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I think I'm becoming invisible. Automatic sinks and paper towel dispensers don't recognize me anymore.
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really really clean?  Like translucently so?
I see you on geek beat so you must be real
I'd be worried if automatic sinks and paper towel dispensers recognized me...damn facial recognition is being installed into everything these days.
You have those in the ladies room too!?! ;) I have the same problem...
Still looking good on this side. Update your pic just to be sure maybe?
Your profile picture is gone too!?!
+Cali Lewis Do you find yourself getting frustrated because you expect sinks and paper towel dispensers to be automated and they're not?  Or, one is and one isn't and you foolishly wave your hand around the one that isn't?  Funny how some technology starts to become expected as the norm.
Black shirts tend to mess with the sensors. :)'s one girl who has an excuse to take a friend to the bathroom. As a faucet/paper towel assistant.
Me too, I can relate. :-) no worries, we can invisible together, like the star trek nxt gen. episode. Was it Jordi & someone else, that were invisible?
lol.  I think I have no soul, automatic doors don't open for me most of the tme.
+Cali Lewis those things ate touchy and unreliable at best. Trust me, the last person who has to worry about becoming invisible is you 
Reminds me of that episode of Better off Ted where they replace all the lights with motion sensors that don't seem to work for certain people.
Congratulations! Your super powers are beginning to manifest.
Your heat vibration quota is way above the IR sensor that triggers those services!  They are getting their circuits overloaded, ether-dizzy from your proximity; all of your fans experience this.
Either that or you've become a zombie and just haven't realized it yet.
If it escalates and automatic doors don't open for you then you might want to check and see if you still have your soul. :) #TheSimpsons
The only left to do now is hire a personal assistant to follow you around and activate these things for you.
As a kid walked up to you saying "I see dead people" yet?
Well at lease the automatic soap dispenser works...oops, maybe it doesn't! You truly are invisible! :-)
Sorry to say that's a vampire thing.  You must be new.  You'll have to read up on the manual.
Go watch the movie "Ghost" and it will tech you how to interact with objects again. Lol!
+Cali Lewis  Maintenance has turned up the contrast on the sensor.
Veridian Dynamics: We see you.
"It gets dark whenever you leave the room."
i think it is more likely, that these appliances are becoming more and more short sighted
Don't follow anyone through an automatic door, you may not get out.
If you became invisible, there it would be a great loss for the ones appreciating beauty :(
Are your hands really, really (really) cold?
I've just recognized u, do not worry about sinks & PTDs.
I hate those things.  It helps if you run at the sink / PTDs waving your hands at the may look supid, but it works! :)
Keith B
It's your beauty Cali, you just overwhelm the sensors. You know like staring at the sun.

That sounds better than my second guess, that you're part of the legion of undead!
It's kinda like my credit card--It will not recognize my purchase's anymore!!!  HA!HA!
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