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There are two good things about having big feet. 1) my size is usually available, even in sales, 2) no one has tried them on before.
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My size is never there but they find "the last pair" in storage about half the time.
This is so true. Don't forget, some stores don't even carry ours sizes as a rule. (That's not really a good thing though lol)
I have to respectfully disagree, +Cali Lewis.  I'm a size 15 and it's usually impossible to find anything worth trying on in my size!
+Jeff Smith she means bigger feet. Not the biggest feet. I wear an 11 and its usually very hard to find my size at sales because they're one of the first sizes to go. The slightly larger and slightly smaller sizes the usually have plenty of.
If my feet were only 11's I would fall down a lot.
I don't fall on mine, and mine have actually shrunk. I used to wear a 12 when I was younger.
Yes, Cali, be glad your feet are merely big, not WAY big.
Many stores carry no shoes larger than men's size 13.
Since I can wear some 13s, I do sometimes find that there are some shoes on clearance.  My rule of thumb (rule of big toe?) is: if shoes feel good, buy them (within reason).

A store which deals with NewBalance can usually order shoes which fit big, wide (or narrow) feet. 
Some other shoe companies, including at least one in the NW, make one width: make it fit or the hell with you.
Cali: if you are not too much of a girly-girl, you could buy men's shoes.
We'd let you hike with us!
But keep your tootsies out of my 13s!  8-)
I think you meant 'daintily overachieving' feet. 
My size is usually sold out first, I'm a 39.
If that means you can shop for shoes in less than 8 hours that makes you a 10 in my books.
Walt B.
I can usually find the correct length, but NEVER the correct width,I usually have to shop online at places like Zappos,I have Hulk feet.
Do the cameras even shoot your feet?  Go for comfort.
6E width here, used to be able to find some at Nordstrum's of all places, but now I just shop out of a catalog from Hitchcock. 
Its even better to have small feet. Because u can shop in the kids section
Robert: if you find Cali unsexy on account of her feet, please get out of the gene pool.  She's hot.
I wear about a 15 for a work shoe and a size 16 sneaker.   Luckily I know a place not too far from me who stocks most shoes up to 17.

My wife on the other hand has smaller feet and has been known to buy kids shoes as they fit her better.  

Very rarely can I walk in to any other store and find a shoe to fit me.  Trust me, having a bigger foot isn't always the best..
Think of the money you save on snow shoes!
+Bruce Reinhard Actually I got curious and googled for it.  According to a tweet from her not too long ago she wears size 10 (which isn't really THAT big though it's on the larger end of 'normal' for women).
I wear a 14 and i have to order online. Rarely find anything in stores outside of my black and white checkered vans.
Size 11. Just ordered my shoes online because all the local stores were sold out. Best part of online #2
Size 13 EEE width here, hard time finding shoes, unless they are New Balance :(
You know what they say about a gal with big feet don't you?  No?  Me either ;)
My size thirteen means that I have a good understanding, I am told. 
I bet you're hung like a whale.
I have big feet too Cali, it's ok. 
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