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Still on the fence about getting an iPhone 5? Check our review.
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What phone are you currently using Cali?
Positive iPhone review == android trollers flock
It was the various reviews and whatnot that had my buy a GS3 instead of the new iPhone. :D
So, what is it that puts you on the fence?  If you already use iPhone, then it's a nice upgrade.  Faster processor, bigger screen, lighter, LTE.
If you are not using iPhone, and you have been happy with Android, then why not go the Galaxy S III route?
If you WANT to go iPhone then just bite the bullet and jump.
I'm very happy with my iPhone 5 upgrade.
I would wait for Jolla before making any purchase decisions.
If you waited this long and still didn't get one, GOOD FOR YOU! Go get a Samsung Nexus or S3!   :D
The iphone 5 hardware is fantastic. The screen is amazing and it fells perfect in your hand. My problem is the software. Android Jelly Bean is outstanding it makes ios6 look its age. For Apple to stay ahead of the pack they are going to need to seriously overhaul their software. Apple needs to actually make their operating system the best and stop just saying it is.
Ha no. And who would be? Seriously? Either you're an iPhone or you're not. And if you are, you're getting one. Trust me. The 'fence' you speak of is 50 miles high, and ain't no one crossing it.
Hardware is fine even on iPhone 4... I have a busted home button. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't even consider it...
The majority if "new" things in the iP5 is from iOS and you can get it on older phones too... So if you are on iP4 or iP4S there r no need to upgrade. Camera on iP4S is same (or even better if you count purple fringing on iP5 that they should fix in software like every Nikon or Canon has)
The review focuses on the physical aspects of the iPhone 5, so not a peep about iOS 6 and broken maps. Understandable though. However, not so sure about the exclusion of a problem with the camera which adds purple flares to images.
Interesting thread, I have an iPhone 4 and thought it couldn't be beaten, then whilst out browsing the shops I came across a Galaxy S3 and bought one, I fell in love with Android so much I bought another 6 devices. All those devices are my preferred phones/tablets but I do still carry the iPhone with me at all times but I am not tempted to buy the iPhone 5. When it offers more then I may get a future one.
I am an Android fan, have been anti apple for many years. I will give them credit though. The hardware may be a little outdated but it's solid and reliable. The phone really is over hyped though. I do appreciate the honest candid review.
Apple is going to dump themselves in the toilet again!
+Casey Rhodes horseshit...between the lack of features in iOS6 (compared to Jellybean) and the problems with Maps and Wifi...I'm sure there are plenty that are considering the switch (or already have, I've read several on G+). Apple isn't the biggest and best around as they like to claim. The primary reason why they keep people is because of their investment in the Apple ecosystem and the increasingly inaccurate stereotypes about Android. When you're frustrated with your phone though...that's not going to stop you when you have to use it every day.
+Cali Lewis good review overall but I do wish reviewers would stop referring to Displaymate as their reviews seem to be heavily biased as evidenced by saying that the GSIII screen is over-saturated, I just don't find that to be true.
I think if you like Apple and you are coming from anything older than a iPhone 4 by all means get the 5. However, if you have a 4S, I would hold off for the next one. I had the 4S and upgraded and it really isn't all that different except for being really fast.

If you are a must have the latest tech in it even if it doesn't always flow the best and you are not stuck on any particular ecosystem, then go on the wild side and buy the Samsung S3.
I have an iPhone 4S and I am very disappointed with it since They removed the Google Maps. I will change for Android or Lumia 920 in the future.
They are the same damn phones one is just a lil longer. Short iPhone or long iPhone picc one shit, wow. If you want some different it is out there people go get it and drop the iPhone talk ya digg
самсунг в украине стоит 500 евро iphone 5 стоит 1500 евро по функциям одинаково что выбрать решать Вам
iPhone, for me, the best smartphone ever! A haved some samsung... Same s*** like other smartphone, but iPhone, believe me, the best!!!
Ok. If you don't have the five your crazy. It's the best phone out. The 4 s is garbage now. 
took me 3 days to decide to sell mine on craigslist. hated it
+Adis Alic Of course iPhone is the best phone for you.. All people who think they can spell correctly, but actually don't, also think that iPhone is the best phone, which really isn't! =)
Belive me it is, i never EVER like apple, but when I bought iphone, I became convinced that apple is the BEST! No one can parry them! Perhaps samsung? Buhahah
Apple knows the weak spots of brainwashed people!
+Sergey K. +Mike Smirnov, You are wrong with your statement. If you precisely look into the map pictures you will find out that one uses outdated pictures and even a wrong street name which is invalid for many years. You need to find it out yourself.
Maps issue is not what people think, yes its funny it shows you bended bridges and roads haha its funny. Problem arrives when you actually wanted to use the maps and it will show you the place you want to go next to your location but in actually that location might be couple miles away. Than you realize looking pretty is not enough
Adis Alic I'm an android user but I would say windows phone is darn good plus now they got good hardware too. But I will not jump the ship because android gives me everything I want and im happy why would I want same from other OS.

Now If you think same for android than its normal as you are a iPhone user. But its start getting sheepy when you say its the best around and nobody come close blaa blaa and you than become wrong.
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