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When you move to a new area, you need to help your kids adjust to the move so here is an article that breaks down the steps.

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Calgary Movers Pro

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Call us today and ask us questions and we will be glad to answer all your inquiries !
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Calgary Movers Pro

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Calgary Movers Pro offers a spring special rates in January !
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Calgary Movers Pro

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How To Pack Electronics? Calgary Movers Pro recommend using those steps:
Here's How:
Refer to the manufactures' guide or user's guide for special moving instructions. If you no longer have a user's guide, visit the manufacturer's website for an online version or to request a copy. Go to Moving a Computer for details on packing this type of equipment.
If any piece of equipment has a toner or ink cartridge, remove it and store it in a sealable bag. Pack the bag in the same box with the piece of equipment that it was removed from. Also remove all CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes or other media from equipment. Pack media separately and carefully to prevent damage. Note: Some computer manufacturers recommend leaving a floppy disk in the A-drive to prevent drive damage
If you have the original packaging, including box, use that to pack the equipment. If you don't, purchase electronic specialty boxes from a moving company or directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer can provide you with a "return kit" at no or little cost.
If specialty boxes or return kits are not available, use a double-walled box slightly larger than the piece of equipment you're moving.
Purchase colored labels large enough to write on but small enough to secure to equipment connection ports. Colored, round sticky circles are the labels of choice
Before disconnecting any wires or plugs, mark the wire or cable and the port you're removing it from with the colored labels. Color code the ports and cables so you can reconnect them later. If you run out of different colors, you can also write a number on the label that will match the port and the cable.
For extra protection, write down detailed step-by-step instructions on how you're dismantling the equipment so you can refer to it later when assembling it. Keep this instruction guide in the box with the equipment.
Once you have the wires or cables disconnected, use twist ties to carefully secure the cables so they don't unravel. Place the cables and wires into a sealable bag (I use Ziplock baggies) and tape it to the piece of equipment.
When packing electronics, you should always use antistatic packing bubbles or popcorn. Never use materials that will conduct electricity. This could damage your electronics during handling.
Remove all parts that can be disconnected Wrap each piece separately in antistatic bubble wrap and secure ends with tape.
Use a thick layer of antistatic packing popcorn or bubble wrap to line the bottom of the box.
Place the largest piece of equipment on the bottom. Fill holes with antistatic packing material. Place smaller protected items on top.
Fill all remaining spaces with antistatic packing material. Make sure nothing rattles or will shift during the move.
Seal the box with packing tape and mark it "Fragile" and indicate which end is up. Indicate the contents and which room it belongs in.
Note: CDs and software can not tolerate high temperatures. If you have sensitive media, you may want to carry it with you as opposed to moving it on the truck. Speak to your movers about this issue before you ship it.
What You Need:
Manufacturer's Guide
Original Box or Return Kit ; or
Double-walled Box
Antistatic Packing Popcorn or Bubbles
Small Color-coded Labels
Packing Tape
Twist Ties
Sealable Bags (Freezer or Sandwich Bags)
Residential and commercial movers in Calgary. Calgary Largest moving Residential company. Best Moving rates in Calgary. Movers in Calgary
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Calgary Movers Pro

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9 Smart Things to Do Before You Move in Calgary

Calgary Movers Pro,
We are the one of the largest Calgary Movers – with over 10 years’ experience and an average of 600 moves a month.

You've just signed the paperwork on a new home (congrats!). But soon the excitement of getting settled at your new place will wear off, and the panic of packing up boxes will set it. We've rounded up expert-approved tips to keep you sane and totally prepared during the move.

1. Manage packing smartly.
"For my recent move, I gave myself a daily box quota to prevent a draining weekend of non-stop packing," says Amy Azzarito, design writer and author of Past & Present. Avoid boxing up your old place in one fell swoop, if you have the time. Remember, you'lll need some energy left to unpack, too.

2. Skip the cardboard boxes.
Target Home Style expert and blogger Emily Henderson used Calgary-based company for her most recent move. "A week before I moved, they dropped off sturdy boxes with attachable lids and came back to collect them once I unpacked," she says. "No cardboard boxes, taping, or bubble wrap. Plus, its eco-friendly and can be cheaper than buying pricy moving boxes." If you're not in Calgary, companies with similar business models are popping up around the country and are just a Google search away.

3. Don't pack your closet.
"If you use professional movers, ask them to bring several wardrobe boxes on the day of the move," suggests Emily Schuman, author of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. "The movers take clothing right on the hangers and, woosh, your clothes will be in and out." Bonus: You can skip a full day of ironing once you're settled.

4. Switch your utilities.
This one may seem like a no-brainer, but Brendon DeSimone, author of Next Generation Real Estate, says the timing is key: "As soon as you have a closing date, call the utility companies and set up a service switch." This is especially important if you're moving into a home that is newly built or previously vacant: Arranging a maintenance call to reestablish service might be necessary.

5. Make saying goodbye easier.
Moving from a home with sentimental value (your kids' growth-mark notches in the doorframe!) can be gut wrenching. To ease the pain, Azzarito suggests creating a Pinterest board with things you're excited to do in the new home, like dream decorating or new things to do in that part of town. If you have young kids, personal organizing guru Barbara Reich suggests taking a video of each child talking about their favorite part of the house to preserve the memories.

