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Yep. This seems like the perfect place for a playground!
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why is a park by a died people was
Be safe or you will end up on the OTHER side of the playground!
Aw, come on! Everyone knows cemeteries are for paint-ball fights.
If I lived there... I would have gone grace robbing as a child...:)... My own little anthropological experiments...
It's not a playground. It's a watchtower. Clearly this was placed here so that the first spawns from the apocalypse would be taken down immediately.
Maybe the playground is for the people / "yutes" in the graves...
Well, the funeral home now offers another way to bury your love ones, slide them into their graves.
That is the greatest playground ever... where is it? I want to borrow children and let them play there.

I'd dress them up as zombies though... just for the photo op.
why put stone in the front of it ?
dear i want to be shear our school pic to other friends
"Now kids, don't knock over any headstones while you're playing on the old school metal slide."
public cemeteries are maintained by the parks and recreation department
Doug B
3 least there is always a body in the room ...
Brilliant safety reminder for the tots!
no, no that's a #fail
boys fuck with boys aka they r geg making out in the toilets
be careful when playing on the slide because you could end up there forever
Haha, ummm....obviously as a kid, I played a game called "ghost in the graveyard" it was a night time game that was basically "your IT" but everyone has to find the ghost. This is an awesome portrayal of it!
If you break your neck when you go down the slide, you don't have to travel far afterwards...
who thinks thats creepey i do cause really a playground by a semertary thats just wrong but on halloween its perfect
that doesnt even see like a playground
Kid comes down the slide and sees a gravestone. Nice.
Who would put a playground right next to a grave yard
Well, I guess if you're a member of the Adam's Family or the Munster that would seem just fine, so....
not a big deal, only what you make it. If any of you live out of the big cities in older parts of the country you will see head stones on farms where kids play to this day.
Many kids are not as afraid of graves as we adults might think. I used to go to a big cemetery as a kid to pick plums. They had the biggest & best plums in that graveyard.
Totally skechey that was PHOTO SHOPED but funny-ish
I grew up right next to a cemetery....great place for Hide-n-Seek!!
I think it represents god and the devil one side with a grave yard and another is a fun place to be.
more fun whene u with me there ;)
Imani Nzai ur thinking is wrong ..........
wow..... seriously??? rofl...
It represents freedom your never reley free until you die.
for u >>> its 2ooooooooo late now :)P
Grandma and Grandpa are watching my kids... :))
Oh yesss! I've heard about that home! People are just dying to play there! ~ ;0
Where in the world is that because I am in the UK
Don't hit your head on the tombstone comin' off the slide baby!
I wonder how it feels playing next to these tombs... =O
omg i don't know u but tht is a perfect place for a play ground don't u agree
yep. good place for a play ground. if your a goth kid
some kids were meant to share the sandbox some are not lol
this place is not for playing :((
I have actually seen many playgrounds in cemertaries in my city.
IN A GRAVE YARD!? omg I would be so scared! I'm always afraid a zombie is going to come out and eat my brain! HAHAHA just kidding! :)
aww pore grave yard hey y notshow the kids reactchin to the sene
Seems fine to me. I mean really, it's just a bone yard. Besides they are just next to it. It's not like they are made to play hopscotch on the graves.
well now thay kan visit their dead reletives and play on a swing
hahaha kids need fun everywhere
wow thy should really move the playgrounds destination!!!!!! seriously
Everyone who has ever used this slide is DEAD.
Slide at your own risk..
I just wonder if any kid ever got up enough speed to exit the slide and fly into the tombstone in the front..... ;)
not in a park or a nice neighborhood but a graveyard
lmao...its the circle of life [from slide to the grave]
Ooh! Fun! I'm 14 and I don't like playgrounds, but if I was 2, that would be a blast!
Well, I don't know what the landscape designers and clients were thinking about? What was the title of the design: 'Playing with death'???
this is what i call precaution, in case a kid had an accident in the park, you don't have to go far to bury him... this is simply brilliant! LOL
Very cool subliminal message here!
Enjoy life here before you end up here!
A fun new way of getting the body into the grave. 
Quit the metaphor when you think about it. At the end of the slide?
children should respect the dead and not be frightened by cemeteries :)
Perfect course for some hide and go seek...?
