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Hate getting fingerprints on your touchscreen? This is the case for you! #2013CES
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Do they make it for Android Phones? I don't touch iPhones.
Yes +Cali Lewis lets see what developers can come up with new case. Looks interesting
+Omer Segoly and thats consumer reports opinion and I wouldn't own a Android if you bought me the top of the line I smashed my old Android with a hammer when I switched to Apple 
To each his own +Steven Spencer. Android has improved tremendously over the last couple of years. However, some people don't mind having limited functionality and paying twice the amount for it.
There is a reason I call apple CRapple. Their products other than iPod sucks. Least android hasn't had a GPS Map problem that has almost gotten people killed.
+Andrew Head You are aware Google had exactly the same problem in Australia with their maps a week after the Apple news hit, are you not?
WOW, Imagine that... FINGERPRINTS on a TOUCH-Screen

First glance at the packaging makes me think its a sex toy
I'm Australian. Nothing wrong with google maps on my iphone4
Seems like a lot of apple hate comes from people who have never owned and apple device. Do we pay more? Sometimes, but look at all the perks we get. Things like this touch cover come out every other day for idevices. Meanwhile I never even had the option for any neat gadgets for my HTC one x that I also smashed with a hammer. 
+Ian Eisenberg I never saw it on the news. Can you link me an article please? Otherwise, I am afraid it never happened. 
Here is a link. It is easily searchable. The issue was not as bad, but the basic point is that neither company is directly responsible for the data they receive from other sources.
I for one, find this case pointless and a waste. Want to protect your phone? There are a billion cases that do that. Don't want fingerprints on your phone? Get a screen protector. I've got an Otterbox and Invisashield. The only other suggestion I have for you, is get anything other then a touch screen phone. Thx but no thx...
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