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That is what I tell them , sorry doesn't cut it pal.
Scrabble makes the rules... we are but to follow! Ours is not to question why... ours is but to spell or die!
"Sorry, ok is not an acceptable word. Press the non-word below to continue"
very funny
And that was going to be a nice "play" for 2 letters
+Cali Lewis I understand OK not working, my question is why was "wo" acceptable?
Yeah sorry but OK is not a word OKAY is the correct spelling
That's BS... when ZA is a word... short for pizza :/
Likely deemed an abbreviation of okay?
that's funny. that has also happened to me.
cause OK is not a word, its abbrevation
Lol thats so funny at the bottom it said ok lol 
neither is "hotties" or "jew" wtf?
That is my game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao
I was blinded by the Americanized version ... "chi" ... gotcha, thanks for the explanation
Hola is a word but not Qui? Spanish over French? Wth!
LOL you`d made me rolling..................
OK isn't a word but Okay is OK is an abbreviation of okay!
Also wo in not a word so that would not work :)
haha. For those who dont know about the history of "ok". Its actually "0 (zero) killings" a message sent back to HQ if the day ends without casualities in world war II. So they use to say OK which is now in common use for every thing is good.
@ Jawad Ahmad wow, i honestly never knew that, thanks for sharing the info! :D
But "scramble with friends" accepts "shat" as a past tense... Go figure
don'ttttttttttttttttt matr its apps buttttttttttttttt lookss fabiulusssssssssssssssssss
qi == alternative spelling of "chi," the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.
Should I ruin this game for everyone that plays it?
+Jawad Ahmad There are many etymologies of 'OK', but I've never heard that one before. To me, it doesn't sound particularly likely as the military tend to use words like 'fatality' and never (afaik) 'killing', which would tend to have more criminal overtones. Plus, I imagine HQ might want rather more detail than that.

That being said, it doesn't sound much more likely than any of the other explanations I've heard!
is that really not acceptable!
The "official" scrabble word list is so insanely broken anyway.
i thot okay waz a word since is a everyday word
Yes, OK is an abbreviation, Okay is the full word.
Yes I believe the official spelling is okay. We have just shortened it to ok
technically speaking ok is spelled okay but the enunciation is oh-key, oh-key, or oh-key that is reasonable explanation.
Oh the irony... I can you use it but you can't ... anywho...

OK is not a word, it is an abbreviation of okay :-)
'Qi' is the 'force' or 'gas' as in 'energy' in Chinese, haha.
Literally, this word means 'air' or 'gas', in fact.
And they trust us with nuclear arms............ can't see nothing going wrong here.....LOL
'Okay' is a legitimate word, while 'OK' is not......

It's not an abbreviation of okay, OK is an abbreviation of Oklahoma.

Ok is lazy for okay. :(
And I played FOH for 38 points, go figure!
wow,when ok is not a valid word then why do they have it down below???!!!
Is this a real world example of Gödel's incompleteness theorem? 
Sorry, ok is not an acceptable word. LLOOOOOLLL
I actually tried clicking ok!
That's how most people spell it though... It probably only accepts "okay"
That game is so dumb lol a very typical word is never an acceptable one... Stupid games lol
It won't ever let me spell turd ,words with friends will let me spell some things that scrabble won't
whoever filled in those words, should be reading a little more literature
I'ts funny because it says ok isn't a word, OK?
It is not ok to be "sorry" - this is scrabble, not that other board game.
Lol thats kind of funny
I see what you did there. lol
OK is not an acceptable word. OK.
Just join the cue of people who use their cue sticks to pound their computers when Words with Friends tells them cue is mispelled!
real smart gal but that's some funny stuff
James H
tried this many times....still not a word. i believe "OKAY" is tho.
For those who like to explain the word is 'okay' you just don't get the joke do you?
Funny because "psst" is a word in that game.
'OK' is from Martin Van Buren's campaign. Martin was referred to as "Old Kinderhook", or "O.K."...
Shit is an acceptable word...
Scrabble is another world of words... If it is not n the dictionary it will not work on scrabble
'Words with friends' is's no fun when you can't lose.
You must tell us the acceptable word.!!
Haha, guess shoulda spell ok as okie
I Hate that!!! It always happens to me!!!!! :|
Given the etymology of the word, it should be "OK", not "okay". It was originally an abbreviation of the ironically misspelled words "oll korrect", so "okay" is actually not correct.
Funny Ian, 'words' doesn't want you to play with clit...
James, you're an idiot...
Not all engish words that are in the dictionary are in this game, I've had a few words not accepted. :-( if you look lower down in photo ok has been used aswell, this is not good to see
Doesn't show used, just placed
Judging by the comments on this thread, it looks like the average IQ seems to be around 42...
Neither is ZEN :-( Who is in charge of werds here??? ;-)
Who learned you to spoke?!
Martin van Buren is "O.K"... Come on people, learn your history.
+Dan Finkelstein
"ZA" isn't short for pizza ... it's a noun, used to describe the 11th letter of the arabic alphabet.

