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Whoa!! What does a skunk smell like, because I think I'm experiencing it right now…. yuck!! 
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At first it just smells like chemicals.  Once it starts to oxidize it smells vaguely like bitter sulfur.  I have been within 30ft when a skunk got 2 of my dogs and it did not smell like a skunk till 10 min later.
Yeah. It's a very strong distinctive smell. Very hard to explain. Once you've smelled it you'll always remember.
You get used to it and then end up liking it when you grow up in the Midwest.
It kiinda smells like the combined scent of 1000 armpits after a 5 mile run mixed with sour milk o_0
Strong, slightly acrid, clears your sinuses and smells like you'll never get that smell out of your nose again!
Jenny A
You've never smelled a skunk? OMG!
I have a skunk and 3 pups at the end of my garden and they regularly run past my window.  I always thought it was my ground floor neighbor smoking some nasty cigars outside my place but now I come to realize it is skunk !

It has this funny burning-my-nose feeling.  Not fun.
Dirty socks + white onions + garlic + armpit BO = skunk
That does beg the question, what are you been doing?
Can't really be described in proper terms, but trust me you don't want to experience it.
you've never smelled a skunk?
+Dave Cole Nothing! I'm just sitting out on my porch working. Is that too much to ask? :)
I just chased one out from underneith my deck - the only way to describe the smell would be a comination of mace and pinesol cleaner.
acrid, foul, unreasonably strong- too close can easily make your eyes water, and not much like anything else you're likely to smell.  We get to smell them all the time here in the midwest.  
Hang on ... You're all way overthinking this ...

It smells like CES, Day 4.
Jack, your mother calling you home for dinner!
John H
intensely bad if it's close!!! 
Now you know why you can never take a road trip with the boys of Geek Beat... they can't blame a fart on the skunks anymore.
Skunks don't smell any different than other animals. It's their spray that smells. And it smells like any random summer night in the north east.
+Cali Lewis I empathise with you then, nothing is more distracting than errant smells.
A skunk stink is just unique period. Sadly it lingers like smelly laundry in hamper...maybe even worse.
The smell of Weed (pot) growing is pretty close.
You say this while the smell, but smell what I do not understand?
+Cali Lewis it smells like skunk on my porch every night! 
You've never smelled one before? In Illinois?
Yeah iv been there lol just put some mrs clean in It and the smell is gone 
+Cali Lewis it smells like skunk on my porch every night! 
Chances are you're still a good distance away, maybe a few hundred meters?  Er yards >_>    If you've never smelled one before, it's hard to describe...but you'll remember it.
Walt B.
To me,it smells similar to burning rubber,not tire rubber but the rubber that accessory drive belts are made of. Texas is the first place I ever smelled one,down south in the more rural parts.
But if you're on your porch...that's no fun, means you can't get away from it as long as you're in your house :(

edit: house of yore?  >_>
Buy the old Stinkor, Masters of the Universe figure, they got the smell dead on.
If I were you, I would OVERSTINK it! Lol
You should maybe take the back roads a little instead of the freeways. I KNOW you've been in Texas long enough to have smelled plenty of skunks.
How can you be from Texas and not know the wonderful aroma of skunk?
Hey people, play nice.... it just means Cali is (more) lucky...or at least was!

Also, she has my sympathies as i'm pretty sure something was considerate enough to die just outside my bedroom.
HI Cali 
How are you Today ???
Also always reminds me of burning rubber, roofing tar, and sulfur. Generally stinky and unpleasant.
Oh, and if you're experiencing it while sitting at your computer indoors, no windows or doors open, etc -- I'd be concerned :-)
To maintain a good mood, is when an egg, won the lottery!
Sh$t wrapped in 4 day old banana peel dipped in expired eggs which sat out in the hot sun for 6 days. Sorry for the graphic nature, but I felt you needed the truth. My advice is to run!
They smell like a nostril searing chemical, and I've been seeing them a lot this month. Sometimes squished on the street and very smelly.
you have lived too sheltered a life to not have had this experience before...Seriously?
I don't know this is difficlt
First, everyone has a first time so it's amazing that so many people are shocked that you can have a first too.  Sheesh.

Second.  The burnt rubber smell is unmistakable.  In fact the first time I smelled it I was fairly certain what it was.  If it's rancid in a way you've never known, mark this as the day you became a real Californian.
Kinda' like LaGuardia Airport at low tide. 
Nice description +John Scott, never heard a skunk smell described like burnt rubber. Skunk smell is 10x worse than burnt rubber.
I got scared tonight. I was walking minding my own business and I saw a skunk 10 feet away from me. It just starred at me and I ran away.
Staring is not the problem. Mooning you is a different story however. ;)
And skunks smell a lot like ferrets, only far, far stronger.
+Dar Dudley If you mean an unaltered male in season, yes. Otherwise, not so much.
If you can imagine what aburing tire might smell like, that's pretty much it.
It smells like really good weed !!! 
DJ Hunt
Well it doesn't smell like any good weed that I've had.  A very pungent, acrid, make you want to cry smell.  You might have run across a patch of Skunk Cabbage which smells exactly like, you guessed it, a skunk, hence, its name.
+Brian Briskey if you think skunk weed is good weed, you need a new dealer my friend 8)
I would send you a Thousand Roses, to make that smell go away!
A mix of cat pee and cannabis sativa.
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