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Awww!!! So cute! (until he wakes up and starts scratching at you!)
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i love it so much can i have it?
Get your shots now! Does give ya the warm fuzzies.
That's why he has a you can't tell who just assaulted you. Welcome back stateside btw. Looks like ya'll had a fun trip in Japan. Thanks for sharing the pics of your adventure.
Yes, cute ... but adult raccoons do not buy in to the humans-in-charge paradigm.
Its funny how you women think, a Raccoon can spoon with a teddy bear, and that's cute, but if a man spoons with a blow up doll, then its perverted. Thanks again world!
vote vote vote, or what a cute thing
had a squirrel in my house and feed the large afeste me ill, but died after 1.5 years
Actually, they stay cute till they figure out how to open the frig and take the fish to their nest they built inside your couch!
Awesome pics! Follow ur dream and keep ur head up cali! :-)
What a sweet baby! I used to rehab orphaned raccoon. They are the greatest little animals.
It's all good till he wakes up and chews your face or Momma shows up. He is cute though.
Sue Ulm
I have done something similar to this. We used a laundry basket instead for the baby raccoon that we raised. They are really fun animals to have.
Oh I agree so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
Not cute...they are terrorizing us and eating our cats !
Not going to lie. that is ultra adorable :D <3
They are cute when they are babies... well they are always cute
im not soo sure it looks a little creapy but i think it looks a little cute by the way hi im angelina
Oh my gosh!!!! He is precious!!!! Soooooo cute!!!! We had a baby raccoon for a pet when we were little and he was so much fun. He would dip all his food into water including bread. He would pick at the locks so he would get out. He would play in the middle of the night with my toy dishes and well we had to give him up when he got older...he needed to be in the wild. We have beautiful precious photos and memories with him. Thank you for sharing :)
I didn't know that racoons kill chickens.
i guess so but i have seen cuter!
AWE it's so adorable, it's even hugging the teddy bear. I'm gonna call the raccoon RJ.
Emilio li conosci i furetti a Catania si chiamano così
There is the whole issue with these demons of getting into trouble. They love the time they are done with one, and it;s usually peoples cabins being hit, the place looks like a war zone. In addition and a little background info here, we were camping with the grandkids and a family of these cute little things literally attacked the tent and scared the begeebers out of everyone. So............ Keep the food in containers in the Kitchen and don't feed the wild animals.
This reminded me of a national geographic tv ahow in which a huge alligaror tenderly carries a newly hatched turtle to safety. Totally uncharacteristic for an alligator. This image makes me think, love,compassion,innocence,anger,feeling sad and wanted are not just for us humans. They are felt by even animals. So what makes us special? Why do we.not care so much about other's feeling ?
he is the most adorable little thing i have ever seen!!!!!
sooo cute awww i had a pet raccoon once it was so cute!! <3
It does look peaceful but im not a big fan of rabies
ya and tell it turns on you I would get rid of it if I was you
Awwww its so cute..... now get rid of it before you can't.
ahhhh...that is so cute! he looks so innocent and handsome!!!
My grandpa use to own a wild life nusance removal company. They are cute till they get bigger. 
lol "until he wakes up and start scraching at u!" lol, like that
is he burly a baby ??? it those not matter but he is so cut hey i'm sheyla like shaile but thats not my name. whats your name
Aww how cute! I just love little creatures. :)
looks like somebody found their true love
So cute!!!!!!!! Until he starts scratching you after he wakes up!!
Haha that's true! When little animals are asleep ymthey look so cute but when they wake up they are ANIMALS,literally.
When he wakes up the bears head will be bitten off.
Hes cute but thet get aggressive. I have a mom and 5 large babies that live in the tree behind my house. Their problem solving skills is amazing. But not so amazing at the same time. My out door cats had kittens. I caught the racoons hunting them. Military tactics. That may sound silly but the babies would all push the kittens carefully one way while the mom went all the way around the side of TWO houses to sneak up from the rear and get them. I did my best for weeks to foil them but in the end they got what they wanted. I took revenge for the kittens and its been a war ever since.
Awwwww!!!!!!!!!that soooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it a pet or just a picture you can across?
i saw a raccon on my porch this morning. my cat drove it off.
really cute, what kind of animal is it?
thats not wierd its a baby racoon
Why am I getting this in my feed? Who is this person?
They are cool to have around ..until they start pulling your clothes out of the drawers to get more room in their new bed they claimed. Become spoiled and no longer content with just one reese peanut butter cup a day. Stop respecting rules strongly put in place the day you arived like.
We don't eat dad work boots and not all sea food in the house is yours, you have to share. I know it sounds like I didn't enjoy my little furry freind. I did but we didnt mind the day he moved out or back to the tree line :)
so nice he was looking at that time but when he wakes what happened after that............
what's a lovely pet.
Pretty much throughout the US you are prevented from harboring or having these. In most states it is Federal law that you must euthanize them. Big carrier of rabies and other fun diseases. No, not cute. 
V....ery..! Cute Love it.!
My daughter would call him "toot". She has a baby racoon, named Ick. ( stuffed animal) 
pixie z
dream of bed bug to night:):):)
The panda than it cute as a child
ya we should now leave ... otherwise he'll wake up ... n we won't be able to say him awwww !!!
that is really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i loved this so much that i shared it
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