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How did this even happen?!?
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lol)))dogs hate camera
Not sure I wouldn't be very quiet...
Is this John's home? Is the dog afraid of blowtorches?
Man on a ledge is yesterday's movie. Now Dog on a fridge is where the money's at! =D
"And that was the last time anyone took Bob's beer without asking"
It's a minion of Ceiling Cat?
One leap onto the counter, and a second onto the fridge?
+Cali Lewis Cali If I were a wolf, I don't believe I could pick a better vantage point to watch you cook...
Şaka gibi ev'in içindeki en soğuk noktayı arıyor bu kurt..........
hhhhhhhhhh ,,, poor dog,, poor ,,, XD
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that's a great way to make sure you stick to your diet... "take one apple and back away slowly"
Why would someone put their dog up there? Sure, it's a little funny, but the dog's not having fun.
Oh If I had a dollar for every time...
Cats are climbers not dogs so I suspect someone put him up there.
@Joy Hanson...Maybe a cat did? lol
Nothing new, my dog climbs trees.
Gotta be a metaphor for something ...
Do not store dog treats on top of the fridge!
Wolf relocation program gone wrong?...
His SpiderDog powers fizzled on him as he crawled across the ceiling. Fortunately the fridge was there to land on.
are you talk to me ?/
It's a husky, be glad if that is all it does.
Shaun D
is that a stuffed dog?
Spiderdog, check your house for radio active spiders right away and call Peter. He knows what to do next. 
floor -> counter top -> refer top...:)))
I agree this is what a bored husky might do and yes some dogs do climb! Escape artists. Looks like an alpha statement to me
Spiderwolf! Spiderwolf! Does whatever a spider would...
reminds me of Snoopy when he pretends to be a vulture.
Walt B.
This "frame job" is clearly the work of cats,perpetuating the myth of the"Bad Dog":P
Its a husky. He wanted in the freezer. :)
"This is Dog Fort calling Fridge Dog! Over!
Was project fridge raid a success?"

"Negative... Ambush failed. Human masters spotted me and are now taking surveillance photos of my location!
My cover has been blown"

I had a husky once +Cali Lewis . Trust me, anything is possible with those barely domesticated wolves. Loved mine to death -- great dogs.
Derek B
He's staring at the cat....
C'mon, how many times do I have to tell you to get off the refrigerator.
Fred, don't look now but I think that pack of wild dogs out flanked us by going through the panty. One of them is staring us down from that ledge above us. I knew climbing mount Fridgeadare was a bad idea.
+Joy Hanson , don't speak too soon, my Kelpie dog climbed an extention ladder 3/4 of the way up to my roof to get attention from her buddy the painter. I also saw her almost climb over a privacy fence.....dogs do climb.
Do you think the dog has any idea how many times he was +1??? 
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