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Apple's design is awesome, but there are some things that leave you wondering what they were thinking! Well, +John Pozadzides shows you how you fix stuff like a super sharp edge!

Warning: Audio is a little low
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I have always hated that edge. Sitting at a table using a MacBook Pro the edge is not very noticeable. But at any other angle, such as lying in bed, that edge on the MBP can really become annoying.
+Cali Lewis +John Pozadzides That solves the problem alright, good solution!!! But I can just hear Jobs & Waz saying "HAY, do I file down your let's set fire to this segments" ;-)
For a company that goes to court over their rounded corners, it seems odd that they'd put such a sharp, 90 degree edge on there like that.
+John Pozadzides impressive mod ;-) reminds me of when I took a dremel to my aluminium case to widen up the ventilation holes, although I would have personally turned off your machine and taped up any vents, so conductive dust didn't get inside ;-)
I've made my mind up, tablet this year, no more laptop
Seriously! Spend yr time & money on a better product!!!
You did not understand: it's a slicer computer :D
Seriously...if this is mod you need to do to be comfortable with that product...then why?
Never heard of this before - not even from the most crybaby types.
Next post a video on how to remove the backlight from the display - because its too bright it hurts my eyes!
I've actually thought about this before but I wasn't serious about doing it. Nice work
I stopped by the Apple store just to use their bathroom... ipeed
You just halved the selling price of your Mac Book! With Apple its all about design and you spoiled it ;-)
The sharp edge on the iMac "foot" cut me deep once when my finger slid across it's edge.  It's a dangerous world out there.  Be Safe.
This requires you to have the new iFile 4G2 sold by Apple - $59.99
Would be nice if they thought that their customers are individuals not sheep and gave them choice rather than just one option.
I'm surprised he doesn't finish it off with a little sandpaper for extra smoothness...
Apple really really obsesses over their design.... they also hate their customers. This is how you get a beautiful machine that will slit your wrists. hehe
I'm not questioning your decision to file that edge, but how do you use Apples integrated cheese slicer without it?
Tom Wu
I do this to a famous brand game controller too. >.<
+Don Miller I'm sure they applied for a patent the moment before you got the flow started lol Now you have to pay licensing fees every time you take a leak
This is all because some wankers at apple were So afraid of whoever is responsible for the design to tell them, to shout it out loud - hey, what have we done here?! And others - TO Not to buy it. Thank you.
А еще говорят что linux нужно "дорабатывать напильником"...
thats ok jason they are designed not to break until a day after the warranty runs out anyway.
Piano teacher here: There is some simular motion between typing at the keyboard and playing at the keyboard.

If you rest your wrists on the edge and type a lot you increase your chance of getting tendentious. Your hands shouldn't actually touch the laptop body when you type regardless of what laptop or keyboard you are using.
done this to my 3 mac book pro's - apple is far from perfect
I like the sharp edge, reminds me not to rest my wrists there.
buys Mac and installs windows 7 on it HEHEHEHEH >:D BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
Don't worry about warranty. Likely taking a file to your case will void it anyway.
Besides that, the Macbook Pro case is not raw untreated aluminum. The now bare metal where you just filed will not be more susceptible to corrosion.
Where did you get those monster clamps?
it's just a design company... design+crappy hardware and software
The man got to do what a man got to about a duel corner on my wrist  lay on.
 I mean that doing what amounts to a case modification on your Macbook Pro is all the reason Apple would need to revoke your warranty +Anthony So  
why does he not keep the trash open whilst filing...this really isn't an issue for me but..that sort of bothered me of all things.
This video should be called: "How to make your Macbook Pro worth $1000 less, get a file..." I am sure this is a real issue and maybe Apple should consider a slight design change and this guy hit it on the head. But I am also sure Apple has seen this and already started the process of suing this guy saying he copied / altered their design!
Minor issue. I can't stand the apple app menu that is detached from it's window. OK, it might work fine on a normal computer, but if you have multi-screen it is a disaster. In general, Mac OS is not impressive on multi screen.
wouldn't buying a wifi keyboard a better solution ? Interesting mod, but I would not do that on my Mac...
>How-to video
>Don't do this at home
does not bother this user at all. but do what you will to your own. make it your own!! and to each their own.
I have the same problem on my Dell XPS laptop, some of the edges are very sharp.
What happens when you forget to take your meds just once. Listen dude - put it on your "reminders".
My MB Pro is an investment over 3k, and my cleaning pad makes a nice wrist rest and does the same thing.
Would you like some cheese with that whine?
I wouldn't buy an Apple product with a sharp or dull edge but in fairness, has anyone bought anything these days that didn't have to be "fixed, tweaked or modified" ? My new Samsung 5 550 Chromebook which I dearly love also has a pretty sharp edge which I didn't notice before.  So far, I wouldn't change a thing on it. 
You are not supposed to rest your wrists when you type anyway, but who types correctly right?

