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I do that in my office.

When my cat walks in.

He's never impressed.
It would be the best if you could hold the cat in your lap while doing it :)
What shall I do?
고마워요.Thank you
And with a huge, white cat in my lap...
Devin G
Done did people totally worth the expensive big chair my friend has
Once I will add another 0 in front of my 07...
I have. And, my son does it every time he sees a large turny chair. :D We think alike, my son and I. We're both evil masterminds set to do good!
i just did it i regret nothing lol
No Mister Bond, I expect you to die.
Mitch J
You can do that to me anytime you like, Cali. ;)
Yeah me too while holding a Cat or smoking a cigar Godfather style
Sorry hon. But traffic was a real bitch ; Ryan Gossling
wise saying,it has a meaning of preparedness for any event.
YES! And I want to be stroking a cat.
Raymond, that is, how do i say this politely, um, incredibly inappropriate. Not to mention graphic.
i did that with my black and white kitten when i was eleven
I dont know who you are... but it says Hot on google! And I agree.
And then I learned that super-villains have a different version of "what to expect when you're expecting".
it would depend on who i look at when i turn around though.....
Omg! Haha I immediately started to practice my best tone of voice for "I've been expecting you" lol I'm an odd one
With the cat in the lap It's priceless
I know, right!? Stroking a cat that is sitting in my lap too.
haha...u know that would be creepy, but so cool lol...and of course an evil manial laugh, like those old shows of Inspector gadget
Why did you post this as a picture instead if just plain text?
Me : MEEEE 2 <3<3<3
Emma : Thats me in a big O'l office .
Kia : i wouold do the minnie me sighn <3
Actually, mine has been to say:

"And so we meet again."
That would be awesome to do that hahaha :)
It's the only reason i want to start my own company
Whoa! Depends on who you see when you turn around!
definatly...[ if thats how you spell it?!?!?!]
& i'll say i already had ur appointment so u really have to expect me :)...
i nko like a mobster boss or something
Yes in a big office belong to me some day and I should have a lot of money that when hahah
u can always stand up
that is a personal dream of mine, but i have to have a cat with me so i seem evil.
I have been expecting this picture!
i would need a hairless cat to go along with that tho
I have always wanted to do that while I was jacking off.
like matrix
Wow! It's cool men! That has been my must do wish sooner or later.
ive done it before an said "now where are the cookies" XD
Wow! Well said...... Everybody wish that....... Pray it will come true for you......
What you have posted is called the 10 Commandments of a Dog. Has been around for a very long time, but thank-you for revisiting the issue of stupid dog owners. A dog should be a the top of your list along with any other family member. Keep posting this wherever you can.
that wood be awesum but the chair wood be to tall 4 some1 like me
Wearing a monocle, smoking a cigarette, and...
just like in movies
nice way to begin or end the day.
Syd May
i have too lol
...and I can offer them the blue pill or the red pill. They'll pick the blue pill and wake up with more than a belief the next day ;)
i have always wanted to do that to!
* turns around in chair petting big white fluffy cat* "I've been expecting your comments"
throw in an evil laugh and shave that cat and BINGO you have james bond in your evil layer
I REALLY want to do that too!!
me too or " So you come to me in need of my help?"
that would me awesome!!!!!!
i guess we just have to dream about it :'(
thatd be awesome
i actually did that once
my sister came into the room and i was angry at her for doing something and i was all like "ive been expecting u" while i turned around in the big swivel chair we use at the computer
I've been expecting you, Cali. :)
Yup. I do believe I have to put this on my "to-do" list now.
yup that sounds about right, but like you would have to have a hidden door inthe floor or something and then push a secret button and whoosh they dissapear!
dido i love doing that i did it once at my grammys and im like "ive been expecting you grammy'' lol
ive done that, very epic(and funny!)
dont forget the evil laugh!!!!!
lmao... i tried that but my boss didnt see the humor....
and you just read that last sentence in an evil creepy voice. Didn't you?
Proven theory, everyone has a badass fantasy.
I'm so going to do that tomorrow
easy. get a big chair, and the next time someone walks into the room, do it. (provided it's not a family member. that would be pretty lame. :)
That's a lot harder to do when your chair is one of those big rubber balls and your pants don't slide on them, so you have to get up, turn, and sit, get up, turn and sit, get up turn and sit... "I've been expecting you." Like you're one of the idiots in Monty Python. sigh
this give me shivers of excitement.. hahahaha!
Haven't found the right chair for such occasion...
I somehow don't associate that dream with the chair. The words are too important and it doesn't matter what surrounding is there when they're spoken.
It Would be FUNNIEST to turn around in that big chair with a cat in hands and then say Ï've been expecting you" hehehehehe XD
I dont expect, it naturally happens; and if I would be unable to turn-around, within the time of person's expectation, that I could turn-around, the person, himself come across.(inglorious basterds)
That's why actors act and bosses are so nasty. And it won't be complete without a cussy cat and a handgun strapped under the desk. Guess the movie!!! {Not Godfather!]
And pet a cat while you do that. That mandatory.
sada sy
fier detre noir
But I will taire some; rundown;exhausted wait for you my lol what are you thinking
That is hilarious!! I can totally see u doing this!!
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