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Boost your iPhone's speaker!
The megaPhone by iSimple is a cool little device designed with special acoustics to boost volume.
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Interesting gadget, but not much of a review, I've seen sites using scrapped and spun content come up with more details than this, am I missing something?
It's hard to see if there is any twist, in the phone alignment...but it looks like it may be an exponential horn.  cool little product.  I'd get one if I knew my android phone dimensions would work out.  But then again...I'm a tractrix horn and tube amp kind of guy 
Iam over ieverything, whatever happened to just using regular speakers? Apples hold on irelated is icrazy. Viva la android
Have you heard of the solo cup iPhone amplifier? EPIC!
Why trash the iPhone? Really incitefull comment there. Wtf?
iPhone is good for kids, elderly, and people not phone savvy. I personally use a Galaxy Note I717 rooted. I love all the features Android gives. Customizations are unlimited with these devices. But with there only being one iPhone the market is flooded with devices compatible with the iPhone such as boom boxes, alarm clocks, docks. Panasonic makes one for Android that I'm going to get.
+Joey Jenrette I think it's funny that people see that as the only market for the iPhone. I've been using it since the 4S came out and it's amazing for what it does. It's all down to what you want and need. I came from and Android and consider this an amazing upgrade. One of the biggest arguments Android users have is customization. That's great and there is legitimacy to that. But that also alludes to the possibility that you have to customize and tweak your phone just to be able to use it comfortably. I work from my phone and the last thing I need is to spend time tweaking it. I'm all about the out of the box experience that Apple offers. I was already set up with iCloud, so all I had to do was put in my info, connect to my other accounts (exchange, social networks, etc.) and I was off and running in minutes. It's not that I'm not tech/phone savvy. I teach EMR software to Physicians and my educational background is in IT/software development. I'm also all about customization of some platforms. But at the end of the day, I'll take the the device that doesn't need customization so I can get back to work and get paid.   
Am I supposed to be impressed? I'm not. Android has everything in place with Google Drive for storage, logging onto your device with a gmail account and all your contacts are there. I don't have to sync with iTunes to download and listen to music. You keep using your 72 Pinto because it serves its purpose as a vehicle for transportation and I will keep driving my Buggatti.
+Joey Jenrette First of all, I wasn't trying to impress you. I was just stating my qualifications in that I'm not a some average-noob-end-user. Second, there's no reason to sound like a condescending prick. Think what you want about the devices I (and anyone for that matter) prefer to use. But no matter what anyone prefers to use, be it Windows phone, Android, or iOS, people like me will be using our devices to actually get things done while people like you are still standing on your soapbox saying "mine's better" like a six year old. Grow the fuck up.
+Joey Jenrette Once again you show your own stupidly and lack of maturity. I was able to actually prove a point, while acknowledging the legitimacy of another point of view. All you did was attack someone who had, God forbid, a different point of view than you. I sincerely thank you for proving how much more evolved and intelligent I am and you "ain't"
In case you were confused, that last part was deliberate. Ass.
Whatever. Go ahead and have fun with your cheap plastic iPhone knock off. The sad thing in this whole argument is that you think you're cool because of a stupid phone. I don't mean that as an iOS vs. Android thing. I mean that because you're obviously enthusiastic about your device, which can be a good thing, but you fail to see that others actually have the same opinion about theirs. Worse though, is that you haven't really come up with anything resembling a valid argument. "Mine's better" is all you have. And then all you can do is hurl insults at someone when they bring valid arguments as to why they like something different. Try having a mature conversation once in a while. Here's an insight into the adult world: Adults can disagree without be insulting. I don't know how old you are, but judging by your posts and lack of maturity, I'd say you're about 15. Alternatively, I'd say you're maybe 23 - 25 but still live with your parents, smoke dope, and watch wrestling (and think it's real) & NASCAR, and still have the maturity of a 15 year old. I'm also guessing you probably work at KFC or have a paper route or some other job where no other thought or education is required. I know that brings us a little off subject but it does tie in because once again, I'm showing that you're not exercising your brain enough to be able to form a valid argument.

I'll even help you out here. I'll start you off and see if there's some ray of maturity that's itching to come out:

Joey "I respect that you have your opinion and that your device works for you. Here's why I like Android devices...."

There. I've made it easy for you to just fill in the blank with (hopefully) a mature argument. I'll cross my fingers for ya.
It all comes down to people's preference and what they're comfortable with and like....Samsung makes parts for iPhone... Galaxy Note is superior to the iPhone...Mine is better...take your ball and go home little boy
You almost had me. But really, what's with insulting someone for having a preference? That doesn't prove anything and only serves to lower yourself. You were on the cusp of saying something mature, but then you reverted to immaturity again. Was it out the possibility that I might sucker punch you with an insult and you had to get yours in pre-emptively? That's the difference between a mature and immature conversation. I wasn't throwing insults at you. I was sharing preconceived notions, based on your behavior.

