I'm Giving Away a PAIR of Transporters!
If you haven't already seen the Transporter (http://geekbeat.tv/transporter), it's a unique new drive technology that lets you replicate all of your files (or just the ones you want) to other physical locations.  So you put Transporter "A" at home, and Transporter "B" at work.  They stay synced up through the InterTubez automagically!

Well, our friends over at the Transporter project gave me a PAIR to give away to one of YOU! :-)  Here's how you win:

1) Do you have me in a Circle? Yeah! Step 1 complete.
2) Circle +FileTransporter!
3) Publicly share this post.

You're done!!!

What, you want more chances to win? :-)  Ok, leave a comment below telling me what you'll do with a couple of these for another chance.  I plan to share my movies and stuff with family.  How about you?

WHAT? You still want MORE chances to win? :-P  Ok, well, +John Pozadzides is giving away another pair right here:

Of course, the best thing you can do is head over to the Transporter Kickstarter page and back the project! http://geekbeat.tv/transporter  I've already done it, and so have 342 other people!  They're 2/3rds of the way done!!!

PS - The giveaway is limited to the US.  Hopefully they'll have a successful Kickstarter launch and go International after that! :-D

PSS - You'll get yours after the development is complete.  So it'll take a couple months, but you'll be among the first to get one!!!

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen. Congratulations to +Michael Mahnke 
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