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If you've been wanting to add a six-legged robot to your life, here's your chance!
With Hexy the Hexapod, a project now on Kickstarter, Joseph Schlesinger of ArcBotics is aiming to make this advanced robotic form widely available at a very reasonable price.
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Looks like a Replicator......we could be in trouble.
Until consumer robots do something useful, they'll never break out of a limited, hobbyist orbit. At least my Roomba vacuums -- sorta. Now, a 6- or 8-legged Roomba able to climb stairs and so handle other floors on its own? That'd be interesting.
LOL "If you have been wanting to add a six-legged robot to your life" Ahahahah
WAHOO!! I love his little robot-bug-eyes
Surely it would be possible to build one of those with robotics Lego?

Not sure what it's called these days, I used to have some ten years ago when it came out and you could make some pretty cool robots from it. It even had visual recognition modules. I loved it :)
Probably more like 12 years but what the hell :)
Lego Mindstorms. Was prototyped at MIT around 1990. Two generations of Mindstorms were widely available commercially. The later is still widely used in education / robotics club contests.
Mitch J
Does it inject it's victim with acid and then self destruct, like the spider-bots in the movie "Runaway"?
Not sure if this is a good idea. Looks to much like a Replicator from Star Gate and they tried to take over. :-)
pledged of $10,000 goal

hours to go

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