You're on Google+... will you be on Google Drive as well?
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On Wuala as well, and a private vmware cloud at home.
Yes I am on both. Thanks for asking. :)
Yes, for sure. It started with Gmail and I just got sucked in by things that are meant to work together.
Will not use gdrive. Skydrive has 5 times the storage & integrates nicely into windows explorer.
Nope. Not until they have a Linux client AND pull me away from Dropbox... So far they just don't have the feature set.
I added storage last year. 80 gb for $20 /year. They are letting me keep the plan...which makes it well priced.
Defiantly! Free space to store pictures and documents online for an extra back up. I am there.
I'm using Google Drive as an online photo backup. Paired with iCloud control panel any new photos is permanently backed up to Google Drive.
Using it so far. It's just another location to save backups on the cloud for me.

I'll keep using dropbox and skydrive, but GDrive does have a nice feature with hooking into GMail.
Just got approved by google this morning, so I have been exploring it this morning.
Have been waiting for the windows app to make it my backup solution for photos.
I used G Docs on my Galaxy Nexus and so the update to drive is little more than an icon change. I already had a 25GB account with Google for photos, so I'll be using Drive.
I don't see myself putting all my eggs in one basket by using one service but it's great to see more competition in this area.
Dropbox is just way to handy. Already integrated into a lot of my apps. I probably wouldn't switch unless I wasn't satisfied with Dropbox.
Currently using Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Skydrive. Drive seems Dropbox-esque. I suspect Skydrive might ultimately be better. I am disappointed that Google Music and Google Drive don't integrate. It would be nice to see my GMusic content in some section of GDrive. :/
Google Drive really needs a way to link directly to each file (without using the web interface.)
Already there, with 100GB of storage and several documents created and shared! (Not to mention all of my personal projects uploaded).
Gdrive, sky drive and my own Sven server!
Dropbox does makes it extremely easy to share files directly from the desktop. If Google Drive would offer a sharing option right from the desktop and instant file conversion for editing files in Google Docs then I think it may gain more traction.
I'm already using it... works like a charm! just waiting for #driveforlinux , hope we get it soon!
Yes, seamless integration into Android and my grandfathered-in $20/year for 80GB is a no-brainer!
+ethan time I will defiantly take a look. But until GDrive has integration like Dropbox does it's worth the extra money. There is no IOS app yet plus apps I have access my Dropbox account to get and put files. I see it more as additional storage for temp stuff rather than replacing Dropbox for me.
Seems like I have to wait for my drive to be ready. Must be a Canadian thing.
Free space on Dropbox, free space on, free space on UbuntuOne, and now free space on Drive. Woot!
+William Sanders You can now store anything you want (as long as it's under 10GB upload limit)
Using both (Drive and Dropbox) for now.
Already on it. I'm not using all the features on Drive yet so I'm not sure if its good or not.
I'll use it but I won't post anything to it that I consider private in any way.
No question! More free storage! Gdrive is my primary now, but have 11.5GB spanning Gdrive and Dropbox. Can't wait for devs to make user of those APIs!
Tried it. Not too much difference than all the rest. I have 50GB free for life from that I got in February. Works for me.
Ryan J
I will once it's available for Linux
Reading the coverage of Google Drive alerted me to the fact that Microsoft Skydrive are offering nearly the exact same service, but with 25GB. Skydrive is the winner for me purely for that reason as I can dump so much stuff there
Google Drive = 5GB. Dropbox = 3.2GB. Skydrive = 25GB. 4Shared = 25GB.

I am pretty sure Google will introduce new things and free data for Google Drive one day
I think the smartest thing you can do is have Google Drive, Drop Box and Box. They are actually very different and you should be exploiting their pros. Google Drive certainly brings things to a new level. Am I going to buy space? No. In my case I have various external HD connected to my servers and VPN so I have my own "cloud" storage service which I use for files I don't want to share with others. Drop Box and Box is to send links to people for download AND to sync Titanium BackUp. For collaborative work I'll be using Google Drive.
Skydrive seems very cheap but I don't like their policy and way it works.

It's more about what an individual needs, these services really are very different.
I'm giving it a try. I too don't like the privacy notice implying they can take our stuff if they feel like. I can avoid putting sensitive stuff up there, but then, why switch from Dropbox? I like the larger storage but I'll try it on a few boxes and see how the transfers go.

And you?
I'm on it, though I doubt I'll use it for much other than google docs. I don't think could based storage is something worth rolling into your everyday until the US can catch up with the rest of the world on network speeds. We still have he slowest average network connection speeds of any modernized country, which is just inane.

Until this is remedied (and that'll take awhile, being that ISPs keep caving to corporate muscle, and our own government keeps trying to screw the net), storing things in the cloud is cool, but not viable for those that need to do real business. 
Why not? +Cali Lewis I do continue to use #Dropbox but I was getting close to my 2.2 GB capacity anyway and now I have 5Gb more w/o doing anything. Though I will say, not all my data will be migrated until it all flushes out.
I grabbed it yesterday and it said it would email me when it was ready. Anyone else get that?
Michael, I went to, signed into a Google account and got a popup to download the app. Zoom and like that.
Steve B
exactly, +Nathaniel Windbish, why not? i'm not gonna say 'hey, you know what, i think i'll pass on 5gb free storage from Xservice because i already use Yservice and it works great for me.' with all the free storage options now available (Dropbox, Box, Cloudapp, Cubby et al.), they are all accessible from anywhere so it's not like you need to be tied to one, right? plus, it's kind of a virtual cloud striping solution if you use multiple services and spread your documents among them.

now, when it comes to sharing there are differences with each service so i can see where some people will have preferences there if sharing or collaboration is important. for strictly storage purposes, i say use 'em all. just create your own personal workflow to utilize each service to its full potential and you have the best of every available free (or 'free') storage solution. so yes, +Cali Lewis, i'll be using Google Drive when it's available as well :) keep the free cloud storage coming!
Drive is active on my Business Google Apps for your Domain account, as well finally on my personal account. I do see a use for this product as we have around 500 volunteers located across the county who are not all on a LAN or WAN together. Alot have been hesitant to use Docs, but now with the local directory sync I think this may get more people to utilize it easier for our non-profit.
Well +Cali Lewis from a markrting and SEO point of view anything google provides great links and is likely to get you a better search engine ranking as a side effect.
I am considering this thanks to the buzz about content uploaded to the Drive... ToS don't look too good there... its like uploading to facebook, where I stop being the sole proprietor of the stuff I uploaded...
Naturally, our company has been living in Google's cloud for years now, this is an extension to our daily routine.
I plan on using both GDrive and Dropbox.
Will be..... But I am waiting for a notification saying my drive will be ready. I don't get that.
i love it so far... but the advantage to drop box for me is still the fact that everyone uses it, so my shared/linked folders live there... and google needs to give me an ios app for ipad
Yes, if I ever get my freaking notification!!
Oops! I take it back. I just got my notification. Time to give it a spin.
Nahhh... Gonna use github, since the only thing I really need to back up is source code. :)
I love it! Its an extra folder to put stuff in, take that icloud!
No. Google already indexes too much of my data. Next you know they will be selling their customers the indexed contents of your GDrive.
Perhaps Apple as well +Chris Cosgrove but we all know that advertising is Google's core business model.
Nope. Staying with Dropbox for docs, I tunes match for music and carbonite for the heavy lifting
I'm still not sold on putting all my data in the cloud, especially since ISPs want to put tiered plans in place.
I'm on both, but G drive is still some way off.
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