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Touchscreen buttons that are there when you want them.
Tactus Technology is developing a system that will allow physical keys to rise from a touch screen when you need them and go away when you don't.
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Insane! I had this exact idea just last month and was looking to talk to someone about making it happen.  :-|
finally i can buy a touchscreen now ...
Whoa. That could be...a big deal. It's crazy seeing so many things I once thought were in the realm of science fiction actually being prototyped and refined for commericial use. It's exciting.
even Star Trek didn't have that in their touch screen interfaces. whoa. :)
I stick with Swype, I would hate having to press button by button again...
This would work great on a full screen phone.
Could these buttons be used as braille? It would be an amazing piece of technology for those with impaired vision if this was the case.
I found out about this yesterday. thought it was really cool.
Sweet but we have things called phones. But I see ur point of view. 😄😊
I'd like to know when the woman remote control will be elaborated ?
.. Touch screen buttons!? Everyone knows they won't work and will mess up every word you want to say....
Its one of those awesome ideas that will probilly not happen.
Still cool.
Oh, wow.  That is amazing.  I'm stunned.  Sometimes my own assumptions about the way things "should" be (like flat screens) surprise me, when a new idea shocks me.
we want wireless link to the brain, who needs buttons if you can control everything with your mind ?
I knew it was only a matter of time. 
bye i sleeping no distrb me
It sounds cool but so did the blackberry storm I'll wait until the reviews are out on this one.
Not so sure it is for me, need to do some more research.
This development completely misses the point of why I want a physical k/b accessory - So that the k/b doesn't take up all the screen!
Yeah, Id like to see you do that with Gorilla Glass, the fact is that it's using a membrane that is bendable on top of your screen and bendable is scratchable so I really don't see how this is going to work in reality.
I prefer voice, nothing is as easy or as natural as talking to my devices... Love the Swype too
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Nothing but. "wow"!  Touch screens for visually impaired is what I see.
za ch
Who the fuck are you and why are you showing up on my feed, I have not added you to any circles. 
I don't know who she is either although I do like the gadget she posted about.
+Jack Weber, calm down. your feed is automatically included in the whats hot feed if you just took some time to get to know google+ you would know. lol
"Hot on Google" is in everyone's Circles.
Wish I could just say "Tea, Hot, Earl Grey" and my phone would Make it So. 
I have the feeling that it's gonna have a crapload of glitches and once it breaks it's broken and u won't be able to fix it
That is way cool, I have not seen anything like that and had no idea it was coming, thank you so much for sharing, I'm definitely passing this along :)
While this is impressive its still a keyboard. Instead of thinking outside the box, let's deprecate the box entirely. I want a "keyboard" that converts my brain waves.
Now this is innovation... reminds me of my Blackberry Storm a few years back, where the whole screen was one giant button that was actually clickable, but at the same time completely touchscreen....typing was so much easier with that phone.
That looks cool and at the same time awesome ^_^
I've got one of those phones. It's called an HTC Vivid. It's awesome
Very interesting. That gizmo is what? A Tactus? Or is that name of software?

Totollaly want one so bad I will ask my parents for my B-Day
very interesting.............NOT!!!
I hope this technology comes sooner than later. So many applications to this.
Would not work very long because dust or if it is flexybile screen there is limit until broke.
But Nice idea
it would b awesum if it came out soon nd w/ android jellybean
Awesome! A new way for people to text and drive!!!
I saw this at SID and I was really not impressed. Although it may be an interesting idea, realistically it is a huge warranty issue waiting to happen. Because the fluid is behind a membrane instead of glass, the surface will be susceptible to damage and puncture.
Let me create my own button set up and I would be a happy typer
That's amazing. Simply incredible. There are no adjectives to adequately describe how cool I think that is and how badly I want it now.
Nokia had a concept in early 2000s with this idea. It was a nano tech phone. Very cool. I'm glad that this tech is slowly come to life!!
That's going to be awesome but I don't get how they will be able to do that, well, that's technology for you, and i don't understand 1 tenth of it...
When is Apple going to sue Tactus for stealing this "idea" that they will claim they had in 1988?
And I thought mining asteroids was far out.
Tech growing so fast.... What it will be after 3 yrs
I have a hard enough time with the touch screen I have now
Sounds like a great technological accomplishment. I know people that will live it, personally I love my downloaded Swype and green beans mixed with my mashed taters. I love tech evolution!
Dude tight. I wonder if Apple would implement that
You tube the company. Short video.
Cool. Sounds like a great idea. For people who love physical keyboards on their phones. It would be pretty cool to try out regardless.
You have to have thumbs like a racoon to use the buttons.
Haha, I always thought someone would do this.
+Anastasia Dmitriev
Always be patient for the enhancements. I go to the self-check out at the market and try to Swype my membership in. Of course it didn't work. Lol.
Tactility... would be nice if a custom screen protector had slight grooves almost braille-like sensation. Expensive.
As far dialing numbers, only when adding contacts once. I don't normally look up Geople by Ph# anyway, but by name. Swype again.
Rim should take note :)
Are we still talking about this? I thought we got over it by 3 years ago?!
Wait hold on a second isnt apple buying that patient. if not they will soon
Jenna C
I would not like that.
It must be great for blind people, in some ways they have been left aside for the touch screens.
Looks cool but I would probably disable it. I like Swype our voice. If they improve voice recognition I would probably use that exclusively.
I like this idea, hope I can use it in my life.
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