I'd never in a million years think that a toddler should play there! I mean, it's creepy!
adams family playground
yes it's a perfect place but only for children not you mam......
well if you have accident??? tosh would use that.
Lily Li
What a happy place for everyone to be in.
"Mommy, Daddy I don't want to go home !!" "Do you want us to leave you here ?"
"Gather knowledge from the Cradle to Grave"...
What came first - The cemetery or the slide? or... is that a dumpster behind the playground???? =-0
Beacon, NY has a school where they play outside in something very similar to this.
Looks like the back area of an old church, the tombstones are Victorian, so I'd place in a medium to large city on the East Coast, like Gettysburg, King of Prussia, and various other similar outskirt communities. The churches would have there own cemeteries, a feature that fell out of fashion as church yards became to 'crowded' and larger cemeteries were moved to completely. (Larger cities had already moved towards mass public cemeteries in the 19th century, and in some locations as early as the Roman times... the mass of catacombs, etc... --Note: This is not including tomb building, which has largely been near, but seperate from communities.)
i agree thats a little creepy...=P
man bad spot for a play scape
What an image of life. One moment you are at the top of the slide enjoying life, when next, you have passed away remembering the joy you had.
Go On! You know Children can make enough noise to raise the dead!
creeepy no way wud my kids play somewhere like tht
That is so messed up. Now your kids will really go home and say, "I see dead people."
Sam R
seems ligit
this is not a perfect place
"See that one over there, Little Johnny? He liked to jump off the swings too."
talk about wigi board
I have spent a day or two there!
'Mommy. Why is that man over there all pale? And why hasn't he got legs? 
I would never play there. never.
i see nothing wrong with that, a cemetery is just a symbolic place and nothing else :P
not really i think it's the worst one .
Fran Ro
i think that it's good because the kids will see the cemetery as normal
From cradle (and play park) to the grave :).
It's a view of their futures...
Do you think the spirits slide or glide !!!!
Omg awww real next to dead people
well at-lease one of those graves aren't open waiting for some one to fall from the slide lol
What a spot for kids. Hey there's grandpa Bill mom!
the park wow how amazing but seriously when i was little i loved the
park!!!! !!
Perhaps the playground was there first!! AND WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN!! ???? [[[creepy}}} HeHeHeHe. Yes where are they???
It's not like the kids can bother anyone here! My mother taught me to drive in a cemetery. She said I couldn't possibly hurt anyone there since they're already dead!
Horrible playground or an awesome cemetery?
"Look mummy, I'm going down the sli- argh, dead people houses!"
May not be the perfect but for sure the safest lol
So good location I say! For one thing the kids who play here are not likely to be plagued with an irrational fear of ghosts and ghouls.
When you are dead you are dead
Dead = Opposite of Alive
Love, Anger, jealousy, friendship, G+ account = ALIVE
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Facebook Account = DEAD
how are u going to servive that slide if u get 2 the botem u will die
Just the circle of life shown in perfect harmony
Sure, it's all fun and games until someone bangs their head on a tombstone and has to go to the nurses office...
Oh, a playground where children can interact with old-people. Cool.
Fail, I guess too much fun can be a bad thing.:/
Must be in a city. You know we are running out of room plus we are in an economic crisis. That's the only place they could put it, LOL.
umm.... i dont even know what to say about that
im wondering what the kids think when they are playing
thats creepy! I'm suprised that playground set isn't haunted!!
"Keep it up, and you can stay forever. Take a look at the other kids who thought they didn't have to listen"
probably the safest place around
must be a ghost slide
is a graveyard full of the bodies of little children that died on that playground....tear
OMG what kinda idoit would even think about doing this people these days
So funny...park and rec planning committee at their most efficient 
It's a visual representation of the cradle to grave theory!
nice backstop for the slide...
Those graves are of all the people who went down the slide. They should have a sign saying: People are just dying to go down it.
That's not a bad idea at all. I would rather have cemeteries be places of joy than horror.
Who decided playgrounds were only for children? The Afterlife can get rather boring..... unless there are a few concealed trapdoors ?
This is a good example of how to live before we die. Lets not forget that our death sentence is guaranteed - we all will die. It is a grim reality of how close we are to the grave while we are having fun living life.
