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Cali Lewis
Works at Host of GeekBeat.TV. Inspiring others to embrace their inner geek. And of course, bacon.
Lives in Dallas, TX
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Cali Lewis

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It's that kinda morning.
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First thing I did was the check the photo details :D If you look closely at the eye bubbles you can see the awesome catch lights. I like the highlights on the handle and northeast portion, because they have to be there too. You found your morning beauty!
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Cali Lewis

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Truth in advertising.

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hahahahaha nice!!
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Cali Lewis

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Your +QNAP Turbo NAS is just waiting to become a +Plex movie server - here's how to make it happen.
#mediaserver   #Plex  
Have a huge movie collection and a QNAP NAS? That's a great combination, and here's all you need to get a video server up and running.
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If I win the lottery the first thing I'll do is buy a Qnap NAS and 2 4 TB drives. I love Plex, works great with my Chromecast, Roku 3 and my old GoogleTV.
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Cali Lewis

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Please help this local Dallas business....
The Texas Dep. of Transportation is SCREWING A Family Hobby Center!

Please take 1 minute to sign this petition and help out!

Mike's Hobby Shop has been providing recreational hobby facilities for children, Scouts, young adults, and adult North Texans for over 26 years.  Located on I-35 in Carrollton, Mike's Hobby Shop provides over 51,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including 3 remote control (RC) car tracks, a Pinewood derby car track, a space for indoor electric aircraft and helicopter flying, as well as a retail store with sales and in-store service.

Due to the I-35 corridor expansion, however, The State of Texas has begun proceedings to take half of the facility through the eminent domain process. The line that defines the portion of the property being sought by the state literally cuts through all 3 RC car tracks, rendering the entire facility useless in terms of its current operation.

By law, the State of Texas has the right to take a landowner's property.  Still, they must compensate the landowner fairly.  Despite fair, honest, good faith work by Mike's Hobby Shop owner Mike Darnell, the 
state is insisting only purchasing half of his building, and is using real estate comparables from other parts of the metroplex that come in at 30% of the actual value of the land.   

Faced with having to renovate and sell the remaining half of the building, and being offered a sub-market acquisition price by the state, Mike won't be able to afford to re-open the facility and will be permanently forced to close.
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Eminent domain wins every time, what a shame 
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Cali Lewis

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We're taking a tour through a high-end home theater setup.
If you're looking for a professionally designed and built home theater, Starpower is the company to turn to. They make sure everything fits together perfectly to form a great experience.
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would you do a similar video for a home Audio (i.e. hifi) set up?
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Have her in circles
1,968,187 people

Cali Lewis

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Thank you so much for your support +Jeff Turner!!! We appreciate it!
Thanks +Cali Lewis and +John Pozadzides for awesome shows! I hope my support helps make more and next time you are in LA let me know and dinner would be on me as well.
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!
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That's awesome. Thanks +Jeff Turner
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Cali Lewis

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Are you ready for some tech news and general silliness? Hope so, 'cause Geek Beat is live!
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I <3 sexy geeks
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Cali Lewis

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Hey! I have a brilliant idea! Let's change the name of +Livid Lobster, Inc. to Angry Alligator and get HIM as an office pet! He's so cute and loves a good head scratching. 

What say you, +John Pozadzides?
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Some pretty crazy "don't try this at home" stuff went into bringing you +Dropcam video from our new building!
#newbuilding   #dropcam  
You asked and we made it happen for you!
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But will they give me a second observation of the noise the flue makes.
I was thinking... "Are you in bed?"... can you wrap your hand around my fist, anyway? Gibbons should not do organic chemistry in tipees. The bare spots last for years...the grouse won't take and the coy/german shepherds aren't real Merriam's or is that a European Red?
Skoal? I'm a sissy I don't like the powder spreading all over and bought minty fresh as well. Bandits was like leaving too much evidence. Got altitude sickness and stopped. (Too personal or ell?) D or C? Punk or Better Scotch?!... you're funny
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Make fitness your mission objective with the workout game Battlesuit Runner.
#fitness   #running  
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Have her in circles
1,968,187 people
Professional Geek. Host of GeekBeat.TV. Inspiring others to embrace their inner geek! And of course, bacon.
  • Host of GeekBeat.TV. Inspiring others to embrace their inner geek. And of course, bacon.
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January 25
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Luria Petrucci
Professional Geek. Host of GeekBeat.TV. Tech Expert for ABC/CNN/FOX/SiriusXM. Speaker. Inspiring others to embrace their inner geek. And of course, bacon. Email:
Host of GeekBeat.TV (Geek Lifestyle Show). Inspiring others to embrace their inner geek! And of course, bacon.

Also a tech correspondent for ABC, CNN, FOX and Sirius 101's GeekTime. Speaker on all things geeky.

Please do NOT private message me here on Google+! I may not see it. My email address is
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