+Cali Lewis
as others mentioned OK is an abbreviation for Okay, scrabble doesn't allow abbreviation

+Ken Closson
Sadly I agree
Won't let you play nazi but allows qwerty now figure that one out.
Kevin, we're throwing off .'the curve' in this room...
Cotton swab... don't you think you should be better looking if you're promoting a dating site?
Don't start with me, Chris... You'll lose.
Did you forget the curve?
+Cali Lewis : There is no such word as "ok" in the English language; it's "okay!" As someone pointed out, "ok" is merely an abbreviation.
There have been a lot of words that have been assimilated into the English language from many sources... slang, other languages, misspellings...
Jew and Nazi are both not acceptable words either. I think its Anti-Semitic.
This one is from a political campaign a century ago.
Probably because it's spelled "okay"...
It's not scrabble!...and your history is WRONG
What I meant ken was in the bar it says ok, if this is a word game that only uses correct grammar why are they saying ok cant be used, then you have to use it to carry on, lol
not really, is a strange idiom since it stands for "all correct"
The Words with Friends dictionary is seriously deficient. It's not the same as the official Scrabble dictionary.
lol thats so funny its unbeliveble
hahaha :D this is what pissed me off! ok? :p
I don't care who you are, that's funny! :->
It's hilarious. Sorry, ok is not an acceptable word....but the whole sentence is an accurate silly phrase.hahaha. lol
Funny how no one reads the thread...just writes a stupid comment...
Lol..never realized that
OK is not a word, but AA, AE, SH,WO and ZA are. Go figure.
Probably, because the word "ok" is spelled okay.
Look, another one of those
Creepy, huh? glasses just keep popping your face...
That's what I keep telling them
Women are like iPhones. You have to touch them all over before they respond. Men are like Blackberries, rub one ball and everything moves.
It's "not an acceptable word", unless it says "it's not a word". Doesn't mean to be a spoiler, did I? : )
Cool.... Good cyber replacement of scrabble :-)
its the w that is preventing the word -_-
Don Miller
I love this post!
Yeah Cali it's true. Ok, and many other words are not allowed by the rules of scrabble (It's a word game). Fine for Gui's or command line computer interfaces though, as long as it's clear.
You remind me of when I tried to buy that hotel with monopoly money, they were like - "No way! Your a cat"
thats weird - it did however allow me to play s-h-*-t
hahaha.., just too funny
It's spelled 'okay' geniuses. How many of you graduated from high school again?
u need to spell it "okay". "ok" is an abbreviation
Everybody thinks every girl's dream is to find the perfect guy... pshhh, every girl's dream is to eat without getting fat !!!!

ADd me frndss to get cool posts lyk dis. :))
Lynn, read the thread before you comment, genius.
comet seems like it would be a good choice.
Okay is the proper way to spell OK
Awww c'mon!!!!! slams iPhone on the floor
However, Qi is quite acceptable. A mystery.
In traditional Chinese culture, qì (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as life energy, lifeforce, or energy.
Scrabble is awesome game on fone...especially if u get 108 points on a treble word lol 
Yeah, i dont get why ?? LOL
I got bout 20 games goin at once..I ain't got time for work lol
By the way I aint really a TOY lmao
Wow is a word lol ...hmmmm bet lol ain't grrrr
Ok...ok...I've just gotta new HTC one fone ain't had this app before ! Any clues.?lol.
i am very sad because my father refuse to pay for my plain tekect for my football profession
is there a name for this kind of thing; other than d'oh!-ism very funny - thanks for sharing
Having a wierd Loony Toons flashback: "I can't say Sylvester, George".
B Gallagher, shut the fuck up...
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Sunny K
wo and ek arent words
okay ...who says ok is not a word!!!
i kinda get that because it's really spelled o-k-a-y not o-k
That'll teach you to take a bite from the poisoned apple
"ok" is not allowed... Do you know what is?... 'Idiots'!
Word = stupid,
draw something = Word
All - deleted Ken's spammy comments, sorry about that!
Spam?...what do you call stupid questions?
+Ken Closson the "spam" I was referring to was you trying to book up the 500 comment limit with nothing but random numbers. And I won't tolerate anyone on here calling other people names - a rule that goes for my community, whether it's on G+, YouTube, or my own website!
You should look at the +1's on how stupid some of the comments are... and I can see you are too!
Yes, that was an name... Why don't you post something about how blue the sky is?
You'll get 500 STUPID COMMENTS from people who really don't care about the subject of your post... Wake Up... and don't challenge ME!!!!!!!!
+Ken Closson Do you really have nothing better to do than post dozens of comments on a topic you claim to really not care about?
hmmm.....'ny suggessions 4 da replacement ?
It have use OK why?
really?.. now I understand in English 'OK' is not OK..
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