A tip for Mac users with more than one screen...
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I can't help but to mention that this is super easy to do in Linux :P just by clicking on the monitors icon by your clock and clicking which one you want as primary. Tee hee.
Great tip, I always forget that the white bar is movable as I'm not always in a multiple monitor situation. 
+Cali Lewis is there a way to attach a third monitor to an Imac that isn't USB? I have an old Dell Ultrasharp that is collecting dust but already have my Wacom Cintiq attached through the min-display port.
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I loved the end words and the tone ¨Tip ahhhdaaay¨ :) thanks for the tip
Thanks! My nerd plan is to eventually have a Mac Pro with a couple different screens running, plus Airfoil to run audio to a couple different sets of speakers in the same room at once for system audio; why?...Because I can :p
I run 4 30" monitors on my Mac pro. The extra real estate is awesome. However, it is really hard to use my laptop or any other non-multi-monitor setup after being so use to it.
already knew that, but still a great video : )
omg. That sounds so awesome, lol. I'm saving 100 bucks a month to be able to pay cash for one in a couple years; ideally I'd run a hdd in each bay, with OSX on one, Windows 8 (presumably) on another, and Linux or Ubuntu on the other two because I'm curious about those. I don't suppose there is some way to make one program "stretch" across all four monitors? It'd be pretty kick ass to basically be playing a video game across 120 inches of screen.
+Cliff Roth If you have 2 PCIe slots, you can get 4 monitors by using 2 dual DVI cards. Otherwise look for a USB 2.0 Multi-Display Adapter to use a standard monitor on USB. Most are DisplayLink compatible so they appear as a USB monitor.
Yeah I'm looking at those (the multimonitor adapters) at the moment. My initial idea was to just use a projector, but I do that at work for presentations and it's not all that enjoyable a time in my experience.
Just read the Matrox website; interesting how it'd apparently work with projectors. Just be tricky finding a wall large enough for that.
You can have quite a few. I have ports for 8 monitors on my Mac Pro. I just don't have other monitors connected because with more than 4 30" monitors, I would be spinning my chair around to see from one side to the other. Although I may add some smaller monitors to use the ports.

It would also be nice to have a smaller size monitor to easily do my screenflow recordings without having to select a "piece" of one of the screens for it to look good enough to others viewing on smaller "normal" monitors.

I use to have 11 monitors on one of my linux setups (before the days of inexpensive flat screens). It was comprised of one main system with 6 21" monitors and a couple of other linux machines all running synergy so they all worked as if they were one display system (even though it was actually 3 machines).

Synergy is a great way to go especially if you run multiple "real" non-virtual environments together (Mac, Linux, Windows).
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Holy cow! Did anybody else get the 42 minute ad before the video? Thank God for the skip button!
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