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Use the same keyboard for your computer, tablet and phone.
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I'm sold. I love Logitech devices. I think they make the best accessories for tablets, smartphones and computers.
I might actually buy one of those - I've always wondered why I can't pair with multiple devices, I'm assuming that switching between them is like using a KVM switch and the other connections are not dropped between switches.  

However I wish they included a touchpad on the keyboard because even my tablet likes to have touchpad input.  
Nina Y.
Speaking of great portable devices, I must also mention Apelpi's portable battery charger for phones, tablets and USB powered devices; OPSO. Have you guys tried one? They are pretty cool!
their universal remotes are pretty bad ass as well. 
Recharging via USB... Awesome!  (edit cause I'm an idiot)    

I have a wifi keyboard for my WD TV Hub.... and my Asus Infinity has a docking keyboard and can control my WD Hub, and my laptop... and my phone is a worthless POS... so I don't really have much need for any such device right now.... I can certainly see how others would though! 
One keyboard to rule tham all, and with Bluetooth bind them.
I can only truly work on Logitech gaming keyboards. I used one for 7 years (G15 older model), so when it broke my world got flipped upside down. I bought a G510 which I am largely satisfied with. Although I see the usefulness of a keyboard like this, I still hate wireless keyboards/mice because of batteries. If it had some sort of charging dock you could leave the keyboard on while not in use, that'd be great.
Couldn't it charge, like, wirelessly?  :-)  

+Brandon Thompson I would think this keyboard would suck for actual gaming, bluetooth latency would be too much of an impact, but I'm assuming you were referring to actual work and not gaming. 
It is a very well made keyboard that will be a best seller
Very nice, been waiting for one like this. Definitely will get one!
If this had a numeric keypad, I'd be all over it. 
Halfway pointless without a touchpad though. Cool feature regardless.
+Mikel Petty It does have F keys across the top.  A number pad is key for me though...too much data entry to do without one. 
R Mcdud
Super sweet I want one! :)
Damn! I literally just brought a new keyboard, this would've been right up my street.
Eric Ho
Didn't even realize I needed it... 
If it had a trackpad, it would be great for a HTPC setup. I bought a mini keyboard and trackpad for my HTPC several months ago. It works pretty good but occasionally I would like to pair it to my phone for text messages without having to disconnect it from the computer.
Biggz... nothing can take me away from the Logitech K750. Not even this...
Thats friggin awesome!
I been looking for that kind of keyboard for a loooooooooooooong time :D Does it come with wireless interface or just plain jane bluetooth?
I love that it doesn't have a number pad. This should be the default.
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