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Caleb Lampen
A fun loving physics geek.
A fun loving physics geek.

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This quiz made me groan several times :-).

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Something about the concept of a Sudocomic appeals to me.

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I'll likely be GMing the Strange soon.  One of my potential players asked if he should read up on the setting in the book before playing. I wasn't sure... even for characters starting "in the know", there is plenty of secrets in the book that they wouldn't start off knowing.

What do people think? Is it better for players to read the book, and get to know the setting, or is it better for them to be surprised by the information therein, and fed the information slowly by the GM. For example: the true origin of Ardeyn, or the location of the Karum base.
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Players reading the background is good.
Players reading the background is bad.
It does not matter.

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Sounds like an interesting strategy game. 

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Been using the same profile photo for about 4.5 years. About time to change it up.

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Things like this are a reason to fear a world where software and files all exist in the cloud. The gatekeepers can block your access with no warning.

We need more legal protection for average users using cloud systems. 

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Have heard great things about the board game this is based upon. Always wanted to try it.

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It was pointed out to me that I don't post enough things. So, here you go. Here are the gargoyles which guard Intel, where I work. 

Anyone know if there is any python wrapper for +JMP Software? I'm learning it, and although it has its own scripting language (which I'll learn), its of course always nice to use a language you're familiar with when starting out. 
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