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Tell me it's not true!!
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Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr.
I guess man that girl is really good at this stuff I wish I had as much talent as her!
Is there an app to sort the rubbish out from the good :) never heard such bullpoo in my life. 
That's a little freaky...

Hey, I'm fluffy, I've been your cat for six years, OMFG you just pet me!!! I'm so friggin' pissed right now!!! I need my blood pressure medicine. :P
what?! well i think that's really sad. if cats were human, they'd probably die early.
Whoever thought of this might've been scratched by his or her cat because he or she didn't know how to scratch the cat the right way. ^_^
I knew it! My cats don't like me, they're just getting ready for the kill.
You couldn't even have sex without going into cardiac arrest... ?
maybe The Diary was real. um. how do you style an italic here?
italics is using the _ before and after the words like this
"It was once thought that the purr was produced from blood surging through the inferior vena cava, but as research continues it seems that the intrinsic (internal) laryngeal muscles are the likely source for the purr. Moreover, there is an absence of purring in a cat with laryngeal paralysis. The laryngeal muscles are responsible for the opening and closing of the glottis (space between the vocal chords), which results in a separation of the vocal chords, and thus the purr sound. Studies have shown, that the movement of the laryngeal muscles is signaled from a unique “neural oscillator” (Frazer-Sisson, Rice, and Peters, 1991 & Remmers and Gautier, 1972) in the cat’s brain."
Got this from and confirmed it with the How stuff works/Animal planet site.
I tried that... it didn't work... >.<
NOT true! Actually cats are equipped with tiny turbochargers that kick in as they shift gears from "lounge" into "pounce". The rest of the explanation is true though -- obviously it is for attack purposes.
Lol, it's still freaking hilarious... you reach down to pet your cat and it freaks out because it thinks your going to strangle it.

Of course it's not true, why do you think your cat rubs up against your leg and purrs?
No, I'm not sleeping... the lights are on, but no one is home. :P
Not true! I've heard my cat's heartbeat (when the house's really quiet) and heard him purring at the same time with completely different rhythms.
Entirely not true +Cali Lewis

