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I'm Giving Away a PAIR of Transporters!
If you haven't already seen the Transporter (, it's a unique new drive technology that lets you replicate all of your files (or just the ones you want) to other physical locations.  So you put Transporter "A" at home, and Transporter "B" at work.  They stay synced up through the InterTubez automagically!

Well, our friends over at the Transporter project gave me a PAIR to give away to one of YOU! :-)  Here's how you win:

1) Do you have me in a Circle? Yeah! Step 1 complete.
2) Circle +FileTransporter!
3) Publicly share this post.

You're done!!!

What, you want more chances to win? :-)  Ok, leave a comment below telling me what you'll do with a couple of these for another chance.  I plan to share my movies and stuff with family.  How about you?

WHAT? You still want MORE chances to win? :-P  Ok, well, +John Pozadzides is giving away another pair right here:

Of course, the best thing you can do is head over to the Transporter Kickstarter page and back the project!  I've already done it, and so have 342 other people!  They're 2/3rds of the way done!!!

PS - The giveaway is limited to the US.  Hopefully they'll have a successful Kickstarter launch and go International after that! :-D

PSS - You'll get yours after the development is complete.  So it'll take a couple months, but you'll be among the first to get one!!!

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen. Congratulations to +Michael Mahnke 
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I plan to do exactly what you said in this post, one at work and one at home.  Won't have to "take" work home, it will just be there when i need it.  Also since I am the network guy at work it will serve as an evaluation for a wider rollout of these to others at work also.
I'll be making files (movies, music, documents) more easily available throughout the house for both my partner and myself.  Can't wait!!
I will use them to share pictures with my son when he's at his mother's house.  
With family far away they'd have access to all the pics and vids of our first baby girl!
...and sharing this one too. (I'm in for this contest.)
These would be a great idea to share stuff with family members far away that aren't quite as tech savvy as myself.
Can't you just use Google Drive/Dropbox/Box and avoid the extra weight?
Hm. +Cali Lewis asks "what would I do with one of these things if I had one?"

You asked for it, Cali. XD

+ + + 

The musty smell of age-old cigarette butts permeating the walls of the no-star motel room mingled with the dull aftertaste of blood and Jack Daniels' as he awakened. Though familiar to him, the combination of the pair always seemed to make him want to vomit, lay down and expire already. Just as always, he barely resisted the urge and gamely fought to gain full consciousness.

The man struggled to a sitting position, wincing as he remembered the stab wound he received last night. The encounter replayed involuntarily in his head - the loss, the chaos that ensued, the director of marketing coming after him with the letter opener that caused the new scar he was about to receive. The sharp, searing pain made him feel like an animal momentarily; wounded and confused, ready to destroy all he saw in a fit of terrified rage. 

What happened to the files?! The thought still paralyzed him with ignorance. He did everything he was supposed to do. He couldn't control The Cloud. If The Cloud ate the TPS reports, then it was The Will of The Cloud. They were all at its divine mercy. 

The last made the wounded junior executive chuckle mirthlessly, the motion causing a new wave of pain to wrack his body and jolt him back to the reality of his situation. He had to find a better way to protect the TPS reports, to protect the sales projections and blueprints and projects and even that all-important stash of porn the IT department let him keep hidden on the servers...

A sharp knock at the door snapped the man's attention into focus. A shadow, then another under the door, placing a small package. He quickly, quietly got off the bed and moved to the wall, bracing himself against it as he hid behind the dresser, his breathing silent, almost nonexistent as he waited.

The figures left. The small package, however, could be seen under the door. 

An eternity passed. Then another. A third for good measure. Then the man crept toward the door, fully expecting to be hurtled backwards by an explosion or assaulted by a drunken Lindsay-Lohan-In-The-Box - the preferred "layoff" technique of the feared Human Resources division within his company. Remaining intact as he gingerly gripped the doorknob, he steeled himself and turned it.

So far, so good. The box didn't explode in a sea of fire or inebriated, washed-up child actresses. A card depicting a stylized blue logo of a bespectacled, square-faced geek wearing headphones, eyebrow permanently raised as if to eternally quiz what it saw, stared up at him from the top of the box. 

For once in the man's life, he felt a glimmer of hope. They had heard him. They had sent... The Transporter.

