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Caleb Rule
6+ years MarCom experience with an emphasis on digital marketing.
6+ years MarCom experience with an emphasis on digital marketing.


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FYI, if you're curious to connect, I check LinkedIn a fair amount and would love to connect with you there:

A bit of my history is also listed on my online portfolio, which granted can't show a whole lot of what I've done in the digital space recently:
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This proves I'm learning more and more every day. And that is all I can do professionally!
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Give me a great set of relevant data over an inspirational quote any day.
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LinkedIn University page sponsored posts - doable? Any tips/tricks/learning experiences to share? (We're looking at using some sponsored updates to spread word about a new digital publications site in the works...wouldn't post anything to LI for a while)

Poll: What has been your best PERSONAL social media moment? (Example: When I posted Dunkin Donuts > Krispy Kreme a year ago and had Facebook comments a mile long. Unexpected!)

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Not sure where to start with the new Google+ Collections? Here are 10 suggestions for Collections you can create

Google+ Collections allow people to follow just the content they are interested in.  You can follow (or unfollow) any collection whether you have the Collection creator in your Circles or not. 

What kinds of Collections can you create?

1. Caturday Posts (or any other topic that some people find annoying)

If some of the folks who have you in their Circles hate cats, they can unfollow that collection without removing you from their Circles

2. Posts on a hobby or topic you are passionate about

 People who have similar interests can follow your Collection without adding you to their circles. 

3. Your YouTube comments or Blogger blog comments

If you set up the Collection so that it is not followed automatically, the people in your circles won't find your YouTube comments (or blog comments) in your stream. And it will help you later find your  comments all in one place.

4. Posts about a specific event or trip

A collection makes it easier to find all your posts on a particular topic in one place, even months or years later.

5. A Circle-limited Collection of photos, albums and stories

If you share photos with limited Circle of friends and family, create a Collection shared with just that Circle. They can then find all your photo sharing posts by opening that Collection on your profile.

6. A library of tutorials

If you post tutorials, tips or tricks, collect them all into one place, and share the entire Collection as a library of information or link to it on your own website.

7. A local guide

If you post photos, tips, or reviews about your home town - or any location - put those posts in a Collection for an easily-referred to travel guide.

8. Private Bookmarks

You can use the quick share option to share any Google+ post into a Collection. If you create a private Bookmarking collection, you can then easily find all those posts all in one place.

9. Language-specific Collections

If you post in more than one language, you can separate your posts into different Collections based on language. Your followers can then decide which posts they want to see in their stream.

10. Highlight your favorite Community posts

You can re-share public Community posts into a Collection.

The possibilities are almost endless. 

Learn how to create your first collection:

You can find all my Collections at

Have fun!
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I'm pretty stoked to see more of my work published. Always nice getting to showcase a wider variety of skills!
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The fact that I just mentally thought "404 errors will be the death of all that is good" means by transition onto our web team is probably complete. EGADS.
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So, some of our medical students did this (I laughed. Aloud). On their own. Nice when students make the content for you, right?
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