If it were true, I would be a bloody mess from all the cats that purred at me!
Some women on the other had....they purr and do attack a the same time.....;)
Great..I guess that explains why my cat waits until I'm comfortable with him to snuggle up next to me. Why that dirty...
Yes! It is true, the cat species is (generally speaking) contemptuous of the people it rules. Love the posting thanks!
Nature provides warning when dangerous animals are around. A reptile with bright colors generally warns you that it is poisonous. A purring sound informs you that a ninja with ferocious claws is about to attack you.
That IS NOT true anyone 2 belive it is stupid!!:L
No need to worry! Just de-purr your cat. It's very safe and easy these days.
The purring of a cat is a communication, generally indicating that they are pleased, happy, or content. de-purr, does that mean take it's heart out?!?!
There are a lot of people I'd like to sell a nice bridge in Brooklyn to...
+Hayssam Hassaballa I gotcha! I'm playing right along!!! :)
Cats purr due to the alien comms device they have in built. World domination is coming, and it smells like tuna breath!
Lies. My cat purs when being petted by my sister, yet completly stops when i approach.
hmmmm interesting thought. Not sure I believe it. Many cats seem to enjoy the petting and do not seem aggressive.
That's not true. Cat's have 2 Vocal Chords. One for Meowing and One for Purring. So... yeah.
That is BS!!!!!!!!
Who ever wrote that does NOT own a cat!!!!!
And knows NOTHING about them!!!
Some, very insecure people may feel intimidated by cats, for the rest of us, cats are loving creatures who loves petting.
Cats can and do hiss and snarl to ward off dangerous animals, apart from meowing and purring. It is also obvious that a cat often enjoys being petting and being tickled and actively comes close to allow you to pet it.
Lastly, I dispute the statement that a cat can only feel contempt. I do not believe scientific knowledge of humans have advanced enough to be able to ascertain what kinds of feelings a cat brain can simulate. Man has not learned much of our own brains, let alone that of another species.
Cats also have a natural fear of Snakes, hence why they hiss like them to ward off other cats. A toy snake is suppose to be good at scaring cats away from your garden.
I do admit that i don't remember where i read or heard this from so some fact checking may be in order.
Jon Dye
Do people really not realize that this is intended as a joke? Dog people can be so stupid, just like dogs.
If they think you are to close and you are going to attack them, why don't they run away or attack you. You know "FIGHT OR FLIGHT"
My cat loves snakes, I never seen a cat afraid of snakes.
in simple terms, purring is used as either communication or a very low energy healing process for when they are sick or injured. Purring has nothing to do with their prey or territorial protection. Every cat owner knows that cats 'mark their territory.'
Cats also purr when they're eating...that's because the food is close enough to attack?
this post is simply stupid and the ppl who belive in this shoulb better learn not to believ everything where the word "Fact" is in the title
0_0 That explains why my mother went out to buy 2 cats; to safeguard her chocolate. Still, that seems accurate since our parrot-sized cat keeps climbing onto my shoulder -_-' .
I thought it was the sound they made while they sucked out a humans soul.
no no no i have a cat and its not only "contempt" but its stupid, angry, and happy. Also if a cat is ALWAYS contempt, then why doesnt it purr or not purr all the time?
So, it's true.... My cat loves me while I'm feeding her. But if I stop it, kitty'll kill me while I'm asleep - because I'm close enough to be attacked... :(
The FACT is...we don't know what makes a cat purr. Sorry. Haven't figured that one out yet. But while we are stumped finding clinical evidence, let's pander to the mindless drama hordes and push some nonsensical, illogical crap.
I find that very offensive my wife loves please erase this
The title of this pic is "The Funnies". I dunno, might mean something, right? ^_^
Guess I will have load the o'l shot gun when iI take my nap.....Hear kitty kitty !
This is interesting.... Maybe they are vulnerable that's why they purr when they want to get close.
i had cat s for a long time trust me they are as different as human It can be true but one of my cat purring when she see me form mile away!! and I never see a cant doing this while it hunting something ...
I thought the purring was cuz they felt horny happy to see me.
It's not funny. It's pathetic.
It sounds like people do not know what to say anymore
not true totally not true.
Sounds legit to me.
i once had a traumatic experience with a cat it started with purring and ended in the E R the cats claws were never extracted from my face leaving me a dark reminder of how those face sucking creatures of darkness behave
and some thing else Do you know a cat never want his/her master see
him/her dying and try to go some where that no one find it (& your cat just disappeared)
This is absolutly false, had a cat for almost 16 years, go out for, let say groceries, come back and the first she did was rubbing my leg purring mad, meaning "Oh I missed you", sitting on the couch, me at one end her sitting at the other, start talking about what I did while away, or telling her she is the greatest kitty, start purring, also when they are in pain they purr to confort themself, they have more complex emotion the we realize, what I am reading on that picture most come from a Dog lover.

So Cali, if you have a cat (or more,) and he/she start purring in your presance, it is just happiness to be with that big human sister.
It is nonsecne, my cats often lies on their back - so they are most valnurable and kinda helpless... So, it makes no sence in this context:)
Cats are like people, and like apples: good cats, mean (feral) cats; good people, bad people; good apples......but only good cats purr.
From wikipedia:
Scientists at the University of California, hypothesised that a cat's purr can be used as a healing mechanism to offset long periods of rest and sleep that would otherwise contribute to a loss of bone density. (...) Dr. Lyons, one of the leading scientists in this study, suggests that this finding may be applicable to astronauts during extended periods in zero gravity. (...) exposing these astronauts to sound frequencies similar to those of a cat's purr could counteract the deteriorating effects of zero-gravity.

