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Games that are part app and part physical!
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Interesting in where this could go...
this is not going to end well - there will be blood on the carpet.
The planes could be interesting. Something more modern though, F15, F16 etc. "Tally Ho, I'm in" and all that.
I hope the attachments can fit the iPad / iPhone with a case. Not sure I'd want to remove the protection and hand it to a child to run around with. 
I'm not very clear on the plane game they talked about. What exactly is the plane attachment needed for? Is it just decoration? The gun one looks really cool though.
+Gregory Boyd  I think it recognize which plane you are flying, so if you change the plane on the stand, you will fly a different airplane in the game!
Well sure, but that's something that could be done with a select your plane screen in the game. The gun at least serves a purpose, providing you a method to naturally hold and fire a gun while holding the screen for you. The plane one just feels like a decoration. I could see myself getting bored of having to snap it on every time I want to play. I was just hoping it actually did something.
TBH it looks fairly lame, and very over priced.  $19.95 is just too much for a mobile game, imo.  Honestly video games have become so insanely over priced that it's disgusting lately.  Even PC games are far more expensive than they should be.  I always wait a year or more to buy a 'new' game because I refuse to pay more than about $30 for a video game for the PC... and for mobile devices I refuse to pay more than about $9.95.  Also, due to the number of absolutely terrible games released these days I don't buy any games without a free trial first.
I assume the physical airplane in view of the camera is intended to ensure you're using their product with their game. I'd be interested to see if it will let you play sans airplane. 
I had skip some episodes, i don't know if you already talked about this, but woow! cool idea about the screens on th mic!
if they had augmented reality games without the kidie gun and plane that would be awesome.  picture whack a mole using the people sitting in front of you on the train or 
While I admit that WowWee is really innovating things and coming up with cool new products (I absolutely LOVE LightStrike) it seems like they are getting further and further away from their roots.  I really wish they would bring back the Robosapien line and just robotics in general.... They were really good at what they did.
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