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Cool to see a Quirky project that's actually in the store at Target - the Broom Groomer... A very good idea! 
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I love to see a design that makes me think, "that is so obvious".
Coming soon: Broom Groomer Groomer.
It's too bad that target is so anti social with there policies on charity. Is there another store that I can get the same idiom?
Only in America, gotta love it!!
Don't think I really need one, Cali.
Now I need a Broom Groomer Groomer to clean off my Broom Groomer.
Okay, this is a pretty awesome product. I hate sweeping up stuff and then have lint get stuck on the broom which I then have to touch with my hands to remove. 
Cool hopefully it comes to Canada we could use it here as well :) 
I use a cordless vacuum instead of a dust pan.
This will help out SOOO much with the Dog hair!!! I LOVE my Siberian Husky but wow does he shed!
Now if I only knew how to sweep...
Anyone with actual experience. Does it work?
I don't know, but I seriously considered buying one of these the other day.
love this, going to get one. For us old-timers that still sweep.
Quirky introduces really need products. I've purchased several things from them.
Ha! My wife just made the same comment earlier today.
S'up +Gary Calpo we heard you liked to groom your broom as you broom groomed, so we put a broom groomer on your broom groomer so you can groom your broom groomer as you broom your groom broomer.

Wait, what?!
The only problem is that you'll walk into Target to buy a $10 Broom Groomer and walk out with about $150 worth of other stuff you don't really need. Target is the Devil. 
The only thing is if you don't have one of those nylon brooms, then you have to buy one.  Personally, I prefer my Shark kitchen vac.
Cali, this is awesome. I'm sad that many of your followers just had a glass of cool, refreshing haterade before replying to your post.
neat idea, but needs more... add a motor, wheels, and sensors... no, wait; thats called a roomba vac... facepalm
Im no hater, im just averted to useless shit like this
That does make a llot of sense.  It should pull off the heavy dust and hair.
guess it depends on the broom - I've run quite a few retail stores and can't tell you the number of times per month the same people returned to buy a new broom - I think they threw 'em away when they got done sweeping...
any relation to rick?
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