In other words, cats are good candidates for space travel. I bet they were Aliens all along.
it's definitely & completely not true, because when they in Satisfaction mood,cat's make that sound from larynx not from their hearth!!!
I agree that it's not true. These things are made up by people that don't like cats. Cats are too independent for them. The cat doesn't require his/her full attention to exist, like a dog does. A cat can take care of themselves, if need be. A dog will start knocking over garbage cans, or run in a pack with other dogs, and attack other animals and people. Give me a cat any day!
If you didn't know that this was a joke-kill yourself
seriously so not true well atleast mines have different emotions :)
Are you kidding guys? This is hilarious because it's so true! I've never met a friendly cat in my life. They're aloof and give plently of attitude. Dogs are the way to go!
Cats do great once U put a familiar spirit into them!
Only emotion - contempt ... had few cats in my life and that statement is 100% true.
woa!! i've raised atleast six kittens and they sure did scratched a couple times too... din know those felines were attacking me that way!!! freaking cats....
I love cats. I'd get a couple if I didn't work such crazy shifts.
Okay, first of all, how does the author know what or how a cat senses. They are not a cat. Does this person have a talking cat to tell him or her what it is sensing. I think the poster was made to cause conversation. I am the 125th comment. Or, it is clear to me that the person who made this poster did not have a close relationship to a cat. Or study the body language of a cat. My cat, Tony, (mother: Antoinette) comes up to me and when I pet him, he flops over on his side and has me pet him while he falls to sleep-Purring all the time. When I stop and pull my hand away, he stops purring, and turns his head and looks at me, sometimes almost asleep, letting me know he's not asleep and then I continue until he does fall asleep. He is purring constantly the whole time. Very loudly at first and then tampers off. I have learned that his purring stops when he is totally asleep. He falls into such a deep sleep I can move him around like he is dead weight. Now, when I pick him up and cuddly him sometimes when he doesn't want to cuddle, he has a deep growling purr, but his tail is waging a mile a minute, and he is looking sideways at me. Yeah! Then I put him down. But, I leave a window open for him as I live out in the country and he has his freedom of coming and going. Sometimes, I hear him come rushing into the window and comes up to me and gets into my arms and has me hold him up on my shoulders until he wants to get down. At night, he comes up to me and gets in under the covers for a bit, stays for a bit and leaves. I believe he has been frightened by something and needs some sort of reassurance. Okay, I could go on about cats. I am a lover of cats. Only one at a time though.
No I Believe This Person Did Not Have A Cat Who Was Their Buddy.
I love when my cat purrs and he doesn't act like he wants to attack me, he acts affectionate, and why would a cat want it's prey to hear it? They're meticulously as silent as can be when on the prowl. Thus, I would say this is not true. Don't believe everything you read on the web.
Bull,he feels attacked,yea, thats why when i pet her she purrs more because she does'nt want me to stop & she senses my love.i wonder what kind of expert they are
It's sorta true but actually before the research was published Fritz Leiber (the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser guy) did a series of very funny stories from a cat's point of view which explain it more truthfully.
because of the reactions and rebuttals, mind telling us who did the research and how they arrived at this conclusion...thanks for sharing
I've always heard that it has to do with the nasal structure and the vocal mechanisms. Here's something in line with what I've read in the past:
I've also heard that they purr when they're either happy or angry, and the purr is at such a frequency that it helps strengthen their bones when they're sleeping. That's how cats can spend so much time sleeping and still have strong enough bones to survive jumps from high places.
Oh man, thats a crock, personally I don't believe a word of it.
yeah, and cats lovingly rub up against us because they do that to ALL their prey... riiiight....
I don't believe that either.
i love you...i mean i want to kill you.
Well they should do one: HUMAN FACTS: Why are humans selfish?
I will now attempt to make Cali Lewis purr, if she allows it. Then I will post the results of the experiment.
i read that people who chant 'om' releases nitric oxide that cause vasodilation and relaxes them. Maybe purring does the same thing; a sort of self-comforting like infants sucking on a pacifier.
This string confirms the writer of idiocracy was a prophet. 
Iris Hu
that is soo NOT TRUE! i love cats!! (no matter what they do)
....or so damn stupid at times!!
OMG gosh if u hate cats so much just say so, don't post something mean that u made up about cats !
Purring does not come from the's from their vocal chords.

