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What a beautiful wedding today! +Scott Ellis and +Wendi R W McGowan are an amazing pair. +John Pozadzides took tons of great photos! I can't wait to see them all. This is from the prep...
Today +Holly Pozadzides, +Cali Lewis and I were privileged to be able to share in the wedding of my friends +Scott Ellis and +Wendi R W McGowan.

They also entrusted me with the photography for their special day, and hopefully I didn't let them down.  I'm in the process of importing and scrubbing through nearly 4,000 photos I took this week, and I thought I'd share one with you guys.

You think I'm on the right track with this thing, or what?
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congratulations ---congratulazione------felicitation
Hehe Congratulations to some beautiful people whom I don't know.  And great photos!
So gorgeous congratulations :)
Yes I think you are, love to see more of them. Congratulations to the happy couple as well. 
She looks deepin thought here like I'm married now time I hope I did right?
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