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If you're wishy-washy about the OS X Mountain Lion update, read this! And circle +John Pozadzides to find out how our upgrade went...
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Ken Liu
I had hellish problems going from 10.6 to 10.7 - my previously sedate and cool macbook turned into the furnace from hell.

Half expecting it to melt if I decide to go to 10.8...
Just updated and it went smooth as silk. MBP 2010.
+Steven Buehler aren't they pathetic. I read that it is even not possible to develop a 3rd party plug-in to add the missing functionality.
I rather would prefer an improved operating system instead of a collection of fancy cloud apps...
oh look, we have a fanboy thinking only in black and white ;-) FYI: I am a happy Snow Leopard Apple User and yes, outside the fanboy circle Mac users would still appreciate some improvements on their OS.
+ Jamie Munro, well not really since the new iPhone will not support a single Google app whatsoever, so yeah, Crapple is moving away from Google so I can see why they would not support YouTube anymore.
YouTube is inconsistent making it generally terrible. Vimeo always works great. After that, it's just down to content. 
Since the switch to mac 10 years ago I've skipped every other OS version, so I should update (upgrade?) to Mntn Lion just to maintain the tradition...maybe?
+Steven Buehler +Jamie Munro I would have certainly welcomed if Apple supported sharing options as per Android. Basically what ever app you have installed you get the contextual sharing for that app. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Google + . The lack of flexibility and/or support for other platforms means that I do not use any of these built in apps (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, iPhoto, Safari) and well Game center, but there the reason is different.

The fact is you can't win them all, so you should try to take the Google way and have integration with other services/ platforms and maybe over time you pull customers over to your products. However, this way I don't even attempt to use them as I'd find the omissions irritatingly frustrating. 
Will it upgrade from 10.5.8? Or will I have to buy an intermediate upgrade first like 10.6?
+Gary Wong Yes, you need to be at least 10.6.6 to do the upgrade. Still, 10.6.8 is the recommended version per Apple's website.  I've been searching for a "combo" upgrade that might help you, but no luck.
Most of the worthy features are not available for Macs older than a year or a year 1/2. So if you bought a Mac Air 15 months ago for $1,300 you don't get power nap, airplay. To me, all the other features are not worth it. Not even for $20. 
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