From Animal Plant: "It turns out that cats have special wiring! The wiring travels from the brain to the muscles in the voice box, and this wiring is able to vibrate the muscles so that they act as a valve for air flowing past the voice box. The muscles work both during inhalation and exhalation, which creates the impression that cats can purr continuously. The air passes through the valve, which opens and closes rapidly to create the purring sound"
Love this... cats r evil. Not to be trusted o_O 
Ppl r so sensitive.... its funny get over it... 
So basically too much petting can lead to a heart attack
never really liked cats in the first place.. now I'm never gonna TOUCH one ever again either... -___-
My baby is sitting on my knee right now purring...... Cats have SO many emotions... and I can tell when she is happy, content, playful, hungry, wanting attention, angry, annoyed and pissed off... and the list goes on... LOL..... I FEEL her LOVE... I SEE it in her eyes... Her emotions are written ALL over her face.... They are there for EVERYONE one to see... IF ONLY they would take the time to LOOK!! The LOVE of an animal is extremely beneficial to our health. Petting a cat can reduce your blood pressure among other things..... I would NOT swap the LOVE from my little Girl for anything... We dont own Cat's.... THEY own us!!
If you were stuck on a desert Island and could have a cat or a dog I would pick a cat because I would eat a cat.
thats cool i didnt know that........... i guess you know something new every day
coool now i know where that sound is coming from when im petting my cat
But I've def heard my cat purr without my petting him.
I love cats...but still have a sense of humour :D
I agree I would totally eat a cat over a dog. I HATE CATS SOOOO MUCH!
Nikki C
Ask the legend that is Eddie Izzard....He knows the REAL reason!
Cat's have attitude problems! don't like cats.
I dont really like cats.Imean kittens are cute but i hate when they bite and scratch!
This posts and the comments attached to it make me despair for the future of humanity. You must be the people I've heard about who confuse The Onion with a real newspaper.
"Who the ** do come up with these utterly stupid meaningless things? And who the ** agree to these without just trying a Google search? Simply, ** off uneducated lame haters. I know Cats very well, both by the facts of research findings and by own experience. No comparison, they are among the best ever species to exist in the world. And anyone with bit of common sense know that Purring is a common way of showing relaxation and happiness for all the Felines. Purr.." <3
NO. Psssssssshhhhhh...... Nope. Noway. Nope. No. no.
Everyone who took this seriously needs to learn yhe meaning of satire. I suppose you believe everything you read on yhe internet? LMAO!!!!
No wonder I hate cats. Bastards don't give a shit much like a honey badger :)
Oh Purrlease people. It's purrrfectly simple. We purr because you seem to like it. Hey, if it gets my food opened, then who am I to disappoint. Miaowing my little white socks off here.
Some cats will purr and stretch and present their underbelly to be petted and in one instant turn into a bear-trap with all four sets of claws in your arm. I have the scars to prove it.
Well my friend would say, "OH SHAWP THATS DOG GONE CRAZY"
shared this on my FB - didn't know how to give you credit or straight share on FB.......sounds like I just stole it!
not necassarily every cat is dfferent just like each one of us is different just because one of us could be a criminal doesnt mean everyone else is the same!! same with cats my cat is amazing!!
it's simply not true. purring is NOT the sound of cat's heartbeat.
ever notice when you walk into a room and your cat dashes out the other way? that was a failed assassination attempt.
I enjoyed the funnies from some of you, thanks for the laffs. It's not true at all though. My cat is loving and even purrs in his sleep at times and just like the rest of us mammals in my home when I go to bed he follows and sleeps on my bed by me all night. He only purrs when he's happy and relaxed (not at play) and I know this because Boo is a blanket lover. I have a small sheer blanket and all I have to do is cover him with it and he purrs like mad. He can see through the blanket and likes to play with me while he's covered. It's so funny to see his little ears (under the blanket) turn towards me or what he's looking at. He's very clever and can even cover himself with it. A cat purrs from birth. It's how he finds his mother to feed from hearing her purr because they are born blind and they learn that purring brings them mom, milk, and all things good until their eyes open. Cats usually purr when they are very content. If you do hear a cat purr when it seems upset that is because they also purr when they are horney and even fixed cats can be horney so you get the purr and the growls at once. Cats also purr and kneed when they are older reminiscing about feeding when they were kittens. About the heart, wrong! Cats purr because thier voice box muscles rapidly twitch causing vibrations in the air being breathed in and out which is why the purr sounds continuous. The theory that a cat's voicebox is responsible for purring is supported by the fact that cats that have paralyzed voice box muscles are unable to purr. I once had a cat like that but he was still a sweetheart. One more thing to consider...if you have problems with any pet you are probably not caring for them properly. Animals need more than food and water they are actually more intellegent then we give them credit for, sometimes they are smarter than thier owners.
maybe his cat does that but not mine!!!
My cat does actually purr before attacking me on occasion but this can't be true!
cats feel many many more emotions and contempt is not one of them..that is a human emotion
don't agree, all my cats purred when they were enjoying themselves, getting some love from me! (petting)
watever(she said lik she didnt believe it)
Most experienced "cat wranglers" now know that cats don't purr only when they are content and happy. They also purr during tense or traumatic moments. When suddenly and violently injured, even at moments near death, a cat will often purr.
It seems that the measurable Hertz of a cat's purr lies between 25 and 150. Coincidentally (or not) it has been found that sound frequency in this range can stimulate bone growth and healing
Purring under stress has more colorfully been described as the cat's mantra, e.g., a self-soothing, self-healing, relaxing, vibrating sound (sort of like the Ommmm one might hum while in the lotus position..
what?!?!? no!scientists dont know why cats purr yet! there are theories though.... and one of them is that the muscles that are in the cat rub each other because they like the feeling and feel affectionate! i dont think this post is true!
Doesn't anybody know that contempt means happy? DUH!!!!
my cats feel love...and I love them back ...and that is all that matters, I don't need to know exactly why they's if they don't purr that worries me...
Ro Roe
I don't believe this, anyone who has cats know this is not true..Nope..
From a purely scientific point of view, cats purr when they are angry, hunting, happy, etc... nobody really knows why they purr..... (I'm a cat lover and owner btw)....
I used to have a cat. And he ran away. And i am sad. When he was with me. He have a blod nose. And i put a tissue.
they ARE!?? wow....i nevar knew tht....... }:)
ha. im glad im a dog person.
I once chanced upon a schizophrenic cat. One of it's personalities did purr at me and seemed quite pleasant.

