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I have the busted up pinky toes to prove it, too.
Conspiracy! They broke my little one on right foot once!
Lol! also my son's toys are in the conspiracy
I firmly believe that they are working together with Lego as well.
I thought it has always been coincidence... several times in a row... :)
That explains why the furniture companies have stock in the tape we use to 'buddy tape' broken toes!
+Cali Lewis what they don't say here is I'm actually the target. Little suckers get me all the time.
and what on earth is this supposed to mean
no need to feing cognisance we need explanations! lol
The little pinky - the pawn of the toes. Protector of all the other toes.

A job with real responsibility. :0)
For some reason with me, it's never my pinky toes, it's the big ones, lol.
It's a conspiracy to stub your toe, Ryan.
wo ow
I hate this
But why the innocent little one???
In the next slide they'll learn about the spinal cord...
omg, this is actually soo true... as soon as a hurt my pinky toe, i always bang it again and again.
My furniture ops team is into big toes
So true do they do at night?
I cant understand abt it :(
That is probably the funniest, most real thing I've seen in a while.
...and that may be the point!
omg, i knew it! but isn't this from like funnyjunk?
Lmao, of course! That was their plan all along!!!
(Drawer Secret Meeting) Leader U MUST HIT THE PIGGIE TOE!!!
And I thought it was and accident!
phewww! that is painful for sure.
Ever stub your toe so hard that you taste blood in your mouth?
hey frnd.................... r u interested to make my frnd? rply
ur posted wall is so confused? but not so bad.
Exactly what happened to me, hurt so bad I thought I broke my pinky toe
hahahahaha Ive broken a toe or 2 on some furniture.
lol. i knew they all banded together to take out my toes!
Every time I wear sandals they attack!
how do they do it
you cant even see them move
Fer Fla
hahaha...they have more connections than we all know... Almost fatal attraction!!
I thought it was only me that had my pinky toe attacked by furniture! But I'm just a victim of a conspiracy it seems. ;)
Haha! Where's the one for the coffee tables and the knee?
I saw this coming, furniture raising against us !
I broke my small toe on door jam when I was 10 years old.. I can relate to this!!
The really talented ones can get the middle toe!
Paul S.
without fear or favour they do their job diligently...
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I have always blamed my kids for leaving Lego pieces on the floor to be stepped on, I'll bet it was these guys
my little finger....
I can't count how many times I've broken my pinky tow.
This confirms my beliefs all along the furniture is out to get us their upset cause we make them out of cheap particle wood now, no more solid just cheap factory knockoffs, that's why their trying to knock us out now....
I hate when this much pain...
The #1 and #10 toes are the very essence of furniture food!
It pains insanely.. :'( :'( :'(
Nevermind I do now, haha embarrassing.
This happens to me A LOT. So I can tell you firsthand, this is true lol.
my little toe bang the conner of the door!so i understand the pic!
Ha ha! My old enemies. Every since I allied with eye glasses and contacts they don't look my way.
What is it trying to say? I don't really get it...
Just happened to me this morning. :)
Its part of the Taliban conspiracy! One toe at a time
+Joshua B it was telling you that when you stub your toe, it's actually an evil plot by your furniture to cause that. LMAO
I think my rowing machine attended that meeting...Bastard!
Your header ... "I KNEW it!!! ... makes this all the more funny. Nice laugh added to my stream. Thanks for sharing this.
today i hit my toe on that thing
ooooooH! its soo hurt
OUCH ... just had this happen to me lol laugh so hard it hurt and dont forget the delay
hahahahahahahahahahah rofl hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahaha
I could swear my furniture is plotting on me too.
i think men need to be careful to when they get up half asleep 
wow those jerks >:I
i knew it!!!!!!
Of course, this explains everything
Oh Good Lord, I left my phone in the drawer.

and I'm hungry too. Oh mercy.
ha ha! is true, the furniture do it on purpose to hit the toes! :))
Oh That Hurts! Bad Furniture!
grrrr... Look at that expression on the cupboards face...
oh my...i hit my toe so is black for few weeks already...have no idea how this thing happened...I was soooo upset...
I'm not the only one? Phew!!! Worst thing ever!
Phew! I'm not he only person who thinks like that! Nothing compares to that pain!
Oh and then some! For me, the worst was the evil 'time out' chair (aka wingback chair). That thing was out to g et me and it got me good!!
S Reyna
you never know whos planning and plotting
Along with the toe nail too!! Now that the truth is out I say we all file law suits!!!

Down with the bloody furniture
Coincidence? I think not! Lol
Nah' This scene is missing A Couch & End Tables.
I wondered how they learned to get me !
Yes it is funny, what part don't you understand?
OH GOD! That's funny!(i really like you!)So ironic,I just this morning,whacked two little piggies on rocking chair.I thought that was an omen.but this post makes it all the more spooky;X-file...ish. ciao!

un is dumb as hellllllllllllllllllllllllll
I hate it the most when it is cold...
Tim Law
why are you doing this idiocy...good lord
Ya i hate that. Lol, walking in the dark & walk into those. Hurts like hell, lol.
Lily Li
I am a victim to that. O_O
And I thought I'm the only one doing that...seriously.
Both my pinkie toes have been broken at least a dozen times and look pretty crooked.
XD I'm going to do somthing...FOR OUR FEET!!!!
Dosn't the corner of a bed frame kind of stay AWAY from your foot?
Don`t ever never say again that only mankind are evil!!!
happens to me all the time. i think i have broken most of my toes because of this
If these are the Generals, Legos are the foot soldiers who really bring the pain.
this is a thing that i call funny.they all going to get his toe classic
I can't count the time i have hit my toe and broken some
the "bed" wasn't in this picture he was too busy achieving his target on my little toe last night....bastard!
Should be called stubby toe ;)
OMG! LOL Is so nice to see it in a picture. -It actually happened to me yesterday. I got a Frrreshhh memory of it!
My wife would fully agree
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Thanks ...But..If you knew it then why do you ask?
A lopt of what goes on in the "cyberspace" world has little to to do with what matters. I am new to this "cybertalk" but am not sure about it's validity. Is there such a rage about being individual? Do I have a right to say I have an opinion and as an American....;
wow desk domination is on the way
I always thought this was the case, just never had the proof....until now!
ha, that's happened to me so many times
that's why my little toe always gets crash
it s always my big toe not the smaller& the right one as well!!!!
Yup, I broke my left pinkie toe on the door frame a month ago, the hospital don't do anything about it, they say it just has to heal naturally 
Hahahah omg that is so true! :D
what is that and why are they going for that persons toe
chop them all off (get sharper furniture)
Hmmmm that's interesting; I find that my furniture is more dedicated to jumping out and hitting my funny bone rather than jumping on my little toe
One morning one of them broke my toe :( They just love it ;-)
happend to me yesterday :s!!!!
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