6. Haul the basics before the moving truck comes.
If your new place is within driving distance of your current home, plan to take basic supplies over the day before, says Reich. "Unpacking the bathrooms in advance and having pajamas and clothes for the next two days set aside will bring some normalcy to the chaos of the boxes," she says.

7. Visualize life in your new home.
"Confession: I've been known to hang pictures while the movers have been unrolling rugs," says interior designer Nate Berkus. While Berkus attributes his hyper-organization to his Virgo star sign, we think he has a pretty good point: "The sooner you get unpacked and organized, the sooner it feels like home." If you move at a slower pace than Nate, plan out spots for your favoriate pieces of art and décor in advance. You'll feel more accomplished and settled if you do.

8. Meet your neighbors the fun way.
Sure, baked goods and a friendly hello will do the trick, but if you're going to be painting the interior walls, Henderson has a fun party idea: "It's called a graffiti party and guests are given paint samples or markers to scribble games and notes on the wall." Don't be shy about hosting a gig sans furniture; this relaxed party theme is built around pizza and folding chairs.

9. Discover the local resources.
Take a walk around your new neighborhood and be sure to introduce yourself to people you pass by. Calgary Movers Pro says this is the best way to get a recommendation for a handy man, neighborhood favorite babysitter and get to know the lay of the land. If your life was an ABC Sunday night drama, these meet-and-greets would be peppered with salacious gossip on the community's comings and goings (ha!).

Residential and commercial movers Calgary. Largest moving company in Calgary. Professional moving company services in Calgary. Calgary Movers Pro
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Calgary Movers Pro

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Amazing article from the government of Canada website for choosing a moving company ! visit us at

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Calgary Movers Pro

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Call us today and ask us questions and we will be glad to answer all your inquiries !
visit us @
#movers #moving #movingcompany #movingtips #movingservices #calgary #yyc  
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Calgary Movers Pro

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Another Moving tip from Calgary Movers Pro  to remember,
Get organized early 
Avoid leaving anything until the last minute. Unless you have to pack up and leave in a hurry, chances are you have between 30 and 60 days to make a plan and ensure that moving day runs smoothly. Create a countdown list and itemize everything you need to accomplish week by week.
Residential and commercial movers in Calgary. Calgary Largest moving Residential company. Best Moving rates in Calgary. Movers in Calgary
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Calgary Movers Pro

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Getting the Family Involved In Your Move

It is time to move and all you can think about is how much you have to pack and get ready for. Not only do you have to pack up the households belongings you have to pack your families too. In my experience most families try to move during the summer or winter breaks from the kid’s school; that way it does not interrupt them too much. Since moving is stressful for parents, imagine how stressful it can be for young children and even teens. Not only are they moving households they could potentially be moving to Calgary to start a new life.
Residential and commercial movers Calgary. Largest moving company in Calgary. Professional moving company services in Calgary. Calgary Movers Pro
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Owen Watson's profile photo
Owen Watson
a month ago
Unethical and unprofessional owner who lacks business acumen and I would suspect uses questionable tactics to make sure he keeps a stream of business. Booked a time on Saturday at 10am. Upon waiting for an hour, contacted the owner who said they were running late and would be there by 2pm at the latest. Waited around and he continued to be apologetic and promised big discounts and savings. Saying they would be there later that day. Had to call again at 4pm and have them apologies but they would have to re-book and would be willing to do anytime that works for us. We re-booked for 8am Monday, which they showed up late again by an hour. Which was their regular business hours and I suspect didnt have any intention of showing up around our time line as we have painters coming at 10. They Claiming to have the wrong address and which was only a few blocks away. From here the movers themselves were reasonably competent and quick. They were able to move large items successfully. But once the bill came the owner suggested that $89 was already a deal and that "when you pay that little you should expect the movers to be late sometimes". In the end, if you decide to work with this individual just be aware he is in it for the quick dollar. But at a cheaper price but you may end up waiting on the side of the road with all your stuff if you have firm deadlines. Will definitely be looking at someone else to move when we need it in a few month.
• • •
Liz. A Eterrk's profile photo
Liz. A Eterrk
a month ago
Moving on a snowy december day is not easy, and I didn't know what to expect. All I wanted was for it to be fast , friendly & fuss-free lol, and that's exactly what it was. Thanks for everything guys! Would highly recommend Calgary Pro Movers!
Nabil Filali's profile photo
Nabil Filali
2 months ago
Amazing service from Calgary movers pro ! everything went smoothly and very good customer service ! would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a very reliable moving company in Calgary.
Kristina Shvets's profile photo
Kristina Shvets
2 months ago
I love this team , they were so fast and efficient. I couldn't have asked for a smoother moving process.
Nicole Fehr's profile photo
Nicole Fehr
3 months ago
We are a non-for-profit here in the city and Calgary Pro Movers very kindly picked up and delivered furniture for us as a donation during the set-up of our new location. The movers were friendly and worked hard to ensure that the furniture got to the right place undamaged. We are very grateful for their support.
Yana Kada's profile photo
Yana Kada
2 months ago
Thanks Calgary Movers Pro for such great service and rates! Definitely I will recommend you !
Jacob Glegotek's profile photo
Jacob Glegotek
a month ago
Friendly and professional moving service. Took very good care of my belongings and at a great price.
Raphael Neurohr's profile photo
Raphael Neurohr
a month ago
Trouble free moving experience on time. Highly recommended!