But in a flash, it got angry, jumped up, swatted a nearby dog in the face, and then ran away.

Come to think of it, he did seem kind of contemptuous.
I'm calling my mom :'(
" Tell me its not true"
Its not true hahahaha
That is interesting I didn't know that, I actually hope that's not true...
who are you, the person who posted this? because random people keep popping up on my page.
And people know this how. Do they talk to cats? Did they ask them why they purr?
I don't think cats are only capable of feeling "contempt" especially since contempt is not an emotion.
Complete and utter rubbish, I find it hard to believe that you've actually taken the time to post and question, without actually doing any research! After all you've Google at your fingertips... P-lease!
i don't think its true..i petted cats and they purred....they never attacked me
This is so true +Cali Lewis! Never turn your back on a purring cat, it means certain death! OK, I'm only kidding! :)
when i pet my cat, it begins to relax and lyes down.
this is sooooooo wrong its not even funny. Google+ let me down for the first time
Great so now my cat is going to kill me because of all the times i have been petting it
Wow is that true im rly scared of cats and now im scarder than ive ever been
Crazy cat people are out in full force today...and apparently can't take a joke.
i think its not right at all .. i used 2 have 14 cats at same time and never been attacked >>>
Well there is someone in my Class who is Obssesed with cats. we call her Crazy Cat Lady
U mean.. All this time my cats have been planning a big attack while I'm petting them?! Lol 
lmfao at first glance it seems kinda serious until you see "the funnies"
imma on ur side i HATE cats! imma wit jarold espiritu 2 :P
well idk about that but um i guess its possible, i mean really cats are just different, like you can train dogs but not really cats
I thought my cat loved me! I didn't know he thought I was attempting to kill him.
It is partially true but the purr sound has to do with the flow of the blood through the veins and vibrating off something. Forgot what is is.
do u even own a cat cuase u are just plain stupid
im so allergic to cats. one step near them and im expieriencing ithy eys
theres no way thats true.My cat rubbs on me when he purrs and he has been mine since he wuz a kitten!He even left earlier than he was supposed too! I DONT think this is true.
AND my cat wouldnt ever attack me unless i was messing with him.
they are not worthless they are innocent animals that god created for some of us to love and i have a cat
Its not the fact that " the cat people dont find it funny" ... its the problem of so many people on here seem belive it ... this saddens me
I love my cats, but when they start pissing all over the house (All of my cats are fixed) after 5 years of living together just fine. They are now outside cats that think daddy no longer loves them. Daddy just loves for his house to not smell like pee...
Oops. This is obviously cat-hating crap. Cats generally do purr when they are content but there are certain situations where a cat will purr but it is not due to contentment. I think what allows a cat to purr is the same thing that allows a lion to roar and growl. It's just not as developed in house cats. I think....don't quote me.
This is not cat hating crap, its a fairly obvious joke. I think its hilarious, and I love my evil little attack cats.
+Michael Gee something obviously triggered that behavior. It would be extremely unusual for them to start doing that after 5 years with no problems. It may not be anything you did but something caused it
..well since you commanded...It's not true! :)
I love cats, course I have no self respect. Thank you sir, may I have another!
That is not true at all! Cats can be happy. I have had cats all my life. Love them to death!
Ummm, I would have to say- Not true?! Not a cat lover, but I'm pretty sure they pur while rubbing up against your legs and such.
That is so not true, i dont have a cat, but still its not true
Zia Pen
Not true. I am a cat. 
Yeah, this isn't true. Cats purr to show happiness, contempt ness, pleasure, or sometimes even frustration. It turns out that cats have special nerves/muscles/wiring or whatever that travel from the brain to the muscles in the voice box, and this wiring is able to vibrate the muscles so that they act as a valve for air flowing past the voice box. The muscles work both during inhalation and exhalation, which creates the impression that cats can purr continuously. The air passes through the valve, which opens and closes rapidly to create the purring sound.
I think cats do feel certain emotions. They may not be exactly like humans but they do cry when they are upset or stressed. They can be affectionate. They seem angry with other cats at times.
We can't sneeze with our eyes open
Definitely believe what you said Rainy to be absolutely true. And that is true for the larger cats too.
Like domestic cats when gently stroked her neck, then he sounds Purr, and not too long he was asleep
Almost seems like people think the post was serious.
I'm not sure. They make a good arguement.
Wow that made me one more fact smarter thanks:)
Here is an excerpt from an article in the Scientific American that offers some insight.
"Scientists have demonstrated that cats produce the purr through intermittent signaling of the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles. Cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz."

