think version I and II were known as "The Bobbitt".
Looks just right for my deck of Pokemon cards
if we don't love ourself, we cant love anything else. 
stop trying to be clever miss do not insert anything. i will insert your head know that someone somewhere will see that warning and suddenly become very curious...
Ed Raso
That would make great underwear.
I think they would need to show us what happens if you do put something in ;)
A "finger"?  Is that what you kids call it these days?
Hmmm I wonder if a guy has ever tried it
Now you've stuck your head in a bee-hive! Never mind anything else.
okey it's a non sense, just blah blah blah ! ! ! !
Teddy B
Laughing out loud
Having worked in the wire harness/cabling industry, I can attest that warnings like this are an unfortunate necessity. (Typed this with my stumps and nose.)
If you just "like" a finger, go ahead.  If you love it, then no.
I am sure some idiot has plans to put something in there.
there are dangerous holes that are not marked
That's like the guy who got fired from the pickle factory for sticking his wiener in the slicer.

What happened to the slicer?

They fired her too!

Serg LP
Yes like that finger! lol
wow thats really use full.........
HA!! I don't even want the visual of what people are thinking... arghh too late.
there is something about the danger here that makes me wanna try...
That's a helpful warning as I usually test all new machinery with my junk.
Is the warning label really necessary?
What happened that made them HAVE to put those labels there I wonder
my pen is um missing,wait i ve got to look in there lol
Reminds me of Family Guy and the "Sex Box" scene in the trailer park.
"It's my turn with the sex box and her name is Sony."
I guess it would have been too much effort to put a guard over the front to prevent insertion of unwanted objects!
Put pancake mix in there.
This reminds me of family guy when Peter gets his own office and sticks his well.... I am sure you get the picture.
Or hand, hair, and anyOTHER things
That includes all fingers...all eleven.
vicki, u r killing an 25 year old kid, with ur beauty full look!
Ok I'm up off the floor after the laughing fit I had from a mental image involving Peter Griffin and that machine. Cali you are a very naughty girl for putting that in my head.
I love my girl friend more than me..…what u say …lol
Ramadan timetable Cardiff
Instant circumcision? make sure you have a hospital nearby.
ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
it would have to be a little dick in which case it would need cutting off
AutowireCutter II and I must have ended really badly...
You mean like something down there? Oh god, I didn't mean that you pervert. I meant your toes. Just kidding
WOW if i was a dumbdumb ill put anythinlly  in it probally my ememies :P
Iused to work for a company that made these custom no a finger would not be a good idea

it's not gonna fit there...if you know what i mean
but my nois love this hole that too long
ha ha ha...

Or worse yet, your willy. Ha ha ha!!
It's only set to 001.  It's can't be that bad.
this was invented by lorena bobbit right?;P
"I thought it was a sex machine!!!!"
why do I think about is penis inserting?
I don't wanna stuck my gf in there, she doesn't event fit LOL 
sooo i wont stick my family and bf in  there
I won't stick my finger in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So i cant stick my ipod in that.but it would make a great case lol
I don't want my finger to cut off. och!
wow that would mean i could not stick a women in there
owwww that would hurt having your finger riped of my finger isn"t going in there
this is don't funny!!!!!! :)
Wonder what else would fit...??
H Rod
You know that's there cause in sure some idiot tried their "finger" lol
Just what are the dimensions of this machine...?
i love easter bunnys attacking the world.
do you love your pinky toe?
Ok im just gonna admit what we are all thinking......"that machine is sexy and I would be all over it of that sign wasn't there"
why would I do it any way, no mater if it said it or not?
My ancient, brick Nokia phone that still lies around the  house!!!!
Does anyone else think it's abnormal to insert a certain body part (like the penis) into that? I certainly do! 
Depress RUN
Display shows the remaining Quantity to do
Depress RUN
Batch-Run Pauses & display DOES NOT blink
Depress RUN to resume Batch-Run. Memory is retained.
Self-sensed Pause & display blinks SLOWLY
Resolve the cause of the feed interruption
Depress RUN to clear the Pause blink
Depress RUN to resume the Batch-Run
Operation stops automatically
LED reads "000" & display blinks QUICKLY
Depress RUN to clear blink & reset
Depress RUN to start a repeat of the same Batch-Run
Depress RUN to clear blink & reset
Change Length as needed
Change Quantity as needed
Depress RUN to start new Batch-Run.

Call 866-432-2987 - We'd like to give you a unit to use for awhile,
. . . . . . . . . . ( use it yourself, on your own applications ) . . . . . . . . .
and/or talk to you about any of your technical questions / issues

from the manual...Do NOT insert body parts...end of line
It says wire was I to know it was an everything cutter!
Hahahaha I feel like this sign should be on a few people I know lol
how about i insert these jerks on this amazing planet.
Like the significant other that made you do the cooking and random house stuff after a long day at work?!
i suppose it is not meant for women :)
Great place to insert ur exs. Haha
So true. But what if you inserted someone else's finger?
i guess it's ok... as long as you dont love it
I bet C3PO would get freaky freaky with it. 
Jerry Sandusky, Aurora shooter just to name a few should go in there.
HOw`s come every time some one see`s a hole they wanna stick something in it ??????
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