I filed one of my MacBooks and sold it 3 years later at 80% of the purchase price. No one ever noticed I had filed it, and while I was forthcoming in the listing, the buyer considered it a feature.
Oh puh-LEEEZ.   If you have to take a file and shave the case for the purpose of usability, you haven't just voided the warranty, you've voided any argument about how wondrous and smart Apple's designers are.
Is this really a video about using a file to make a sharp edge smooth? That's kinda what they were made for you know, filing things down.
Apple is amazing and no one can say that there not.!!.!.!!.!!.
I got an easier way to fix that, don't buy Apple. 
Really!?!?!? Have we devolved to the point that a video is needed to explain USING A FILE TO DULL A METAL EDGE!?!?!?

What's next, an explanation of why one puts the meat and cheese INSIDE the sandwich?
Mac Book Pro's have nice displays and great batteries but they're wrapped in the ergonomic of a block of cheese. They need to be a wedge of cheese :-) 
The guy had a minor problem with the design of a product he owned. He fixed it so it met his requirements. He thought others might have the same concerns. Why so many negative comments? Personally, I wouldn't buy anything where form is put before function (as seems to be the case for many Apple products).
Spend 1300 on a laptop..... file that shit down.... lol
Simply cut yourself on it and sue the living bejeezus out of Apple.  

Problem solved.
Everyone has always been confusing my workaholic tendencies with suicidal tendencies thanks to those damn edges! Thanks for confirming that I can do this safely and still feel like a man!
They also have a super sharp edge on the CD tray for the iMacs. If you've ever wonder why your DVD's and CD's are scratched and you have an iMac now you know why.
Keep buying made in CHINA. Stop the insanity. 
I think I'd use a piece of weatherstripping tape instead.
I see lotsa apple fanboys coming from the horizon to scream on why did he desecrated that holy item xD
What Do You Think This Guy? Why Scratch? 
nosotrosdes perdonen mis queridos amigos de google ,no quiero verme como un ideologo,pero nosotros los de google neciresitamos un espacio para poder escribir  al estilo de facebook y sonico,yahoo. y porque no lo tenemos  mis amigos de google? tomas valdez siempre sera de ustedes  como usuario  y hasta como vocero de este espacio que ustedes nos brindan.
+Cali Lewis google plus is for smart people. Smart people dont buy apple first off, and secondly even if they did, they wouldnt need a fucking video to show them how to file things. Just get a damn pc or wireless keyboard.
this an awesome satire. Really hard slap on Apple's face 
Maybe it is well thought through approach, very user friendly. You really want to slit your wrists working with Mac - here you go, you can do it right there at you laptop - just slide your hands away... done - perfect design
I think he should patent it before Apple copies his modified design...
bla bla bla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You shouldn't have to fix something that is brand new...
pretty soon we're going to evolve into mush.  boohoo it's a really sharp edge i may get a paper cut!

give me a break. man up!
Bad design from the get-go. This guy's solution ROCKS.
so, only dumb people pay twice as much for their technology.  You can't really respect someone who buys this stuff anyways.
+Devin Bowen That's like saying why do people spend more money to buy an Audi than a ford because its just a car, clearly you don't get it.
Exactly! have you ever looked inside an apple product!? The cheapest money can buy, your paying for LOOKS PERIOD!

He should buy some other plastic crap laptop and stop messing around with a real good built quality laptop, if his wrist is sooo delicate...
Oh that's because it's designed for using real LAP TOP. you don't really need to take care of super sharp edge if you use it on your lap. lol
I really don't have a problem with this. 
Awesome product when you have to take a file to it.
+Mark Owen this video is assuming if you have a Mac you must need things that are easy to use so it had to be made for the intended audience.
+Barrie Tingle, not necessarily true. Car manufacturers don't make the parts for their cars either. In most cases the parts to different cars are made by the same manufacturer.
I worked for a company that made airbags for Rolls Royce, Cadillac and BMW. So you spend £200000 on a Rolls and the parts are made by the same company that makes parts for £40000 Cadillac.

I see what this man is saying. Yet I see no reason to damage a very expensive computer. (For example, it's like getting a Bugatti and cutting the hard top off to make a convertible. I do not see a reasonable explanation for this. There are cheap ways to overcome the edges without damaging an expensive piece of equipment which I would love to have. 
If the design was perfect then it would take into account the sharp and skin doesn't work well together. So it just goes to show nothing is perfect.
And I keep asking myself: why the laptop is on while he is trimming the edge ????
That guy has much bigger balls than me. MBPs are meant to be caressed and adored, not abrasively filed down. I think a kid in Africa just died of AIDS from this.
I doubt they'll bust his balls for that, really depends on who he gets IF he runs into a problem w/ his machine.
Seems like a smart guy but why didn't he just leave the bask drawer open while he was filling?
I am getting a new macbook pro soon......this machine is unique and awesome.....great help for my design works.....cheers...
Spoken like someone who always needs something to complain about, this instance is definitely ridiculous.
DON'T FILE IT DOWN.... It doubles as a slashing device when someone tries to jump you for your price apple product on the subway ! 
This guy obviously came over from the PC/Winblows side and cannot make the radical change from stone age to modern day.
He normally just used the Cntl, Alt, Del keys, now he actually can use the full keyboard and has to learn the proper hand ergonomics .
There is an easier way, just do not buy apple product. Problem solved and you save a lot o money.
File your Macbook Pro like a man, with a chainsaw and a blowtorch!

If that doesn't work, you can always use thermite. It worked on the WTC.

You should have used 1000 grit sandpaper for metal!
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