But then again, this may just be a troll.
Bull crap- or kitty doo doo--I know my cats love me!
Had a photo professor in college who hated cats to the point where he banned the students from turning in any cat pictures for assignments.

He had this to say about the difference between cats and dogs, "If you die and you have a dog it will lie down beside you and die with you. If you have a will eat you."
Also worked with a guy once who described cats as "lizards with fur".
learn something new all the time I guess huh...but cats got issues
Throw ur cat under sum water an then u will see wot it really looks like alien invader
Hmm... I had always heard that the purr was caused by something else, but after 54 years (almost), it's difficult to recall just what (I'll definitely have to research it). Still, I'm having trouble associating this statement with any of the lovely little critters with whom I've been friends over the years. I've had several, from newborn to years and years old, and they've been nothing but happy. affectionate and loyal -and that even during times when I've been very ill -I got lots of snuggles and kisses, but even though I lay there for days -(even unable to get up and feed poor kitty for awhile there), and never noted any signs of the precious little furballs looking up at me and licking their chops in anticipation of my early demise, despite their hunger. Therefore, I cannot help but doubt this statement, and would not believe it before checking with experts on kitty anatomy and physiology, and learning with certainty of this very odd statement. No offense, of course -just sounds so opposite of all that I have experienced with our feline friends.
so if a black cat stares at me and purrs at me, what does that mean?
I highly doubt it. My cat purrs all the time and her heart rate isn't close to being in sync. 
I like cats they taste like rabbits
That can't be true
it is for my kitten
then again she can attack from any where
its not true... animals might not be as evolved as us, but they do have emotions.
It's funny 'cause the post above is about women and cats.
People actually believe this... it's a joke! Since when does a heartbeat make a purring sound?
everything about cats commented not true at is very will be very to be with cats then MEN ...!
Wait till my vet hears about this. . . Hmmm. . .when i am a vet, i wonder if people will appreciate the sarcasm of this and buy it if i tell them this. . . 
Isn't contentment a form of happiness? Contentment makes me happy, but I'm not a cat.
whaaaaat...? methinks it be liez
Crap! If it were true then cats wouldn't curl up on your lap and go to sleep when you stroke them. If you hear the same sound from a woman on the other hand.....RUN LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL! (Do bats run?)
Bulsjytt! Whoever wrote that has never been close to a cat. Our Pussycat (that's his name) purrs a lot, and pushing my ear against his wonderfully soft fur I can clearly hear his heartbeat WHILE I also hear his purring. "Fact" is, last time I researched the subject, how cats produce the purring sound (something is vibrating) is unknown. Then again, I guess the post was a troll... Yes?
You know what...there's a lot of incorrect information on the internet, but I get the feeling that this might be 100% accurate.
this is NOT true. we have 4 cats, and when thay are purring, their heartbeat is exacly the same as when they dont purr. this is a joke!!
This is a conspiracy theory of dog lovers ❣
How do you know what are the cat's emotions?
hisao m
It is not true.
Nick Lu
What the heck...
This is partly correct, except that the purring "noise" is never actually transmitted as sound pressure.

