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Lunch with my niece at Willy's in Atlanta. The hot sauce isn't for her. :) 
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asik2 dan sangat keren sekali foto nya :)
Take notice of the disclaimer: Hot sauce is not for the little girl :-)
Sometimes, when they're that age, a little hot-sauce to the eyes is the only thing they understand. [I feel the pre-emptive need to point out that this is a joke, obviously]
Ja oću burek i jogurt ovo mi se ne jede.
Te-he...C'mon... Let her try some :-)
You are in my town!!! Love Willy's the one in Vining's and West Paces Ferry by OK Cafe.  Happy Saturday to you & your Adorable Niece. :-) 
hahahahaha i like it.
my potos :)
why do you not give him the hot sauce?
Do not like?
babies could take hot source because it will make baby more clever
Aww how cute!
+Cali Lewis, what is Willy's?
I don't think they have any here in Canada.
the girl is very pretty, and Aunt .............. also ...
hi, from mexico city, jijijij
+Cali Lewis She has a proper little angel face. Or is she a little devil in disguise? I guess she'd like the hot sauce if she was a little devil :-)
good appetite and thy daughter niece
What do you think of google plus? I'm new to it but I think it could catch on?
be careful Cali the DCFS may think of it as child endangerment, hot sauce (ha-ha!). cute! Dr.V
If you were a good aunt you'd get her hooked on hot sauce early.  Just sayin'.  :-P
How cute! Cheese quesadilla with hot sauce, jammy....Some Kid.. LoL...
Wow-!!-- I wish-! I for " A " Wife-! and for a-lot of kids-!---  For Now "I "take care of my ( 3 ) Niece's when " I " visit.-   For Now    my (2) small dogs are my kids                            
Willy's is awesome!
(and your niece is super cute)
She is so cute..:)
Apm mac
veyyy veryy cute Like baby in Madam marry s hand .. hhmmuuhaa
[?]sweet and beautiful i love that little girl.[?]
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