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Caleb Jenkins
I make software teams more awesome.
I make software teams more awesome.

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Thanks for the hat tip Dave! (though, you're linking to Dan Pink instead of my blog.. that's ok - maybe people will confuse me for him. .. probably not though.  :)

Is there no app that let's me #hastag my tweets with #g+ to get them on Google+ the way that #fb works? 'cause that would be awesome. kthxbai. #lazyweb

Google Plus def needs a "Find from Facebook" and "Find from Twitter" option in there "Find People to Follow" feature. Just sayin.

Good morning Tuesday! I think this might be ther first FREEZE of the season? Brrr.. it's cold out there!

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Added my profile pic.. it should be interesting now that g+ works with hosted apps (custom email)
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