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Nooooo!!! The hiccups. Why so late at night? And I hold true to my question months ago (last hiccup attack)…. who created the hiccups? That was a stupid idea.

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Have you tried holding your breath? Works for me.
Take a deep breath...............hold it..........and don't pass out :P
If you're at the office, I'll come and startle you
I think your post just cured my hiccups. I'd been hiccupping for almost 10 minutes. Then I saw your post........ (thanks btw)
drink water from a glass backwards, upside down. Always works. :)
The most helpful and scientific answer I have ever used is to plug your nose and your ears and swallow 3 times. Don't knock it till you try it.
breathe into a paper bag for a minute or so the carbon dioxide return should stop them.
+Phil Wagner Okay, done. Man, that was hard!!!

Um…okay, how is that possible? The concentration of doing it? It actually seemed to work when nothing else did.

Sugar? Nah. Holding breath? Nope. Plug your nose and ears and swallow 3 times? Yep.

+Phil Wagner Wow again. :) I'm amazed. That's the first I've heard of the solution, and 5 minutes later, still no hiccups. You're a genius my man...
I know this sounds ridiculous but this trick always works for me. Drink water from the opposite side of the glass... so you will be drinking almost upside down. I drink 3 to 4 swallows and it stops immediately. Don't dismiss it until you try it!
Awww. That stinks. Hope you get some rest.
I guess every person has to learn how to deal with their own hiccups... see how many "cures" people posted here !!
I am sorry, I created it as a way to make womens torsos do that thing unvoluntarily
Right. A hiccup is a spasm of the diaphragm that causes a rush of air out of the loungs. What Phil suggested would normalize the pressure and the swallowing would reset the rhythm of the diaphragm .
Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Did that scare the hiccups out of you? And that was a stupid idea.
Here's a sure-fire family cure that never fails if you do it right. It requires a partner, though. Get a full glass of water, sit in a chair (works best). Partner presses their open palms onto your ears, making sure to make a good seal. Drink the whole glass of water (or as much as you can) in one gulp. Works every time.
And some people think God doesn't have a sense of humor!
For some reason I usually have one or two hiccups when I do get them which is not very often. I don't remember ever having hiccups like most people have them. I'm not sure if that is normal, but they seem annoying so I am glad.
Plug nose hold breath and take 15 sips of water. Dr told me years ago and it works every time!
My cure has always been the upside down glass of water.
Lol the hiccups are caused by a lack of air, take a deep breath and drink some water. Try it
Eat a spoon of sugar. That usually stops them for me.
sur wekepedia le hoquet est un reflexe respiratoire caracterise par une succession de contractions inspiratoires spasmodiques inctrolables et involontaires
Sometimes you cant stop the hiccups; I knew someone who had hiccups for 2 weeks straight, doctors couldn't help them. Good luck!
The same person that decided to make yawning contagious!
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