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We've been using this Steadfast handle to capture video with our phones. The guys even used it to record this video (Cali Gets a Surprise). The best thing? Well, okay, there are two best things:

-- It works for any phone!
-- It's only $10!
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Want. Why don't camera phones have a tripod mount!?
Ben- yes it fits a iPhone 5. It has a adjustable bracket to hold any phone 
Rob MD
People, just buy a damn camera all ready!
We all saw your buddies using these while you un-boxed your robot pic from J.P. After that, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be caught dead with one of those in my hands after seeing them in use.
I love that picture!! The Robot, I mean.
With burst mode on my phone (HTC EVO LTE) I don't need to look silly taking pictures with this handle...
But the other problem with hands is with fingertips encroaching on the lens.
I can't wait to see people with this thing held to their head because their phone rang while they were using it!
Add a plum line(weighted line) and you'd have a cheap steady cam! I'll try this:)
Now you can use your obsolete products as hammers. Good job.
I've been looking for a decent iPhone mount. Smartphones aren't designed well for video. Audio is a big problem. Unless audio is good nobody is going to look at the video. As the saying goes: jack of all trades, master on none.
Oh I have one of these, It's a clamp I got from the woodshop at school.
Thanks for this!  I want to do time-lapse video with my Samsung Galaxy Player and this will make a stable tripod mount.
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