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Okay, normally I'm not a big fan of people dressing up their animals, but OMG!
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buzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!! i am your dad. jajajajaj
I am so with you on that thought +Cali Lewis but indeed this is an exception...People dressing up their animals is a pet peeve of mine.
oh...oh...oh ......
is good.....oh
You don't know the power of the bark side!
LOL! @+Jeff Schneider I couldn't have thought of a better line, bro. Still lol'ing.
"Never underestimate the dark side of the pug!"
THIS IS Darth Vader in the dog version:)))))
nt so cute..........its too cuteeeeeeeeee
Hahaha! looks so scary..
The closest my dog's ever been to dressing up is when we made him look like Michaeil Jordan by putting on shorts and an old vest!!
The eyes say it all!
I already love dogs, so this just makes it better. :D
i want more cmt frm u guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,
WOW! That is one of the best of ever seen. I'm assuming they
'photoshopped' the eyes?
finally you got out of the closet Cali :))
happy holi frnds..................................))
everybody look up kony 2012 on youtube
That is so cute and his eyes are red because he is darthvater
cute... or wierd???? totaly out of idea..........
whats this,...... soo funny
sorry that was my sister thats so cool
Bum Bum Bum Bum ba Bum Bum-da-Bum- xD
I didnt even see it was dog
what on earth is this...what kind of animal is this...?
Is there even an animal in there? Maybe there used to be...
I have to share that! My Brussel's name is Buckeye, "I am your Father.." lol! :-)
I find your lack of treats......disturbing....
I Own a beautiful Black Pug ...!!!!!1 they are the best :)
wonder. cali lewis likes dressing up in actual...? :).
Ariv D
Awesome... The Dark Invader
Ha! Ha! This is this best funny Photo I've ever seen in my life!
Hello! Prince. I am very happy to see you!
Joan B.
Funny! I can hear the heavy, weird breathing...
Why dose this person keep posting i'm not usualy into such and such and blah blah blah???
Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! (heard as a series of barks)
Luke.. I'am your pug!
LOL! darth pug. awesome pic :)
very very beautiful work and deeply serch you have good experiance at you'r job. Amir nawaz from pakistan
You are right that is why you have dressed a toy or what is it?
Ray Wu
this just made my alergy even worst but freakin funny!
OMG it's a robotdog !! wow soo coollll
The force is with you young dogwalker....but you are not a Jedi yet.
..................................................... wtf is that!!!
"You don't know the POWER of the Bark Side"!!
It's those red eyes... scary weird...ooooooooo.
So ugly! Butt to cute
Oh yea, that dog looks really happy! Probably knows Darth dies in the end.
It's Dog Vader..dadadaddadadadadada da da da
There's only one man who would dare give me the rasberry....
Bring the wookie to me!
+Cali Lewis Why do people think that a dog or cat or any animal need clothes I cannot figure this out to save my soul.
Man that is funny! XD
Now all he needs is a voice changer so when he barks, he sounds like darth vader XP
I have to say that is pretty darn cute!
I didn't know Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog had an evil step-brother...
Me too I use to have one but it died a couple years ago it was only 2 years old I was so sad
Holy Shit! That's fucken awesome! ;) Luke I am your owner OBEY MY EVERY WHIM! lol
Me either.I can't stand when ppl dress their pets but ill let this one pass!:)
it more looks like a pig for me. Isn't it?
at first i thought that was a garden gnome. then i saw the face. i was like omg thats a dog
nice! SO,.................... CUTE! NOT FAIR!
the things people do to our furry children. The great part is they still love us! Got to admit that is too funny!
Haha neva dress it like this at ngt though lol cute :)
Vadar is should have him put down right away.
Omg. That is soooo cute and really scary! Lol. Jk about the scary part. :)
If you don't like this photo then you are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor and should be taken away.
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHh Run for your lives!
Cool for sure but you should see the giddy-ups that people wear to please their animals.
How are the eyes red?!! 
o miy gosh! that i the cutest thing i have ever seen
Who is it. It looks like so scary.
Thats one scary Darth Vader !!!
You realize that dog won't forget this.
this is by far the most................
this pic is so wrong....thats all,
"I find your lack of pedigree disturbing...."
The original Bark Vader - the Evil Ewok :-D
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