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What did Mark Zuckerberg wear to a meeting that shocked Wall Street?
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Why does a hoodie scare them? Don't judge a book by its cover, that dude is doing what he needs to do. Good for him. They are way more comfortable than a tie and uptight suit coat! haha
The thing about a dress code is, there's always someone more dressed up than you... I'm off to shame some three-piece-suited business men for their disgraceful lack of powdered wigs.
A hoodie and some adidas slippers
Guys, nice job catching Cali in the Home Alone pose.
Wouldn't it be more surprising if he wore something else? How would people recognize him without a hoodie?
Yo estoy enamorado de ella, pero lo malo es que con tanta tecnología, ella ni lo sabe.
Wall Street is a very conservative club that he wants to join. Thank god for rule-breakers and rebels. They are the big thinkers.
loved the bloopers (my whole life is a blooper!)
Would they have said all that if Steve Jobs had shown up in Wall Street in his Levis, black turtle neck shirt and New Balance running shoes?
I would have to agree the new update for goolge plus ROCKS !!!
Great job! You keep the geek news entertaining for those of us that are only 1/4 - 1/2 geek!
that's the way to go to wall st now a days! lol
Apps in a website I don't use? Couldn't care less.

I think Android users are complaining that they're going to get this new Google+ app, man it looks awful.
Nice Expression makes me want to see it again & again.. WOW!
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