That is a stupid place to put a playground. Kids can freak out at a grave.
Dead people don't molest little children.
I'm sure the people "on the other side" don't mind sharing the playground. They've learned that we leave all material things behind, and that "it is better to give than receive".
Well you have to admit there's a certain ... er ... how shall I say this, symmetry about the place ... ok ok you can stop the groaning out there :)
Placements like this are common back East.
It is a good place alright....
Wow did they even see the graves when they built it
If you go rather fast on the slider, you might end up on the "other side"..
zombies gotta have fun too
whoah what did the council of this place think when they started building it????!!!!
How convenient, right in the DEAD center of town!
I wonder if any of the children have any invisible friends that live around there.... Scary
It appears people are dieing to get there.... OK, bad humor.
hum, I see it to as an oprotunity to talk about death....something that can be hard to do anyway. And boy kids are so much better with some topics then us partents! we might learn a thing or two also. again...hum.
"Life now offers an express service"
that would be scary if u were at a play ground in front of a grave when its just getting dark. well at least it would 4 me because i believe in ghost
Geez, go fast enough, all you would need is a hole!
wow theres a grave yard right there lol!
Not good really! Puts me in the zone of a Myra & Ian park, or even more distatefully designed by Fred and Rosemary West!
like who does that in less your just COOL LIKE THAT
wow the playground gets to REST IN PEACE.
I've seen worse...just the graveyard without the slide. At christmas the kids made snowmen next to the tombstones. I thought it was hilarious.
to cuite i like picture alot
and you wonder why children see dead people....probably because you take them to freaking semmetaries for playing!! jeez, messed up.
yes. but it seems that steps are separated with slide.
Churches have cemeteries and nurseries.
When it is my time to go, I wish I could just go down a slide for the last time and right into the next world. It is actually a very profound picture, the beginning of life to the end of this life. Awesome picture.
The slide is not for the living, it gets so full at night time
people are dying to get in there!
that would not be super safeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hot on Google sucks why is this in my stream I honestly don't care, sorry rant over.
Little huant while the child play in the grave yard play ground. Nice to meet u.
Crazy dats a park my kid wouldnt enjoy playin.....
Does that come under 'using existing green spaces' I wonder?
This is not a good place for playground because there are exists dead bodies. When anyone play there it will tease them.
keeps kids happy while u talk 2 loveones
Looks like a lowering platform to me!
+Cali Lewis "Country Clubs and cemeteries are the biggest waste of prime real estate." - Al Czervik
That's not right at all I think it is so wrong and sad
Part of the brainwashing of little minds."see where you'll wind up if ya don't eat ya veggies?" Play nice children!
They don't have to decorate much on Halloween
Where is it? I'm moving there to raise my kid
It's a comprehension experiment... I assume this helps young children who are trying to learn the alphabet and numbers... It probably teaches them the importance of memorizing names and dates as well...
i thought it was kind of reminder to play carefully
COOL the best playground hands down
I see the comedy, but it's handy if you bring a son or daughter to visit someone.
Scary thought that children would like that playground. I guess it just gives them the excuse to say that they were playing and talking to the deceased, the dead.
Hasn't anyone seen Poltergeist? The slide is obviously there to keep the spirits entertained so as not to disturb the surrounding housing development.
creeeppy wouldent play there or hang by myself i would hang with friends there lol
Sure is better than placing it next to a prison
I don't think so that's crazy wouldn't take my young grandkids there
so is that where kids' imaginary friends come from???
wow that is crazy it should be removed
I am sure there is that one that tells the kids to get off of his lawn.
Make funerals more fun with our patented Deceased Delivery System.
Make funerals more fun with our patented Deceased Delivery System.
April, 1st? Was this a prank on your fellow Googlers? Mmh?! Did anyone else notice?
Mark R
Grandpa, Is that you?  Boo. OH My.
(chorus)Its a grass line between life and but no foreal i think its a fantastic metaphoric picture of a time capsule(how time seem to pass us by)one moment you're a kid the next you in the ground....Wow great picture!!
wrong!kabistan me plyground na hota.
wrong!kabistan me plyground na hota.
wrong!kabistan me plyground na hota.
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