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Alright guys, I want your help! I got this Arduino Kit from +RadioShack. What should I make with it?? Ideas and suggestions? Let's have some fun! :)

In the Box:
Arduino Uno
USB cable
--9V battery pack w/ DC plug
--9V battery
--Clear breadboard
--Deluxe jumper wire
--Momentary button
(2) Red LEDs
(2) Green LEDs
--(2) Blue LEDs
--(2) Photoresistors
--(10) 10K-ohm resistors
--(10) 220-ohm resistors
--(10) 270-ohm resistors
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Keep the Arduino but please gimme the Bacon Soda.
Get a good power source, create a circle and stick it up someone's ### that you don't like! That would keep them away from you forever.. lol JK
idk whats better... the Arduino Kit or the bacon flavored soda.......... ;-)
Start with a blinky led light show. Each led at different frequencies. 
+1 for TARDIS!!!!!
Or, you could try to make a Bacon Soda delivery system....
A race of intelligent machines to take over the world!
please no bacon soda what about kosher???
....that might take two kits
Make a guessing game... you press a button and it blinks a random number between 1 and 10. You'll learn about switch "bouncing"
Awesome. I had no idea that Radio Shack sold Arduino kits. I wonder if they ship them to Canada?
Yep +Josh Kupke one for the Tardis and the other for the bacon soda delivery system. Trying to use one Arduino for both is just ridiculous. Isn't that right +Fritz Freund ?
Bacon Jones Soda <3

Make something with lots of flashy LED's, it's pretty much required
With arduino and a hacked kinect I am thinking a functional R2 unit. (Minus the repulsor lifts.)
ack... bacon flavored soda just does not work for me.
+Troy Barath That is correct. Although the new doctor showed us you can make a TARDIS out of spare parts... Just need a TARDIS soul.... Do they sell those are Radio Shack?
Make it flash the lights when the photoresistor goes dark.
Who came up with the soda?? Anyway, never too early for a Christmas lights fighting robot!!
A Dalek!
(Sorry, couldn't resist.)
How about dueling Android and iPhone robots? That way we can make those "my phone is better" debates much more entertaining for those of us who do not care. Plus it would be cool to hear a robot say Droid! Or seri say things like "Say hello to my little friend".
I don't even know what that is
Seriously? Bacon flavored soda?? Where can I get some!!?
+Chris Braswell It would be nice to watch the closedPhone get demolished by the Android! lol
+Troy Barath I've always wanted to see that the future is like... hey do you think it gets you back in shape too? Forget a diet... just use the Pandoricas!
You should also look into the .net gadgeteer
For starters you could make a traffic light with the stuff you already have in that box. And since there is no yellow led in your box you could use the rgb one for yellow and for challange :)
The Arduino kit looks interesti........BACON FLAVORED SODA?!?!?!?!?
I was looking at these as well as the Raspberry Pi that was recently released. If you've not heard of Raspberry Pi yet you should check it out (

As for Arduino projects, you could look here for some ideas (you probably already have - which is why you are soliciting ideas from this forum):

How about constructing a "bacon beacon"?
Darth Vader bought one of these kits, and built something really cool with it. the Death Star!
+Bill Williams - Darth Vader also bought numerous extra add-ons and needed at least a small planet in raw materials...and then there was the army of droids to help with assembly and construction. you don't think Lord Vader did all that wiring - do you?
with those components you can make a robot that sets people on fire
+Loren Parker +Bill Williams So obviously Cali should start off by building a droid to assist with the rest of the construction......and bring her more Bacon Flavored Soda while she works.
I don't know what to make with the kit but I'll have some of that bacon flavored soda please.
Radioshack has an Arduino kit?!
If you go to Makerfaire, you can build one for free at the Element14 booth. I did last year. Was a very fun quick project board! :)
Great suggestions, guys! Thanks… I'll keep you updated. :)
+1 for the bacon jones soda.
I think you should... WAIT bacon flavored soda!?!? this is a thing?
Self guided remote control helicopter.
Make what john did but, make it try to find the brightest corner of the room and go in there ;=P.
These things are sooooo AWESOME. I was messing around w/ one of those today...
Build a Drone..... DRRRROOONNNEEESSS <-- In Mr. Crocker Voice...
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