+ + +

And there you go!
I'd keep one and give the other to family or friends (most likely grandparents) to share pics and vids (most likely of the kids.)
One in the office one in the home... all my music and movies where ever I roam.
Would definitely make it easier to back up photos in multiple locations! Here's to easier file sharing/storage!
I would use them to share files with family and friends
I would use it to share baby pics/vids with my family cross country
i´ll use it to share pics and movies with my family and friends, and to sync files with my office
I'm already backing with kickstarter but want to add more to my little globally distributed file store.  Hooray for secure backups and filesharing!
+Ricardo Arturo Cabral The difference is that those services (Google Drive, Dropbox) are Cloud services on someone else's servers. If they go down or have a breech in security, your data is exposed, or worse, lost. The Transporter replicates data across the units in different locations by basically creating your own personal cloud!
Creating my own personal cloud service for work vs home
Looking forward to a cloudy day, now.
Hmm ... I think I would experiment in using these as the basis of redundant personal website serving.
Way cool concept--like a realtime flash drive!
I wonder if I could get by with leaving one at work...
One in my parents house and one in mine. It would make a very easy way to share videos and photos with each other.
Sharing files between family members sounds like a great way to use this.
My daughter lives in another State attending college.  We are always emailing documents back and forth to help her with her homework.  Also, she just lost some of her assignments.  With a Transporter, we can collaborate on her homework easier and make sure we have a redundant copy in case something happens to her laptop.
I will use it to share pictures with my mom in VA.
I plan to share all my school work and lessons with my desktop at work and my school laptop. I'm always having to delete files on dropbox or put them on the hard drive because my space is limited and it's costly to get a premium account. This would be a great tool to share my files from home and work! Please Cali put me on your geek beat Christmas list! Love ya 😉
I'd use them to collaborate with a friend that I work on several things with
I plan to dance around the room if I win this and then proceed to share my movies with my family...if they liked the movie genres I like but they don't. So maybe just the bajillion pictures we've taken of da kids when the grandparents come to visit.
I plan to share and "drop" all my video message with my little princess.
I think a pair of these would be awesome. I have my Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive accounts and barely use them, but the Transporter drives would give me a way to automatically have offsite backups that I still have complete control of, and without a monthly bill.
I plan to hack the technology and transport myself to predetermined destinations where I've already shipped the other device. Watch out world, here I come! 
Share media with kids
One at home, one at work. What an elegant way to keep up on things!
One at my House and one at my girlfriends house, she is not a geek yet so I'll have to train her to be more like Cali, Shhh don't tell her I said that.
I'll have my photos at my fingertips in two places.
Great product initiation. Very attractive to share media with the children living in Canada and we in Europe (Belgium). Also exciting to use in a SMB environment. Disappointed that the giveaway is limited to the US only. Also a pledge will bring on short time no solution. Cali HELP!
The Transporter will allow me to share raw video files among my video editing team. Sending large video files across the "InterTubez" has always been troublesome. This should revolutionize that process!
I will be using this to network our two homes which are 4 hours away from each other. When I go visit my wife at school, I ALWAYS end up forgetting something, so this will definitely help me keep my files where I need them.
This would be a great way to keep family, specifically my sometimes technologically backwards grandfather up to date on pictures and video of his great grandson.
I saw how excited my hubby got when he saw them, so I'm sure he has some great plans for them. But there is also Pizza Night and movies at a friend's house, so movie sharing!!!
Plan to do the same as you and +John Pozadzides if I win.
Want to keep everything secure and safe would spread the word if I could get these.
I'd use this for remote data access and replication
I have two needs for this tech. First, I want an offsite backup of key data that is dynamic and constantly up-to-date. Second, I want my girls to have access to all our family photos when they live with their mother. Sounds like a great kickstarter to support!
I would so use these to access my media when I am at my parent's house, as well as mirror important documents and share family photos.
Finally, I can ditch Dropbox ;)
The possibilities for using these at conferences are enormous. I could back up all of my videos and stories to my work computer at the end of the day. Very, very cool.
This would solve a ton of my problems when I need to being the laptop home to work on files and need to easily share with my wife at home.
Sharing pics to family across the ocean..
How is this different than a NAS device? There are a ton of products that do this same thing, you plug a hard drive directly into your network then can access it from anywhere via the internet, I use one to stream movies from my pc to my phone all the time.
I'll take it with me to the car, to my brother's house, to my sister's house, to my mom's house, to your mom's house!, to my friend's house. Better hide yo friends, yo cousin, yo sister, yo brother, cuz I'll bring this to them where ever they go! And share happiness.
I would use this for making backups/copies of data for my girlfriends business. If there is extra space, probably backup some personal data too! (pictures, movies, etc.)
Cory C
I would live to have these to sync files with my brother!!
Aaron P
When you send me my transporters, I will share my pictures and video with my family!
I need this to help backup my files to a safe off-site location!
Im going to backup all my hard drives! ALL OF THEM
The classic: offsite backup. Well, ok, backup at the other end of the house....
Not sure I understand the need for hardware.  Seems like an application on each of your computers designed to sync your data and a connection to the internet would be all you need.
it looks so cool !  a conversation piece.  others will be jealous.  I am going to share home "movies" (videos) and family (vacation) pictures.  do they come in different color ?
Use it for all of old family photos that I need to scan and share with family.
I intend to use it for keeping files synched that I need while on the road doing Law Enforcement equipment sales.
Those things look cool and useful
Ted Orr
I'm so excited about a chance to consolidate all of my online drive accounts!
This thing is exactly what my brother and I need. He lives in Canada and I live in Hong Kong. This will keep all our files synchronized half way around the world.
What I plan?!?  Well, my unit in the Florida National Guard is deploying overseas and I am not, I am back to handle rear-detachment issues.  But I would keep one and send the next one with them, to keep them up-to-date with new multi-media so they can get all the cool movies and tv-shows quickly and can share with everyone in the unit! 
gonna get it, gonna use it, gonna share it, and all that smooth lounge :)
I would so but this product. Need something like this to hook up to my drobos.
I would install one in my office and one at home, making it so much easier to stay home and look after my daughter when she is sick or home because of "snow days" at school and it's going to be so much easier to backup my business files to a safe place!
Interesting idea. I'd like to test it personally and see what it can gives.
Remote backup copy of my systems to the front of my house, some distance away...besides, it looks like a cool toy. Transporter services without having to have two Drobos'
Euh ... Cali:  kickstarter is international, it's only you that didn't share to the rest of the world. I'm fan of your shows from the early start, but I never understood why several times, it's only US.  Like 5$ extra is the end of the world ....
Total media solution!  Backup systems, redundancy, kick ass!
Being an educator I find myself having to carry my laptop from school to home and home to school everyday.  I always have a hard time re-wiring the laptop back in it's station back at work so I can manipulate things like my SmartBoard, projector, and document camera.  I would love to have the Transporter just to be able to keep it all set up at home and find my work waiting for me at home on my desktop. Plus I love the enormous amount of space that it has in its very elegant case.  Kickstarter has got some of the best gadgets out there!
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