So, I'll give you another chance.
Take 2. Let's go for absolute maturity here.  Aaaaand, Action....
Annnnnd suck a dick...Steve Jobs dick to be exact. My girlfriend has the iPhone4 & she absolutely loved that phone until I got the Note and she seen what it was capable of. I give credit where credit is due but there is none to give except Apple put the first one out. I guess Apple is too simple for me, the phone dictates what you can and can not do and I don't like that. Apple did a great job of marketing the shit out of it but the technology hasn't changed since 2007-8. I personally can not stand the tiny screen. After having a 5.3" screen I could never see myself, 6'5" 295lb man, using anything smaller. You can try and say whatever you want and I will find a rebuttal for you. Christianity and Evolution, Chevy and Ford, PS3 and Xbox, iOS and Android...we will never really know now will we?
The sad is that I see you are capable of some intelligent interaction, but you immediately sully that with immature insults. I actually marvel at the fact that out of the 100,000 sperm that shot out or your father, YOU were the one that made it. 
Yup so get over it... I know you're sexually frustrated because looking at the thing next to you in your profile pic I would be too...have a great day little boy...I got man shit to do
Man shit, like insult others for having a preference and having the audacity to state that in hopes of having a meaningful conversation? Or, let me guess, you have to go insult someone who prefers Dale Earnhardt Jr over Jeff Gordon, right? Once again, grow the fuck up. I'm off to go have an intelligent conversation with educated people in an effort to convey knowledge, share expertise, and get a lot of money while doing so. Given your lack of knowledge and social grace, you should be impressed. Have fun at your monster truck rally.
Sorry there ass clown but I've never attended one but I might now since you seem to know all about it with that mullet you got. I can't help you set yourself up for failure and I rebound with zingers. Honestly you can play the geek, internet tough guy, genius all day but in real life I will fuck you and I'm not talking physically because that's too easy, I'm talking mentally and intellectually. I've never said what I do for a living but you sure was quick to boast about what you do. Just to let you know I'm a Land Survey Engineer and have built stadiums and arenas that will stand the test of time. I also do security part time just to fuck people like you up who like to drink and pop off at the mouth. So if you want to do this all day I can. Have a great day fucktard iSheep.
Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville Florida and The Jacksonville Memorial Arena are 2 venues I built with a company Perry/McCall just for any verification if you need it dip shit.
Oh my goodness! A construction worker! Just the guy everyone should be going to for technical advice. Forgive me for even doubting your intelligence! Go have fun with your big Tonka toys. Have another banana, ape man.
I'm actually 33 years old thank you. I don't live with my parents. I work for a survey company. Haven't smoked weed since I was in high school. Drink wine occasionally. Father of 1. Divorced and pay $936 a month in child support for 1 child. I probably pay more in child support than you make on your paycheck from BestBuy Geek Squad but unlike you I'm not going to insult you by what you assumed was my job. Every job serves a purpose so to insult someone on their job situation is very immature on your part.
I'm a Supervisor for a land survey company you dumb fuck not construction. Nobody has coming to me for advise on cell phones either on this thread so try again nerd boy.
And while we're correcting preconceived notions, I myself am 32 years old and own my own home. I train physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff in the use of electronic medical record software (EPIC - and I get paid $80/hr to do so as an independent contractor. Whether or not you make more or less than that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I'm paid well for my technical expertise and people do come to me for advice on such matters. The only reason I insulted you was in retort of the continued insults you were throwing my way for simply stating a preference as to which device I use on a daily basis. I do apologize for striking such a personal chord with you, but at the same time I think you me the same for lashing out at me. I'm expecting one, but I do hope that you'll take that opportunity and also recognize that although other people have opposing opinions, it doesn't make them worthy of ridicule.
$80 an hour? 40 hours a week? I need to think about a career change. $25 an hour for 50+ hours a week fails in comparison. I actually just did a 2 week stint in the hospital trying to save some toes of mine(diabetes) but ended up losing 1/2 of one. So a career change is on the horizon because I cannot afford to lose anymore digits due to infection trekking across swamps and wetland because that's where Walmart or Target wants to build a new complex.
+The Watcher .  I never said that I liked the iPhone simply because it's an iPhone or made by Apple for that matter. I like it because it does just what I need and it does it very well. I like the build quality and it's overall ease of use, not because I can't comprehend anything harder, but simply because I use it as a supplement to rest of my technology. As far as Epic is concerned, yes, it's a very simple interface, and that's what medical professionals are looking for. I enjoy teaching to them because as a former clinical professional (CNA, PACU Tech, Anesthesia technician) I'm able to relate to these people on both a clinical and technical level.
+The Watcher . Just out of curiosity, what is your experience with Epic. Not trying for an argument here, just curious as to where you base your findings.
+Joey Jenrette Now that the day is almost over I just wanted to say that I do appreciate a good debate and have built great friendships with those who do as well. As long as things are kept to the subject matter and not as a personal attack (at the same time I suppose I could get a thicker skin as well). I'm sorry to hear about your hospital stay and losing 1/2 a toe. Diabetes is an unforgiving bitch.
Hopefully you're seeing a diabetic educator along with your Primary Doc, so it's not like I can give you any advice you haven't already heard. I did read a study about cinnamon helping with insulin resistance though. I don't know if that'll help or not but it just popped into my head. Just do a google search on it, I'm sure you'll find something.
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