What you are "hearing" is your hair cells in your inner ear vibrating gently during a low intensity attempt by the cat to give you head cancer.

The feelings of calm from stroking a cat, actually occur due to the numbing sensation during this attack, which our ears interpret as purring.

The intensity of the attack is more marked in cats who have scented portions on the upper back/neck portion.

It is not yet understood the purpose of either.
@OP That is so not true!!! I have two cats and they have many feelings especially when they make weird faces at my sister :D
wow I had no idea. but I can feel the contempt when I leave her for a day. I got that one down
WTF!!! like jumpin safely from any hieght wasnt creepy enough!!
Remember, folks, anyone can post anything to the Internet:) True vs. not true - believe what you want to believe or do the research to prove or disprove the theory.
Wow. Some people do not get humor.
This thread makes me regret my comments about people being smarter on G+. I'm going to post this on FB and see how many people get it.
Now I know what cats and women have in common.
muybonitalabor esmuy hapreciabre tu trabajo auke noloentiendo seve ke hamas tu trabajo
Wow, reading the comments ... Sheesh! I can't believe there are so many people who didn't realize this was a joke. For Pete's sake people! This picture is hilarious!
Dogs are more work though. You don't have to take care of a cat as nearly as much.
cm on do u guys believe that sh.. ?
Didn't realize how many dumb people there are! Wow you people think every joke your told is the truth as well?? Lmao at stupid people! 
I'm sorry -I've had cats as pets for a good part of my life -beginning in early childhood, and I disagree.  A cat would not jump up in a person's lap, rub their face on the person's face, etc., WHILE PURRING, I MIGHT ADD, if all that it was capable of emotionally were CONTEMPT!  I don't know where the information came from, but the person who has spread this statement as fact has probably been referring to the large cats, and not domesticated ones -in which case this would apply-as a lion or tiger's heartbeat once it gets this close to a person would increase, as there would be a quick attack, and then a meal, including the ensuing protection of the prey, during which time the cat is still on high alert, and thus would seem to be purring -obviously, there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between a domesticated, smaller animal and a wild -or even "tamed" large cat.  

I'm sure that there are millions and millions of people who will agree, swearing that their cats LOVE them, and have formed permanent, AFFECTIONATE AND INTERDEPENDENT ATTACHMENTS.

Thanks for sharing.
That's not true. Cats purr from their throats.
I've been had by most of my 64+ years of life & Yes, they do hold most humans in contempt; but they will also be quite happy of we learn "how to" earn it (a happy & contended cat)..
i don't think it's because it senses you're close enough to be attacked?!... a cat purr when it feel safe & care
That's a retard's theory. Don't even make sense.
Purring comes out of their throat not their heart u dummy
Holy smokes. You commenters are silly. This post is intentionally funny. Stop being so naive or so pissy about everything you see online that you're already up in arms over every other thing you see.

Slowly back away from your computer. Find Dorothy. Tell that ho she needs to be your navigator to the Emerald City so you can ask the Wizard for a brain. Realize 95% of internet jazz is made up to be amusing (including this statistic!), calm down, return to computer, welcome to the world wide wtf. <3
Okay - first, nobody here was up in arms - and since you supposedly know that 95% of internet "jaz" is made up to be amusing, perhaps you should have thought of that statistic when you wrote this comment?  Just saying........second, I outgrew Dorothy and the wizard when I was about 3 - when will you?  Happy New Year, and take your own advice here.  Lighten up and enjoy the rest of that 95% of amusement! :)
whoever came up with that must be mental
what self codling hyprocracy,you ignorant being!
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